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  • Snatched
    1.7K 266 31

    Something didn't feel right. We make our way across the wooden bridge, hand in hand. The moonlight glistens across the water as the shadows from the trees dance. Jack pulls me down a long deserted road leading to some sort of park at the end. The streetlights closest to us flicker, causing Jack to become nervous for s...

  • Hero of the Grid Vol. I Issue 1
    23.5K 1.4K 25

    Some people were meant to crawl the surface like worms but she was meant to soar. Born and raised in the sky, Allal Joyce breaks the law of her people and travels to the surface where she discovers that monsters prowl the darkness, soldiers are fighting children, and the man in the middle of it all is dark, mean, and...

  • MultiFacet: Shabina's Solitude
    59 2 1

    The Royligio Believe In The One. The Vibulare Reason To None. They both want to control the Well of Life. The last source of water in Dunya. Only MultiFacet keeps the peace. Barely. Stay The Middle...

  • MultiFacet: Rydin's Reflection
    33 0 1

    The Royligio Believe In The One. The Vibulare Reason To None. They both want to control the Well of Life. Dunya's last source of water. Only MultiFacet keeps the peace. Barely. Stay The Middle...

  • Seal of Light - Enlightened
    96.5K 1.9K 6

    [Wattpad Featured Fantasy Story - 2015 and 2016 ] [Self Published | paperback - 2016] After a series of dreams that is all about unearthly beings and fantasy world that extremely extends the flight of the imagination, Mat Adam found himself wandering to this very unfamiliar terrain, a small mystical crescent shap...

  • Super Citizens
    1.2K 50 8

    Super Citizens is a web comic that is about a future where everyone gets super powers. These powers change the way people live their lives, but is it for better, or is it for worse?

  • The Weirding Willows - What The Wild Things Are
    2.5K 85 7

    Every story has to have a starting point. This isn't it, but it's a good place to dive in. The time of this story is late into the 19th Century, a new dawn is just a few years away. In a small town outside of London, a reclusive scientist experiments in his old college friends house. His friend, Professor Donald Lamb...

  • Welcome to Willow Weir and the Weirding Willows
    14.4K 381 12

    The Weirding Willows is a universe spawned from a mash-up of a hundred different well know characters from fiction all integrated into new story lines where anything can happen but for many their destiny's have already been written, we just didn't know before what set them on their various paths. Please join me for th...

  • Hard Light (NaNoWriMo15)
    205K 21.5K 34

    Leah is a Radiant, a dying race that is able to crystallise Light. Plagued for centuries by a parasite able to turn them into mindless monsters known as Lightless, the Radiant's homeland has been long since lost. Leah's seen what the parasite has done to her people's morale, and she's determined to be the one who fin...

  • Pinfeathers
    116K 12.5K 42

    *PREQUEL TO INDIGO* The Owl: One of the most revered yet feared criminals in the Underground of Thols. The woman beneath the cowl is a dangerous mystery none are brave enough to uncover. Some say it was the merge of the indigo and violet colours that sent her over the edge, some say she's not human. None know the tru...

    1.4K 85 2

    Years following the SKYE crisis, revolution ignites the galactic Rim, with systems seceding from the Republic and forming the Protectorate. Not recognized by the Republic, this fledgling coalition seeks aid from foreign powers to weaken Republic resolve to crush their independence. Seeker of Power provides a series of...

  • Drakkon
    10.6M 530K 48

    When Daiyu is summoned with dozens of other girls to be the Emperor's concubine, she doesn't think that she'll be chosen. Although beautiful and kind, she's hardly qualified to be with the emperor, whose name is stained with blood and whose reputation is blacker than sin. When she accidentally catches the eye of Emper...

    120K 6.1K 88

    Anakin and Owen are the proud heirs of Skywalker Enterprises, the leading corporation on planet Rodia. When traitors attack their family's corporation, the Skywalkers find themselves in a desperate fight for survival. Their only hope lies with a Jedi Knight, Ben Kenobi, and his hastily assembled force of Republic cra...

  • Zombies Vs Aliens: Respawn
    269K 24.5K 37

    A comic apocalyptic sci-fi romp. The zombie apocalypse has come and gone, the world has ended, humanity has crumbled... Nobody told the aliens. Alien brains have some interesting side effects on the ravenous undead. Just ask zombie Li, who wakes up after a quick bite. The world is a wasteland, she's a walking corps...