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  • delirium
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    when the darkness outside my window turns gloomier than the one inside me, the words embedded in my chest sparkle like jewels. || poetry collection. ©️2019 by pooja m.

  • Ubuntu: A Tribute to Humanity [SAMPLE]
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    We are losing ourselves - our humanity - in today's world as we chase after our individual dreams and fight through the challenges life throws our way. The idea of 'we' is lost to many and crowded by greed, lies and whatnot. Everyone is out there for himself or herself and at the end of the day, it is what they will g...

  • The Unnoticed, Noticed
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    Also Available On Inkitt "Can I ask you something?" She asked softly. "Sure," he smiled. She looked up at him. "Why did you want to be my friend? I mean, there were so many people to choose from. Why me? I'm not even worth it." "You looked so lonely. So sad, so hidden. You looked like you were so used to being sile...

  • Fighting Fear
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    News and updates posted here

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    "Welcome to BADLANDS Ashley. You'll be in Room 93."

  • Of Love And Lies | ✓
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    Heartbreaks are like small cracks On the surface of the heart Which is deep yet, Still, keep your heart From tearing apart

  • Flare Guns and Magic I [EDITING]
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    A girl named Taiga Sabatini has lost her parents, and an organization named Flare has taken a liking into her well being. When she joins she wonders who is the real Flare or if there are other Flares to accompany her since it gets quite lonesome in the missions that they give her. Taiga is like an assassin longing...

  • Death by society
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    [wattys2019] "I'm just a mess and maybe I'm just lonely or just bitter but I know my head's a storm and my chest is empty." -Unknown. |in which a bad boy defies society's definition of a bad boy.| [Book 3 in the Broken Boys Club] #191 in outcast | 14 July 2018 #37 in outcast | 22 July 2018 #71 in freetheboy | 24 July...

  • Conversations With My Heart | ✓ #wattys2018
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    Each night when I lay down In my bed With my eyes open wide I think about life And the thoughts Which are bottled up Inside me Are slowly drowning me Finally, I had some courage To share my thoughts With the World Comment, vote and share. Enjoy and Happy reading.

  • Transition
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    Camryn's whole life changed the day she became a vampire. And no, not the gay ass Edward Cullen type. She doesn't sweat glitter. God, no. --READ A/N--

  • Alaska's Illicit | ✓
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    ❛❛If the cold doesn't kill you, the wolves will.❞ | NOT A WEREWOLF STORY | In which an 18-year-old girl flees to Alaska to escape being accused of murder & to uncover what happened to her uncle. Involves two gentle giants. Completed. :) | MORE INFORMATION INSIDE |

  • Little Words | ✓
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    Every little word Inside my mouth Now I am gonna Say loud

  • Nurse Julian
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    "Nurse Julian here! Nurse Julian here! I was hopeless, lazy, jobless, and I only had a love for makeup... not nursing. I couldn't get into a cosmetology major because Mother wouldn't let me! I have just finished nursing school and now I'm forced to get a job nursing in a mental institution!" Ms. Julian Claire ha...

    Completed   Mature
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    Taking a different direction. © Copyright Febe Pepe 2016

    Completed   Mature
  • the aftermath of madeline cherry
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    " why do we study history ? " "so that we don't repeat the mistake made in the past" " then why do they still repeat ? " the class went silent ••• a story about high school , may it be read by many understood by all

  • Hiraeth | ✓
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    You don't want to understand Even if I try to explain So I let my words out To let the world hear it I have come from The place which Was once called home ************************** Nexus Easter Nominations #1st place

  • Wings
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    She wanted a fresh start and it was given to her. New town, new school, new looks, you name it. It finally seemed like she could make it. But then he came and started pushing her buttons. she can only cover up so much....... Join Zara (and me) on a very unpredictable ride. Buckle up guys!

  • In The Midst Of Darkness (On hold)
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    We live in a modern world full of people with modern ideologies. Technology is at its peak, success is a must and our brains develop for the better. But what about the downside? What about all those stories that break us? What about all those incidents that create cracks in our society? Darkness is everywhere. Not t...

  • Ten Word Story | ✓
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    "I fell in love with you and you never noticed." Ten word story from his point of view.

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    Stop holding into them So tightly that it might Break you from inside Lose your strings One by one It may be painful But it would Better than being pulled Towards them When you know They're never gonna Look back ********************** MERAKI {Greek} (v.) to do something with soul, creativity, or love; when you...

  • A Gangster's Daughter ✔
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    A Gangster's Trilogy: Book 1 (Unedited) Ranked #2 in ProjectBreakFree: May 2018 ♡♡♡ Hannah would have never imagined the life of secrets her family hid from her. Would have laughed at the thought. That was before... before she stumbled in on her boyfriend killing her father. ⚠CAUTION⚠ ~ MATURE RATING ~ SEXUAL CONTENT...

    Completed   Mature
  • Voices | ✓
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    These voices Inside my head Keep screaming Even though I try to block Them away Tells me the Story of the Past Which I try To forget SERIES #1- Voices #2- You ruined her #3- So the faith will weep

  • My World Of Rhythm And Rhyme
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    A book of poetry that unravells the thoughts of an escapist addict with a pen. These are the thoughts that the tongue cannot express, but the world of rhythm and rhyme can paint a vivid picture that does them justice. Take a trip through my mind, see what you find and maybe, you'll unwind. Started: 31/08/18

  • Pieces Of Me | ✓
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    She is like a sunlight to my dark days She is like a laugher to my sad days She is like a solution to my every problem These are some pieces of me where she belongs to me.

  • From Start To Finish | ✓
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    'An unfulfilled love story.' They exist in this very minute as we read it.

  • THE BOY | ✓
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    Some words go unspoken. Some people get unnoticed. Some stories are left incomplete. Some things were never meant to be. It was you and only you, But now I decide to move on. Sequel of "TEN WORD STORY"

  • ¤The Pretty Girls》
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    [Pon Pon☮Girl] [BOOK 1.5] In her last attempts to pass her junior year of high school. Pon Pon Lola Maria Yui Red Reese has to go through some sticky issues. Those that include: 1) Her personal maid coming out about being attracted to the same sex. 2) The...

  • Perilous Affairs
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    Book One of the Perilous Trilogy •The Choco Awards First place Winner in Action• |Highest Ranking: #50 in Action| #9 in hotlist as of 5/10/18 #8 in hotlist as of 5/15/18 #4 in hotlist as of 5/22/18 "How do you know so many languages?" He questions curiously. "You see, the perks of being the daught...

  • Yours Truly
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    "I ink the purest, darkest fathoms of my soul in hopes of being yours truly, even if it may be just my stupid dreams..." The evolution of an infatuation to a prospective teenage love that might evolve to true love though not without the many stops it has along the way; would they transcend to such eternal devotion or...

  • defect : a one shot collection || ✓
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    a series of one-shots celebrating individuality and acknowledging special needs. Copyright © 2018 Just_Jae