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  • How did this happen
    7.1K 253 11

    Rollins finds out she's pregnant the hard way can she get through without any complications or will it be a long road?

    Completed   Mature
  • Just Fine
    13.2K 558 13

    Olivia goes into work one day. She seems different. Elliot gets worried. When he confronts her she backs of. "I'm fine" she says . That's what she always says.

    Completed   Mature
  • Last Saturday Night
    15.2K 584 10

    Social services turn up at Olivia's apartment to investigate the bruising on her 5 year old son, Noah, that were discovered by a teacher at his school. Of course Olivia didn't do it, but the only way to get herself out of this mess.... Is to tell the truth about what happened last Saturday night......

  • Don't mess with Benson (A Law and Order SVU fanfic)
    2.7K 35 38

    IN EDITING! 14 year old Alana Benson and her mom from Special Victims unit have always been close. She never had a decent father, her biological one abused her mother, and left, and that's how Olivia started her family. A mysterious tragedy happens between Alana and the squad, then it all turns into one big criminal...

  • U can't save me
    55.2K 1.3K 23

    It's a normal day at the precinct, when a young girl came walking in. She was surely assaulted, she was bleeding, her clothes where ripped, and she was limping. Nobody saw her. She walked up to one of the detectives and tapped on his back. "He told me to give this to a SVU detective" she uttered. The detecti...

  • Drastic Measures ( A Law and Order:SVU Fanfiction)
    136K 2.6K 27

    Fresh out of John Jay University and straight into the offices of the Special Victims Unit, nothing was going to prepare twenty-five year old Eliza Chapman for what she was going to encounter. Or who, to be specific. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Law and Order: Special Victims Unit other than the...

  • melissa marie deeks
    10K 262 22


  • Hunted
    180K 5.7K 92

    When a unknown serial killer goes after Spencer Reid, his life gets put on the line many times. After He almost almost kills Spencer for the third time SSA Aaron Hotchner is forced to send him into hiding, making everyone think he is dead, until they catch him. For SSA Jennifer Jareau, Spencer's death was the worst th...

  • Pillow Talk
    29.7K 459 42

    A what if story that assumes Eddie and Jamie got together after their famous hug in Power Players. Follow them through their secret romance and eavesdrop on all of their Pillow Talk.

  • Criminal • JG
    180K 3.9K 17

    "Babygirl you can't fall for me, I'm a criminal" -

  • Criminal Minds
    23 1 2

    This is a criminal minds fan fic.

  • Pretty Pregnant Little Liars
    600 9 2

    This is a story about pretty little liars. Aria,Emily,Hanna and Spencer all find out their pregnant at the same time. This shows them through their pregnancy. This shows their relationships if they survive or do they break. What happens when A finds out all the girls are pregnant?

  • Blue bloods
    3.2K 22 5

    This is a blue bloods fan fic. TV SHOW!! What would happen when Sabrina has a little one running around? Do the perps target her or her kid?

  • Saving Both Lives
    4.7K 114 10

    Danny Reagan made a promise to his partner the day her brother died- that he would never let her down. So when Maria Baez becomes pregnant and later kidnapped by a mystery man with a broken past, he goes in too deep and takes matters into his own hands to find and protect both her and her child.

  • True Blue
    6.8K 123 7

    What if Danny was the detective shot in "Above and Beyond"? How would he family take it? How would it effect Jaime and his relationship with Eddie? Read and find out.

  • I Love Her and I Mean It
    2.3K 58 8

    Danny and Baez catch the case of a man beating and then killing men with secret abusive pasts. But when a series of misconceptions and misunderstandings lead to Danny becoming the next target, the family rushes to find him before it's too late.

  • Headache
    2.8K 56 7

    Danny's health begins to suffer when a series of home and work events become too much for him to handle. Also, Jaime and Eddie try to help a troubled cop despite his continuous objections and Frank ponders how to handle a burnt out officer that is determined to stay on the job.

  • The Yearbook a Blue Bloods Fanfiction
    4.1K 49 10

    When Danny and Baez respond to a robbery in progress, they learn that the robber, Karson Garcia, and Danny have history. Because Karson used to bully Danny back in Junior High. But this becomes bigger than a simple robbery caller when Karson offers to help them find a wanted man, his brother Harley, who is wanted for...

  • Protecting Each Other No Matter What (Danny Reagan)
    15.9K 333 14

    You know there's that one person that you can trust no matter what may happen. You just know that nothing will tear you apart. Well for me that particular person and that one reason for my existence is Detective First Grade Daniel Reagan. Will anything come between us? Read and find out.

  • Baby Reagan (Blue Bloods)
    5.9K 67 3

    Meet Gracie Reagan the daughter of Joseph Reagan. Granddaughter of Francis Reagan. Niece of Danny Reagan , Erin Reagan, and Jamie Reagan. How do you think the Reagans feel when they find the body of Joe's ex anglea. And a missing long lost niece.

  • One call away
    1.1K 24 1

    This is right after Eddie is assaulted by jake singer, and she has trouble getting through it,but Jamie is only one call away. (Inspired by the song one call away.)

  • Donuts
    1.3K 30 2

    When Eddie comes running into the locker room will Jamie be able to help her out? Read to find out.

  • When missing you
    4.9K 131 13

    [Complete] He fell to the ground and I watched him die. My heart won't settle down and it's been weeks. Eddie watches Jamie die and she can't shake the images, because she truly loved him. Dedicated to JamkoRules over on tumblr.

  • You came back
    5.8K 119 7

    Joe never died. He was just placed deep undercover and made to look dead. When he finally gets out 4 years later and finds Jamie again what will happen. Read on. Inspiration song: Holding on and Letting Go by Ross Cooperman

  • Back to the academy
    10.7K 225 22

    *Completed* Set during S3E11. After Jamie shot that man he was sent back to the academy for a few months to help with training the trainees. There he falls in love with a young pretty trainee. Total Jamko cuteness. Read to find out.

  • We all fall down
    1.4K 16 1

    That night two Reagan's were shot. Contains very worried/scared Eddie and spoilers for S5E21. Warning: If you can't handle intense pain and sadness then please don't read this story.

  • Revenge on the Reagans
    8K 232 19

    It was just supposed to be your average day at the office. Get a case, set a trap, and catch the rat. But it didn't end up that way. Nothing was supposed to go wrong, but something did. It was supposed to be your average day at the 54 Precinct for Detective Danny Reagan, but instead he lay there unable to move in a ho...

  • New Cop In Town | Blue Bloods
    8.1K 194 5

    Hannah was an average girl from Massachusetts who decided to transfer her job as a police officer in Boston to New York City. She happened to be placed in the 12th Precinct, where she meets fellow officer Jamie Reagan and his partner, Eddie, who take her under their wings. Soon, Hannah and Jamie begin to get close, a...

  • Blue Bloods
    29.1K 531 27

    Joe's missing daughter comes back after missing for 16 years.

  • NCIS:
    14.5K 131 18

    Special agent Christopher Lasalle's younger sister wants to be a part of NCIS so she applies for the job.(A/U)