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  • Objective: Ouran Academy ♔ OHSHC
    434K 19.4K 38

    WRITTEN WHEN I WAS 12 AND COMPLETELY UNEDITED b o o k o n e ♔ girls with guns and boys with roses ♔ ︻┳═一 ❀ 一═︻┳ Alexandria, a renowned criminal and feared even within her compound, has one last objective. Ouran Academy. Confident in her own ability, she is certain she'll be outta there in two months flat. Th...

  • A and D
    44.9M 810K 50

    Nerdy Dakota Evans makes the biggest mistake of her life by falling in love with her best friend, Aaron Ford. Despite coming from entirely different cliques in school, will their relationship have a chance? *** In a high school where everyone belongs to cliques, nerdy and boyish Dakota Evans' friendship with basketba...

  • Purple Man's Daughter (Five Nights At Freddy's Fan made)
    413K 15.5K 43

    THIS IS THE FIRST BOOK I HAVE EVER WRITTEN, SO BEWARE.. Kate's father owns the restaurant named Freddy's Pizza.... Kate is really young and loves her father to death....What she doesn't know is her father is the reason for the five missing children...Will it be to late when she finds out? Will her father (The purple m...

  • Worst Story on Wattpad ✓
    3.1M 192K 4

    Sick of cliché Wattpad books? Then this isn't the book for you. We take every single over-used plot, character and trope on Wattpad - from player-meets-nerd to my-boyfriend-is-a-vampire - and mash it all into one, awful, hilarious parody. NOTE: This is a parody. Characters have not been created to mock a race/nation...

  • Running Into Mr. Billionaire | ✔️
    48.3M 1.3M 45

    |#1 in Romance| She was broken He was hurt She escaped He built a wall around his heart She ran into his life And he saved her life... __________ Not much Mature Content but I advise 13+ to read this book. (WARNING!! I wrote this at the age of 15 and this is my first ever book. Totally not the best. So beware) Cur...

  • Baby Be Mine
    472 49 23

    After the fall of Prussia in 1918 the nation is finally reborn, only problem is that it's 2015, and he was found in America by a teenager..... as a baby. A american teen girl finds the baby nation and with the help of her friends she takes care of the child while trying to also graduate high school and pursue her drea...

  • The Peanut Butter Banana Ratio (COMPLETED)
    1M 48.5K 33

    Even if she failed at life, at least she knew the perfect peanut butter to banana ratio. --- Awesome sauce cover by @JustCallMePicklez

  • Faking Delinquency [SAMPLE, PUBLISHED]
    9.2M 56.9K 22

    [BEING PUBLISHED -- sample and more info inside] One girl. One camp for delinquents. One hell of a summer. Falice Winters has always been the goody-two shoes. Her twin Arabelle . . . not so much. So what happens when their dad plans to ship Arabelle off to a camp to clean up her act? Well, naturally, Arabelle wou...

  • Royal Blood (Book I)
    31.9M 906K 57

    [WINNER OF BEST HISTORICAL FICTION STORY IN THE FICTION AWARDS] There is a story that has been whispered into ear after ear across many countries. It's a sad but hopeful story, the story of The Lost Princess of Scotland. You should know that the story I am about to tell you is true. The horrific events within said sto...

  • This Isn't A Game Anymore (VenturianTale fan fiction)
    70K 2.8K 38

    When the VenturianTale crew finds an old computer that they accidentally break, it opens a world that they never knew existed: their own. From Gmod to Minecraft, they must traverse their own games to finally make it home. But with Jimmy Casket following in their steps, their adventure quickly becomes life or death.

  • The Hunger Games: The Dark Days
    12.9K 346 16

    Book 1 of 3? Life in the days before the games, were hard. Liv manages to survive with her mother and sister. After a visit from the govner goes worse than expected she has no idea how to get back to reality, nightmares flood her every dream, or is it a dream? (I do not own the hunger games, the original book written...

  • Oh My Disney
    173K 7.3K 18

    ❝Second star to the right, and straight on 'till morning!❞
Alice hates Disney. So when she's forced to take a job as Rapunzel at Disney World, it's not exactly her idea of a "dream come true". Especially when Max (a.k.a her fellow Peter Pan) has made it his mission to get Alice to fall in love with Disney. A stubborn...

  • The Fifth Element
    4.7M 264K 103

    In Elemental magic you can be one of four magic types; water, fire, earth, and air. The only problem is Violet is none of these things. Is she what they call a magic dud, or is she something rarer, more powerful, and more dangerous than anyone could have imagined!? Teasers, "Em, most girls sneak out fo...