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  • The Rich Kid ➝ h.s ( Sequel to TBK)
    24.7K 1.1K 17

    ( DO NOT OPEN THIS BOOK UNLESS YOU HAVE READ THE FIRST ONE WHICH IS CALLED 'THE BLIND KID') (COVER BY @inkedtattoos :-)) " Can you take a picture with me, Harry? " I ask. I touch his arm, but he jerks away. I hadn't seen him in person in forever. I back up. His lips curl into a smirk, Ray Bans in his hand a...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Bird √
    97.2K 5.4K 32

    "We need to fly ourselves before someone else tells us how." Started: November 24th, 2017 Finished: November 5th, 2018 Cover by: styleslight

  • where we land ✽ h.s
    856K 25.4K 25

    High school was child's play. But with Harry in college and Carter struggling to get into college, working almost every day, the two must find time for each other and their relationship. Sequel to Brothers Best Friend. ❁ ❁ ❁ Story may (or may not) contain sexual content, texting scenes, a crossover and vulgar languag...

  • uncertain | h. s. au |
    78 8 3

    she's uncertain of what he feels. he's certain that he feels too much. - all rights reserved copyright © -vessel--

  • Lights (2019)
    287K 8.7K 54

    Lights was originally written in 2013 so here is a 2019 update. This edit will fix typos, plot holes, and give the story a mature flare. There is even some new content! Enjoy! ______________________________________________________________________ Blair Price struggles with a lot of things in her life, such as her...

    Completed   Mature
  • Times - h.s.
    31.6K 1.1K 27

    Alexa is just starting her career at one of the largest newspaper corporations to ever exist. It's her job now to get the biggest scoop on everyone who's anyone - to inform us about them and to either praise or exploit them. As if that weren't a tough job within itself, she now has to take on the task of her first a...

  • Addiction
    116K 5.6K 45

    Harry and Mya. Mya and Harry. That's how it's been since we were kids. The best of friends. I was more into academics. He was more into sports. And then we became more than best friends. But in senior year, everything good about us came crashing down, and it seemed there really was no way out.

  • A.M.
    345K 13.5K 46

    Won't you stay 'til the A.M.? All my favourite conversations Always made in the A.M

  • i love you, nora jane [h.s.]
    53.6K 2.7K 14

    ❝But who could love me? I am out of my mind.❞ in which a troubled man becomes infatuated with a frivolous girl over bitter coffee, midnight talks, and a journal full of secrets. © louminosity 2015 cover by: @scxlpture

  • Styles Enterprise || HS
    279K 7.1K 24

    Just another cliche between a CEO of the company Styles Enterprise and a girl who worked there.

  • bleeding hearts [h.s]
    125K 6.2K 36

    After a long wait on a transplant list, Lily has finally received her heart. She finds that there are strings attached and is faced with challenges surrounding her relationships and her life. How can you love someone when your heart beats for another?

  • Dust Bones [Harry Styles]
    23.6M 724K 73

    Working for a world-leading mafia, Harry knows how to kill, how to hunt his victims, and how to avoid any company of any kind. He's used to a lonely, quiet, and harsh environment. He is the best at what he does. And everything he does becomes problematic when he's assigned to protect the boss's daughter from world-kno...

    Completed   Mature
  • Come June [ h.s. ]
    44.4K 2.1K 25

    "Come June, it'll be as if all of this never existed."

  • Lonely Neighbor [H.S.]
    327K 9.3K 60

    Sam never liked him. She knew that. And never in her life will she fall for that guy living two doors down. Harry never liked her. He definitely knew that. But for the first time in his life, he fell for that girl living two doors up.

  • 24/7 [h.s.]
    14.5M 407K 109

    "Listen to me, princess. I've had enough of your attitude. We're both in hell here. So either suck it up or shut up. Do I make myself clear?" -- Emma Winston never expected her father to become President of the United States. When she got accepted into her dream school she never expected to have a secret service agen...

