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  • there goes my life // malum au [completed]
    21.8K 1K 11

    "calum. i'm pregnant." or in which calum gets his boyfriend michael pregnant during their last year of high school and their plans to get out of their small town get thrown out the window and replaced by the unknown. malum mpreg/lowercase intended based off of: there goes my life by kenny chesney started: april 26th...

  • 5SoS Brother & Sister Moments
    213K 3.8K 24

    Here are some 5sos preferences! These are ALL mine so please don't steal them or copy them. Hope you enjoy these! x

  • violet skies / michael clifford
    622K 34K 41

    Their story isn't a romcom. {highest ranking: #2 fanfiction} © 2016 by dimplefeels

  • In Touch - L.T 1D
    157K 8.5K 72

    When a boy writes letters for a girl, thinking she will never see them. | Highest ranking in Fan Fiction: #81 | Another story by: xAUSSIEGALx © 2016 xAUSSIEGALx ALL RIGHTS RESERVED | Sequel to 'Wrong Number' | Comments from Wrong Number. 'It's simply awesome! I. need. another. chapter.' - @xxashlaughxx 'I just started...

  • The Unintentional Secret > H.S. (Sequel to One Year Contract)
    27.2K 1K 13

    This is the sequel to my Harry Fanfiction 'One Year Contract' and is more about Harry and Jade's relationship as they venture on the run together. Currently on Hold. Thank you for reading. Lots of love, Lauren xx (@sweetpieharry)

  • Disconnected / h.s.
    2.6M 111K 42

    unknown : is this norma unknown : ?? Me : tf this is natalie who u be

  • Who Cares || n.h
    456K 23.4K 9

    We can save ourselves. A Niall Horan fanfiction. Sequel to Anonymous. || highest in fanfiction: #116 ||

  • Misses Who? (Sequel to Mrs. Styles?!)
    78.2K 2.4K 28

    Caution this is a sequel don't read the description unless you've read "Mrs.Styles" Jessica has always been a logical thinker with sheer intelligence. However, after a bad case of amnesia she finally gets her memory back only to feel helpless. She can't help the betrayal she feels running through her veins caused by E...

  • One Direction Imagines Book Three
    150K 4.9K 55

    This is my third book of One Direction Imagines, all written by me. Including Harry, Niall, Louis and Liam imagines for you all to hopefully enjoy :) Thank you for reading. <3 Lots of love, Lauren xx (@sweetpieharry)

  • Goodbye, Emmi
    104K 4K 74

    Fast forward two years in the life of the Youtube famous Shaytards. They still vlog, and they are sill growing closer. Emmi just turned 10. Things couldn't be better for the Butlers, but then their world came crashing down. Emmi Butler vanished. Kidnapped? Runaway? They don't know. Shay and Colette search desperately...

  • Niall Horan Preferences
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    This book is filled with preferences about Niall Horan, just like the title says :) If you like it, don't be shy to Vote or Comment some ideas. All ideas are mine so please don't steal them. Other than that, enjoy x Publication: 10.04.16 Author: @Universal_Syndrome Book cover creator: @Universal_Syndrome

  • Mrs.Styles?! { Harry Styles }
    125K 3K 22

    "All I remember is being a plain, acne faced sixteen year old girl. What do you mean I'm married and above all to some 'band member'?!" (Currently major editing ) Amazing cover by @-lukeass

  • Broken Fangirl [m.c]
    370K 15.6K 36

    {Sequel to Fangirl, I recommend reading it before you continue} Michael and I were two peas in a pod. Best friends, and dating in my mind. Then, something changed in him. His personality was completely different, everything was crazy. I was convinced we would never be the same, after all, I was just a broken fangirl t...

  • 99 Skinny • Adopted by 5sos #Wattys2016
    8.9M 372K 117

    She thought the world was against her and being loved just wasn't for her, until she met four boys determined to change that. (the writing in this is certainly not my best, just a heads up) warning: this book deals with triggering topics such as eating disorders, self-harm, and suicide. [highest ranking ~ #1 fanfictio...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fangirl [m.c]
    725K 29.7K 35

    They said I was just a fangirl. That my "love" for this band, and in particularly, Michael Clifford, was all a phase in my life. Some stupid "crush" I'll get over within a few months. Well, it's been more than a year, so why can't I stop loving him to death? Because trust me, I tried...

  • One Year Contract >> H.S
    568K 16.5K 49

    "One Year." She told herself. Little did she know that one year would turn into more.