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  • Book of Sins
    56.7K 1K 2

    Holy water? ✔️ Box of undies? ✔️ Preparation of sinning? ✖️ Enjoy the ride, folks!

    Completed   Mature
  • Rejecting Azrael | ✔️
    176K 7.5K 53

    "I, Coco Lee reject Azrael Ford as my future beta mate and the father of my future pups." - Coco Lee has everything she could have wanted; popularity, the money, friends, and a hot boyfriend. What more could a she-wolf ask for? Until he came along and crashed her small world. However, this story comes with a little...

  • My Muted Alpha | ✔️
    11.6M 363K 56

    "And then he breaks. An outburst of broken sobs, as my mate let out the saddest cries I've ever heard. He shook and trembled, clinging onto me for dear life. Over and over again, he collapsed in my arms." *** Rhea Grey has been traveling the world for her mate, looking aimlessly for many years with no luck. Disappoi...

  • My Salvation | EDITING
    5M 6.6K 2

    What can you say when your pack is on the verge of total destruction? Nothing. With her pack in ruins, she had no one else to turn to but him. The conditions he set were possible, but she had little to no choice. Could things get even more complicated? Cover was made by me. Highest Ranking - #1 in werewolf ; #1 in...