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  • Four Another Way
    547 21 10

    Long ago, in the Southern region of China, lived a skilled and trained family of warriors. These warriors was known as the Lian Clan. This clan protected their villages and homes for centuries and did it as honorable souls. Upon this clan was a woman. Trained well and a master, or Shifu, of her own. One day, this wom...

  • Book 1 ~ Moon
    2.6K 60 22

    Leonardo... well no one really knows what happened to him. All the brothers know is they thought he was dead, but Karai faked his death and brainwashed him or so that's what we assume. Leo is now loyal to Shredder, Master Splinter will not stop until Leo is back in our arms safe and sound. (Completed)

  • My Jock Boyfriend (BoyxBoy)
    358K 6.6K 10

    (Title Changed,Previously: I Topped the Jock) Devin is the gay closet nerd who is a disappointment to his father. He tries to please him the best he can but his best still isn't enough. Devin constantly gets bullied by the jocks who includes his brother. A new student Dustin Blake a transfer football student has his o...

  • Blood | Klance Vampire AU
    75.7K 2.2K 14

    Keith is a vampire. Lance is a human. They fall in love. Started: June 22nd, 2018

  • Klance - Beat Drop (Complete)
    6.5K 260 29

    (I Do not own this story at all it goes to MonsieurDandylionMethod on Archive of Our Own and also check them out on wattpad as well their username is @MonsieurDandylion ) Keith works in Allura's flowershop. Lance takes dance lessons with Allura. Keith and Shiro go to the same gym as Lance and Allura... things get ang...

  • Before Beasts, There Was Water--Book 4
    2.3K 157 13

    Kai should have burned to death. Somehow, he wasn't, but Dranzer has vanished, his body is going through some sickly changes, and Max has jumped overboard and vanished into the depths of the sea. Ayah's song has done more to Kai and Max than just given them a power boost to survive Cain, and no one knows what, why, or...

  • Demon's Kiss!
    5.7K 263 6

    Kim Jongin or better known as Kim Kai. The delinquent, lives with his aunt along with His partner in crime and crazy housemates, Life couldn't have gotten better right?. But when his group gets a Hot roomie who claims that he's "not from around here", Kai's 'supposedly Normal' life takes a major tumble. The 18 year ol...

  • Kitten (Kaihun)
    258K 16.4K 54

    {Inspired by Sehun's Cat Man} Note: I wrote this before the movie came out so... Jongin notices that food starts disappearing. What happens when he catches the late night perpetrator? ㅑSekai/Kaihunㅕ

  • My Adorable Foolish Gangster||completed||
    154K 11.4K 23

    Main:sekai Pure affection between two bounty hunter

    Completed   Mature
  • Kim Jongin You're so wrong
    3.4K 169 1

    Jongin has a crush on his best friend Sehun but he thinks that Sehun is straight.

  • Lucky To Have Each Other
    142 6 2

    Lucky To Have Each Other. Very Lucky Luhan & Dasom. Both artists at SM. Dasom is apart of successful band called 4minute as they help Exo on their upcoming debut. All four girls, Cl, Iu, Minah & Dasom are chosen to help 12 HOT men, never mind Sehun - Dasom's cousin. He's about to debut. Can they keep their forbidden...

  • The coffee shop [SeKai fic]
    1.3K 48 2

    This is a fan fic about Sehun and Kai from exo they are old lovers who reunite as adults, read to find out how :)

  • (Chanbaek)Other Side of Me
    268K 12.2K 43

    A school boy, byun baekhyun, hardworking and also seem as nerd by other students. He stay away from other people and there is a reason behind this. He can't let his secret to expose. A big secret. But he then found his love. And he want to escape from his secret.

  • Texting Unknown
    183K 10.9K 49

    [[ CHANBAEK ]] Chanyeol and Baekhyun were two different people. As Chanyeol found Baekhyun's diary, he started bullying him. -- Chanyeol got bored and found a chatting website and stumbled upon someone that matches his interests, 'Hyunnie ♡'.

