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  • Am I A Closed BOOK ?
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    Hello, friends. Let's play a game. My each and every piece of writing will tell you things relating with me. All you have to do is to comprehend them. And then at regular intervals, I will ask you "AM I A Closed BOOK ?" and you have to answer me on that. At last, I will keep repeating for sure: The more & more y...

  • Poetic Rants By Akram Sadiq
    11.4K 3.4K 124

    **Winner of (Poetry Prize Awards) for (Best Poet) & (Best Poetry book) categories... **Winner of (Le Book Award) for (best Free Verse Poetry Read) **First place winner of The Elimination monthly Awards (June 2017) # My name is Akram Sadiq. I'm a Juilliard student. Piano is my life. Music is my soul. Poetry is my dark...

  • Colours of Their Rainbow (On Hold)
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    Like different colours of Rainbow Life has different shades We cry, we laugh, we enjoy The life before it fades..

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    Sometimes, ten words are enough to tell the whole tale. But a story never ends without a twist. What's that? Because, every time you comment, It has to be ten words. You think you're ready for it? Then why wait outside? After all, "It's just ten words, how long would it take you?"

  • My RIDDLE World
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    Hi, friends.... These are my own riddles ( ha ha..can't Google them, anyway)... come let us enter my Riddle world and challenge our brains..shall we rock!! # 13 in random on Dec 3rd #14 in random on Nov 28th #15 in random on Dec 1st.