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  • Avengers Endgame (Doctor Strange x Reader)
    45.6K 1.5K 8

    After the devastating events of the war against Thanos, the universe is in ruins. With the help of remaining allies, the Avengers assemble once more in order to undo Thanos' actions and restore order to the universe.

  • Tracker ✔James Conrad x Reader
    39.6K 1.4K 12

    "I would've never learned to survive If I never arrived at Skull Island." ~°~•~°~•~°~•~°~•~°~•~°~•~°~•~°~•~°~•~ Y/n M/n L/n. A girl who never wanted to leave the house. A quiet girl. A shy one, to say at least. She never would've left if it wasn't for her parents and friends. She was always the 'scar...

  • Who We Are (Hiro x Reader)
    118K 6.3K 32

    "I-I don't know who I am anymore." Hiro shakes his head and takes your hand. Despite it being covered in blood, he pulls it to his chest and rests it against his heart. The beat of it drums against your palm. "No. Do you feel this? Do you see us? This isn't about who we are individually. It's about who we are." - San...

  • A Little Bit (Izuku x reader)
    204K 5.5K 34

    UNDER EDITING You've enrolled into UA but the semester has already started. You look to make a new name for yourself and a better reputation, as soon as you find your class you meet someone. You both get along quite well but someone starts eyeing you from afar hoping to talk to you. Will you have a normal first year...

  • Lover's Day: Izuku Midoriya x Reader x Bakugou
    120K 4.1K 15

    Valentines Day Competition! At your Hero Academia, UA, what will happen when an innocent Holiday becomes a vicious competition? Friends become rivals. Rivals remain rivals. Witness the silly high-school shenanigans unfold as your classmates battle for each other in the game of love. Warning: Pure unadulterated fluff...

  • Until we meet again (Obi wan Kenobi x reader)
    23.3K 642 11

    This story takes place during episode 2 and partly episode 3. It's a Obi Wan x reader story. The reader is an independent girl and a childhood friend of Padmé. She was hired to find the truth about the assassination attempt and meets Obi Wan Kenobi and his Padawan. Slowly her feelings for the Jedi are getting stronger...

  • Child's Care
    6.2K 125 6

    Red comed across an egg that was floating in the water. He adopts the infant egg comes to care and wait for the egg to hatch. Once the baby chick arrives, Red is welcome to the world of parenthood.

  • Treasure Planet (A Jim and Jamie Love Story)
    11.3K 170 20

    Jim has been given the opportunity of a lifetime; to go to Treasure Planet. He also meets and befriends the cook, Silver, but more so with his adoptive daughter, Cyborg. She and Jim even fall in love. But what will happen when Jim finds out the mutiny that Silver planned and that Cyborg knew about it? Find out in my o...

  • Trolls Part 1 (Branch X Jamie)
    27.2K 536 33

    Jamie is one of the happiest trolls in Troll Village, along with her sister, Poppy (who is a couple days older than her) and their friends, DJ, Satin, Chenile, Biggie, Cooper, Smidge, Fuzzbert, Guy Diamond, and Creek (who is Jamie's boyfriend at the time). But secretly, both her and her best friend, Branch, have stron...

  • My Best Friend Varian (Varian X Reader)
    35.4K 842 20

    This story invloves alot of action romance and Comedy. Also It goes from Cinnamon roll Varian Which means Nice varian To Villan Varian I dont own any characters exept yourself everyone is from my favourite (nearly put varian) tv show tangled the series. Also dont be mean or nasty in the comments it is not nice and if...

  • Sing (Johnny X Jamie)
    45.2K 675 49

    Buster Moon wants to throw a singing competition that can hopefully save his theater. It gets the attention of not just every animal in town, but also the only human there, Jamie. She was adopted by Rosita and Norman, her parent's friends, after they died in a car accident. She and Rosita audition and they make it in...

  • Moulin Rouge One Shots (Christen X Reader)
    11.2K 207 15

    One day I got bored and thought to myself " Ya know, I very obsessed with this movie. Let write another One Shot book." And here we are. I cant believe you actually like this movie! I thought I was the only one.

  • Snow Ball (Dustin x reader)
    31.3K 1K 12

    You just move to Hawkins with you Mother. In this weird town there is one boy you'll be getting to know. and you make a good friend named Max who is also newish to this town. Here's your Crappy description!!!!! And yes this is for younger audiences because I'm not a pedo. Which I'm not judging you if you are older and...

