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  • Blonde Moments: Life with a blonde teenage daughter.
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    My daughter, as smart as she is, sometimes says the craziest things. This is a collection of actual quotes that came directly from her. You can't make this stuff up. I blame it on her hair.

  • Everyday Snippets of My Life with 3 Kids
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    My life is one long adventure, and I've got many stories to tell. I remember most of the big events and moments but some of the everyday snippets of life get lost in all the chaos. When I had my first child, I kept track of all his milestones and special moments, but with the arrival of baby#2, then a couple years lat...

  • Emily Rose: A Pregnancy Story
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    In letters to "Emily Rose," an expectant mother chronicles the nine months leading up to her daughter's birth. The journey begins with the word "pregnant" in late autumn and continues through three more seasons, two small towns, and many unforeseeable challenges. Through it all, those little kicks and flutters give he...