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  • Help Me, Please? *One Direction Fanfic*
    26.1M 340K 60

    I am only could this happen to me? I am nerdy-straight 4.0 GPA, never smoked, never done drugs, never had a boyfriend, never had sex, never tasted alcohol, so why did he have to kidnap me? And how does One Direction fit into this mess?

    Completed   Mature
  • I Knew You Were Trouble - Narry/Ziall AU fanfic *COMPLETED*
    1.4M 30.9K 47

    Niall Horan is the only gay guy in his school, and when he came out, the whole school (save for his best mate Liam Payne) turned against him. Double Trouble is the name of the group that tortures him daily - this group consists of the gorgeous but evil step-brothers, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik. They come up with a sc...

  • Demon By Night (Harry Styles Horror Love Story)
    4.1M 93K 42

    I winced as he forcefully grabbed my hips, pushing me up against the brick wall. "W-who are you?" I choked out. His grip on my waist tightened, making the pain much greater. Who was he? What was he doing to me? The deep voice chuckled. "I could say so may things." My attacker lent down, his hot breath tickling my ear...

  • Bad Boy Horan.
    4.3M 85.8K 28

    [I wrote this at the beginning of 2013 and I was just starting to get settled with the techniques in writing. No worries, I've exceedingly improved far after finishing this story.] Niall Horan was a famous boxer. He was only inlove with boxing, nothing else. That is, one night, before his match, Olivia somehow stumble...

  • Save Them, Please? *One Direction Fanfic*
    2.1M 50K 16

    Fifteen years. The number of normal every-day life. One day. The number of time when my life suddenly took a 180. 8000. The number of miles I was taken away from my home. Two. The number of parents I will never see again, Two weeks. The number of weeks I lived with kidnappers, rapists, and murderers. Three times. The...

  • Love at first.... OUCH!
    3.8M 58.4K 24

    It's the take me home 2013 tour, but who knew that it would all go wrong. When Irish band member Niall Horan is mobbed by fans in front of thousands will it end in disaster or love at first.... OUCH!

  • Tasting Blood (ON HOLD)
    1.1M 17.1K 67

    A man once said; 'You can have anything in life, if you sacrifice everything else for it' Meaning; everything comes with a price. So before you go into battle, you better decide how much you're willing to lose. Too often, going after something that actually feels good, means letting go of what you know is right. An...

  • Radio Interview (Louis Tomlinson)
    6.1M 98.2K 37

    {completed} ✓ - He lost the woman he once loved due to his fame, since then he promised he would never do such a thing to a normal girl again. He would never ruin another life again. But it’s not always that easy when life puts someone who you just can’t resist in front of you.

  • Harry's Angel
    2.4K 58 3

    "My heart's against your chest, lips pressed to my neck, I'm falling for your eyes but they don't know me yet, and a feeling I'll forget, I'm in love now." I gazed into her eyes, her innocent stare filling me with an unknown feeling. My heart beat quickened, my hands shook unintentionally, I walked up to her. She look...

  • The Starbucks Girl
    598K 11.5K 35

    Everyone imagines having an amazing boyfriend, a huge house, and a great job. Well, this is the real world so snap out of your fantasy. Bella Raceli wants to become a doctor and attend a university. Her parents work hard, but they cant afford to send her to the university that she wants. So for now, Bella is working a...

  • Stay
    10.3M 116K 69

    *CONTAINS SOME SEXUAL CONTENT* Rose and Harry have been broken up for a month. And they both feel a bit out of place without one another to call there own. Harry's excessive working out and Roses constant need for him aren't helping the situation. Rose finally cracks harry and there talking again and acting normal but...

  • Forced (Louis Fanfiction)
    57.2K 1.8K 7

    Everyone thinks he's just the "typical bad boy", but the people who actually know him personally should know that, in fact, that's exactly what he is. Louis Tomlinson, he's the bad boy in our school. Just out there, looking for someone to latch onto. Who knows? Maybe he does know how to treat a girl right, under all t...

  • Dark Lillie
    1M 19.3K 52

    Sequel to dark Niall DARK NIALL LINK HERE unfortunately I don't have dark niall (the first book to dark lillie) on wattpad anymore, bc they apparently thought it was copy write to dark (Harry version) So they deleted it, twice after I tried putting it back up again. But I...

  • The Knight in Leather Armor
    8.5M 174K 77

    "Nothing gold can stay." -Robert Frost Twitter: @Atlantis094 Cover: The Floz

  • Take Me Away. ( a liam payne fanfic.)
    4.7K 127 8

    WARNING: To those who are reading, this story has curse words, violence and a lot of SMUT!! You have been warned. thanks for reading :)

  • Darken My Love ~ Zayn Fanfiction
    4.9M 62.4K 46

    Fear. The emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Hope. To wish for something, but to expect that one day it may happen. But what happens, when we're mad enough... To love out of fear, and fear out of hope? Annabelle Scott, she hoped for someone to save...

  • The Boy That Saved My Life (Harry Styles Fanfic)
    6.2M 91.2K 28

    Emma Murphy was just diagnosed with a life-threatening disease and only had one last wish- to meet Harry Styles. Her wish came true, and Harry forms a strong connection with her. He makes a vow to keep her strong, healthy, and alive. Will love be enough to make Emma overcome her sickness? Will the couple be able to ha...

  • Changing Styles - A Harry Styles/One Direction Fanfiction
    1.9M 18.6K 32

    The fame has finally gotten to Harry Styles. After a year of being in the limelight with girls, money and an endless stream of papparazzi, he's changed for the worse. He takes his fans, friends and family for granted. No one can change his attitude...or maybe one girl can.

  • Cali. Girl ||Sequel To The Starbucks Girl||
    1.1M 34.9K 36

    Six Months. Six whole months have passed since Bella left for California. Everyone has split their separate ways. Bella is still in California. One Direction is in London. Emily is still working in London, but not in contact with the boys. Niall is still not getting along with the other lads. Nothing has changed withi...