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  • Desi Faceclaims
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    ❝ DESI[deːsi] A loose term for the people, cultures, and products of the Indian subcontinent or South Asia and their diaspora. ❞ In which I provide you desi faceclaims. ( highest rank, #20 in non-fiction ) © devpateI 2017

  • asian faceclaims ❨ closed ❩
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    sav you write this and say something like ❝a book for all your asian needs because we are tired of seeing arden and steven everywhere thanks.❞ - lee 2k16 Highest Ranking #28 in Random as of 7.6.17 © sav and lee 2017 all rights reserved

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    WOC FACE CLAIMS. ❝ women come from a whole range of backgrounds. if our visions of peace don't include these differences, then our peace will be partial. ❞ #15 in random women of color face claims book one : ongoing copyright 2016 © estreiias

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    please stop using the same damn white bitches

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    ❝ ¡LATINOS ARE A VITAL BUT UNDERREPRESENTED FORCE IN THIS WORLD! ❞ where we provide you with guapo latinos y hermosas latinas to use as face claims. ( FACE CLAIM BOOK )