  • Tender Love ⚣ CB
    75.6K 4.4K 14

    Ⓢinging was Byun Baekhyun's passion; music was his dream, and nothing could stand between him and it. But what would happen to his personal life when he coincidentally met a certain sad fragile male in his practice room? And what would happen when their next meetings weren't so coincidental anymore? #157 rank in slice...

  • Nini & Me!
    6.9K 354 3

    Kai stared in disbelief at his Sister-in-law and the orphan they had adopted. “What is that supposed to be?!” “Don’t be rude Jongin! This is Hun. Say ‘Hun’ for Mommy” “Se Hun~” The little boy said eyes sparkling at his sister, His cat ears perked up, happily.

    4.4K 239 1

    Sehun has a habit of hiccuping when he's nervous.

  • Silence Between Us [SeKai]
    55.1K 3.2K 14

    Kai was always popular kid at school. But he had a secret, that no one except him knew about. He was hiding it well - nobody realised, until this deaf guy Sehun, transfered into his class. Kai hated him for being deaf and also for opening eyes of his friends. Also available at:

    Completed   Mature
  • The Only Exception (SeKai)
    27.7K 1.3K 11

    Sehun is stuck with three morons and an angel whilst working on a college project. He doesn't think it can get any worse, until he realizes that the angel known as Kim Jongin is practically unattainable. Fuck his life.

  • What Happens In Bed Stays In Bed (KAIHUN SEKAI)
    18.3K 1K 20

    Oh Sehun works in the CSI with his partner and bestfriend Luhan. After Luhan gets murdered Sehun is stuck working with the annoyingly super smart agent Kai. With the case of his bestfriend's death on my plate how will he learn to accept someone as indepenedent as kai?

  • White Tiger (Book 1 in the White Tiger Trilogy)
    864K 23.8K 39

    Benina was a normal human being, an orphan at the age of 11 months. She had a life as normal as it could be for an orphan- until she turned sixteen. She shifts into a White Tiger on her birthday, and is thrust in to a world she knows nothing about. Her family were the strongest bloodline of shape shifters -and possibl...

  • The White Tiger
    3.8K 177 22

    This is a story about a girl who was lost in a forest . A hunter attacked her but a White Tiger saved her as the girl was known to be the chosen one. That one white tiger has changed her whole life. about the girl : Name: Victoria NickName: Vicky Age: 16 Hair: brown eyes: brown skin: white Main Story characters: Vict...

  • The Ugly Twin #Wattys2017
    69.5K 4K 51

    Me and Taemin We used to be close, just like how twins should be But it doesn't last long He steals everything Looks... Fame... Appraisal... And love... "You should totally see the new kid, they are hot!" -Lay He takes everything away "Luhan? I found angel." -Sehun What about me? Didn't i deserve to be happy too? "I c...

  • forever • sekai
    23.7K 1K 5

    Jongin knew, from when he first laid eyes on Oh Sehun, it was love, and that he wanted to be with Sehun forever.

  • Love You More (sekai)
    3.5K 153 2

    Born into a rich family, all Jongin's ever known is expensive cars, designer clothes and the best private schools. Sehun on the other hand has spent most of his life wondering when he'll next see a dollar bill. Through coincidental events the two manage to meet, causing both of their lives to change irreversibly. ||...

  • Night Train [Sekai fic]
    25K 1.1K 8

    Sehun wants Jongin and Jongin just wants to live.

  • Lucky Strike
    8.7K 250 6

    "Little rich boys and I don't get along. Damn self-righteous spoiled brats don't know shit about hard work. We've already got one, the firstborn of a certain family." He glanced across the room, specifically at this one particular individual. "Though I guess he's more stillborn than firstborn." Some might call him a "...

  • My One And Only
    3.7K 108 18

    This is a fan fiction about exo and the one and only sistar.

  • Love Triangle
    735 27 2

    That relatable moment when you pretty much fall in love with two people at the same time.

  • My Big Brother & EXO!
    949 32 4

    Kim Da-Som/ Dasom is a 17 year old who lives in busy Seoul. And has always lived with her Dad.. Her bag goes missing and how could that effect any thing right? To top that off, the next day, her dad goes to work and never comes back...leaving only one last voicemail to her What the heck! A brother?? Where?? Who's Chan...