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. [TMNT X Reader]
    229K 5.7K 16

    You are (Y/N) (L/N),April O' Neil friend ever since the beginning.Helping April escape you guy's turtles out of the fire,while years later to only return.How will you react to your new pets? TMNT Belongs To The Original Owners

  • Star Vs. The Forces Of Miraculous (Crossover) (HIATUS)
    2.1K 98 6

    Star and Marco go to Paris for a field trip, and they meet some new friends. Once both of them find out that they are miraculous holders, their worlds are turned upside down. Relationships are tested as they have to keep their powers a secret from each other. What will happen? Read to find out. (This story also contai...

  • Sing/Zootopia: Animals Unite! All Creatures Great and Small Can be anything!
    1.1K 26 8

    This is a fanfiction story about the characters from the movies Sing and Zootopia, animals are living in harmony until a larger wave of hate and fear splashes on them! Will the characters have the strength and resolve to overcome this kind of obstacle? Johnny the Gorilla and Ash the Porcupine from the movie Sing and J...

  • TMNT(2014/2016)- Leonardo Boyfriend Scenarios
    81.2K 1.8K 26

    DON'T JUDGE ME! I've seen and read a lot of these so I decided to give it a shot. This is my first one so go easy on me. :) Just some random turtle boyfriend moments with the Leader in Blue for ya'll. Hey, I'll admit... I'm not the only Leo fangirl in the world. XD!!! Based on the 2014 and 2016 films. Enjoy!

  • His DNA |tmnt ~Leo X Reader|
    125K 4.4K 13

    One night Leo gets captured by the Shredder and is given to your father to experiment on. You are shown Leo in a cage in your fathers lad, what do you do? Will you let him free? Or will you just let it go and forget about it and move on...... This is a Leo x reader for all them leo fangrils!!! I promise this book won...

  • The CRAZIEST Summer Of My Life. A Tmnt Leo X Reader Story. (Discontinued)
    84.6K 2.4K 14

    Wazzup POTATOES!! I saw a bunch of these on Wattpad and thought, "Why not." so here we are! FYI, I haven't really watched tmnt in a while, so I'm just wingin' it. Here we go. 16 year old (Y/n) (L/n) is seeking refuge with her little brother at her grandfather's old cabin in the woods just a few miles away from New Yor...

  • The crazy life of (Y/n) Logan~Book 2~ (Leonardo x reader)
    5.1K 146 29

    This is the second book of 'The crazy life of (Y/n) Logan' If you haven't read the first book I suggest you read that one first, this book is a continue of the first one because the last one was getting too long, (Y/n) is faced with more problems which are risking her life and everyone's around her, will (Y/n) ever e...

  • Dangerous. Beautiful. Sight - James Conrad
    151K 4.3K 17

    "It's a dangerous, beautiful, sight, this island is" "It's funny. The most dangerous places are always the most beautiful" In 1968, you leave your home to sail. And woke up on a unknown island with natives who don't even speak. 5 years later. A team of soldiers, stranded on the island, will make their way out of the...

  • (Under editing) The crazy life of (Y/n) Logan~Book 1~ (Leonardo x reader)
    31.1K 712 54

    (Currently under editing!) (Y/n) Logan aka Beast Girl is the sister of Beast Boy (Garfield), she had the same illness (Sakutia)as her brother and was also injected with the serum that changed their lives forever. Like her brother, (Y/n) can also meta morph into any animal of her choice. There physical appearance chan...

  • The Modern Four
    5.5K 116 5

  • Worth The Wait (Phineas and Ferb X Reader)
    135K 2.1K 55

    Highest Rank: #420 in FanFiction *Updated* It is your second time to go into Danville, and suddenly, you met Phineas and Ferb again, but more interesting is, your feelings are growing for someone. But you are too young to love. Is it Worth the Wait to love someone for too long? What adventures will bring to you by th...

  • Sing Movie: Johnny X Reader
    190K 4.4K 22

    Had a great idea! And I absolutely love Johnny so.....yea ☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • Jesy Nelson
    433 27 1

    just random stuff about me

  • Ratchet and Clank Oneshots (X Reader)
    14.6K 163 4

    Please request you guys ;)

  • TwilightNardo Love Story
    50.3K 1.4K 55

    While out on patrol one night Karai finds a young girl named Twilight Sparkle alone in the streets. Once becoming friends she introduces them to her 2 human friends and later her 4 brothers who are mutant turtles. Twilight also begins to grow a crush on Karai's oldest and closest brother Leonardo and she helps her try...

  • Super Equestria Ninja Girls
    110K 2.7K 80

    A year right after the Friendship Games Sunset Shimmer, FlutterShy, AppleJack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight Sparkle get transferred to a new school in New York City. But when they meet 4 mutant turtles, their master, and 3 human friends things might turn good or bad. Especially when the Dazzlings ret...

  • At What Cost
    150K 5K 25

    Post Captain America: Civil War Steve Rogers x Reader story. *THERE ARE LOTS OF SPOILERS* *DUH*