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  • The Master of the Lightning Dragon
    2.8K 210 10

    Traveled to another world, Stephen knows nothing about magic and stuffs whom he thought only exists in books. But one thing is for sure, he must save that world from the brink of destruction. Kahit na isa lamang siyang mortal. Credits to @mutesandwich for the awesome book cover :)

  • The Bride of Lucifer
    5.3K 267 3

    After being exiled from heaven together with one-third of the angels, Lucifer bacame the ruler of hell. For thousands of years of spreading evilness, he got bored and decided to search for a bride to rule hell with him. Ngunit ang babaeng napili nya which is also a fallen angel ay tinanggihan ang kanyang proposal. She...

  • Guidebook in writing fantasy
    125K 3.3K 22

    A Guidebook in writing fantasy story. This is a work of fiction. Names ,characters, business, places,organization, events and incidents either the product of the imaginations of author and used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual person living or dead is entirely coincidental. Copyright 2014 Date started: May 2014 ...

  • Code 0X15 Project A.N.G.E.L
    816K 24.7K 68

    Si Stella Franz ay isang typical na unemployed fresh graduate ng Advance Information Technology sa taong 473 G.E.. Due to her frustration to find a work to support her disabled father, naiisipan niyang magtrabaho ng part time sa isang local internet cafe and printing shop kung saan aksidente niyang na exchange ang k...

  • Knight | Celeste Academy Series BK #1
    9M 420K 62

    [COMICS OUT NOW!] What's worse than going to school? Going to school for knights in another world! After accidentally witnessing a woman killing a demon in the streets of Boston, Valeriana is kidnapped and forced to enroll in the magical Celeste Academy. It would've been great if she fit right in, but while everyone's...