  • SIX YEARS || HS ✔️
    18.7K 880 7

    ❝I loved him, but it was a rotten love. A love pushed well past its expiration date. It was ugly and sour and spiteful and disgusting. It was was unsalvageable. And we both got to the point where we both knew it was over but we played dumb, half in denial, half waiting for the other person to speak up, a...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Vow [h.s.]
    995K 30.4K 42

    "Tell me," he whispered lightly stroking my back. "Please don't marry her..." my words barely audible. He pulls me away from his embrace so he could look at me directly in the eyes, "What?" There was another pause before I said the words I've needed to say. "I love you." And with those three words, both our worlds cam...

  • Oblivious
    617K 24.1K 64

    He never knew how she felt about him until it was almost too late, and him? Well, he only realized he loved her when he was promised to someone else. ORIGINAL STORY : DO NOT COPY

    Completed   Mature
  • Bad Habit. [SEQUEL TO TROUBLED.]
    243K 8.2K 12

    Like all bad habits, he was just one that I could not break. **** "You are simply an astounding writer. Your words flow so smooth and powerful. You seamlessly paint a picture of emotions for the reader. Thank you so much for this beautiful work of art." -Bekk6108 "IM GONNA LIVE FOR THIS STORY" -enviousstyles "this is...

  • Flower Bouquet || h.s
    150K 5.9K 26

    "Harry, I'm going to catch that damn bouquet." The curls in his hair bounced as he turned my way. A dimple formed on his cheek while he smirked. That slight, mischievous twinkle shined through in his green eyes. "I'm going to catch that bouquet and I'm going to marry the man of my dreams." He chuckled. "You might need...

  • Secret Affair: Obstacles
    207K 7.3K 34

    Obstacles : something that blocks your path :

  • Secret Affair: Selfish || HS
    273K 8.5K 31

    "The sad thing is most people have to check with someone before they do the things that make them happy. We're all passing through; the least we can do is be happy, and the only way to do that is by being selfish." {quoted by Gene Simmons} ||book 2||

  • Secret Affair || HS
    780K 19.9K 30

    [Book 1] One late night Zayn has his best friend, Harry sleep over. That's where it all happens... "This is our little secret okay? I'm going to show you how to do things that you probably didn't know existed."

  • Quiet || hs
    8.7M 232K 76

    In which a quiet girl trying to get through her last year of high school by avoiding all conflict in her school and sitting in the back. She didn't expect a new math teacher who also became her new volleyball coach which made her plans to have a chill last year into chaos. #1 in Fanfiction

  • Late Nights || HS
    158K 4.6K 11

    In which a young girl stays late nights to take care of Mia Styles, the daughter of Harry Styles. A twenty-four year old, single father who struggles with working his business and still has time for his family. Those late nights will soon become interesting for Kara Miller. *there will be mature content, so WARNING...

  • 6 Man ✫ H.S.
    1.5M 67.7K 74

    ∙COMPLETED ∙ ❝Sometimes the person you'd take a bullet for, ends up being the one behind the gun.❞ A supernatural Harry fanfic where he is the witch hunter, and she is the witch. [Mature content: read at your own risk] Winner of: |Harry Styles A.U. (1st Place) + Overall Winner (2nd Place): The Kiwi Styles Awards 201...

    Completed   Mature
  • Commitments (Harry Styles AU)
    478K 21.4K 86

    "There are only two options regarding commitment. Either you're in, or you're OUT." [Warning: Unedited, contains a lot of grammatical error. Read at your own risk.] ©All Rights Reserved to @DepartedSoul_s

  • She Lays Down [h.s.]
    167K 6.8K 36

    "She lays down on the bedroom floor The chemicals that make her love don't seem to be working anymore"-The 1975 Her fingers hover over the keypad, desperate to say something but not knowing at all what to say. There are so many things that she wants to say to him, so many things that she'd already said aloud and that...

  • Pure Feeling
    407K 11.9K 27

    He commanded the room the moment he entered it. He walked with a long stride and his shoulders square and all eyes, male or female, were drawn to him. There was no mistaking who he was as he crossed the reception area and entered the office where I was sitting with my boss. My knees trembled as I rose to m...

    Completed   Mature
  • Captive » h.s.
    1.1M 44.8K 39

    ❝You're holding my heart captive. But you don't even know that you have it.❞ © Copyright Qveendom 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved [highest rank #50 fanfiction] !!WARNING: SLOWLY EDITING!!