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  • Vocaloid song meanings
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    This will hopefully help you if you want to at least have an idea of the meanings behind Vocaloid songs. Currently not taking requests... Sorry guys ^-^'

  • Loneliness
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    Rin Kagami is a loner. She spends her time eating alone at lunch and takes walks in recess. Her friends usually talk with their other friends and forget her. The popular kids also bully her a lot of times. Her friend Yuki is there, but is normally pulled away from her. But what happens when she mets Len Kagamine, the...

  • Love is war
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    War has started in the land, no people are in the streets of towns unless they're fighting. No children play in the streets, no women hang out in the middle of the streets and no teens do pranks, no girls and women especially. If there were women out, they'd be kidnapped and raped, that's only because another town wan...