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  • Our Story (alric no war au)
    823 37 8

    suicidal saved fixed our story short story AlxEric Divergent copyright 2017 © slushie260

    Completed   Mature
  • Divergent Survival Camp
    79.2K 2.8K 24

    In which a girl get's stuck monitoring pre-teens for the summer with a sarcastic boy as her co-worker.

  • x~ Mr. Know-it-all ~x {A Sheo Story}
    3.3K 128 10

    "What's a pretty girl like you, working in a cafe like this" His Breath Is warm and gets hotter as he leans in closer. I blush a deep red. "I might have a job more suitable for those pretty hands of yours, Princess" He runs his large, boney hands over my small delicate ones. Looking over at his handsome, smirking fac...

  • Christmas Surprises (Fourtris)
    4.6K 268 3

    CHRISTMAS FOURTRIS ONESHOTS ❤❤❤❤❤ Copyright © 2015 Slushie260 Merry Christmas everyone 😊 thanks for reading.

  • INSURGENT: Tobias
    538K 10.9K 25

    This second book of the Divergent Trilogy, but written entirely from Tobias's perspective instead of Tris's. Remember all those times you were wondering what Tobias could've possibly been thinking during Insurgent? No need to wonder! All you need to do is read this story!

  • Fate of Tomorrow
    249K 9.5K 104

    Tris Prior, being the selfless young adult she is, takes in her little niece. Samantha 'Sam' Prior, causes many troubles for Tris, but one may just lead Tris to a certain sexy man. :) DO NOT TAKE MY IDEA!! IT'S MINE!! Highest rank I've seen: 514

  • Help Me Get Over Him
    87.4K 3.6K 40

    Beatrice Prior has officially been married to Albert for three years now, but he has physically abused her after just a few months of marriage. She calls a divorce and moves from her home with Al - in Flordia - back to her home in Chicago. When she does she runs into paths with the mysterious Tobias Eaton. B...

  • Dying Flames
    300K 11.8K 73

    *Rewrite* Tris- A broken servant girl who continues to be auctioned from person to person. With no individuality or freedom, she is devoted to a life with abusive masters and a life with many stepping stones. Finally, she is to be resold at the annual auction. Four- A quiet, antisocial master of a laseerge property...

  • Why can't we be friends? A divergent highschool fanfiction
    90.8K 3.7K 30

    "I'm Four." I look at his hand carefully. It is big and looks very callused. "Ya I know who you are. I'm Beatrice. We've been in school together for 13 years now." I shake his hand. Beatrice Prior has always been the nerd that doesn't have any friends and she likes it that way, with no problems or drama. She has the...

  • Rescued Music (Fourtris AU)
    7.6K 741 16

    **REWRITE OF MUSIC DREAMS** Marie is part of a band. An emotionally abusive band. When the press finds out about this, will they find a replacement? A tall, mysterious replacement? Will Marie finally have the freedom she deserves? Or will her past come back to haunt her? MY STORY: DO NOT USE! IT IS MINE AND MINE ONLY!

  • DIVERGENT: Tobias (Watty Award Winner 2013)
    2.7M 61.1K 30

    Divergent in Tobias's perspective! Have you ever wondered what is going on in Tobias/Four's mind while you were reading? Well you don't have to wonder anymore. I update very frequently and would love if anyone would read this. It is my first time writing for fun.

  • Trust
    22.1K 461 11

    Just a Divergent High story, with a twist. (; -Divergent fanfic, slowly editing, not finished-

  • Eaton
    23.2K 779 30

    Follow Tobias Eaton through his life with his father in a stifling community where the only thing keeping him above the water is his friendship with the Pedrads and the Priors. This story is set in the modern world

  • The Prince and the Maid: A Divergent Story
    831K 24.1K 51

    When Prince Tobias has to find a girl to marry and none of them are to his interest he finds one he'll like, but when the girl he loves is his servant, what does he do then?

  • Toby & Bea
    626K 20.4K 46

    Tobias and Beatrice when they were little. This is my own idea that I made And this is the first Toby and Bea fanfiction.