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  • Whisper
    977 459 83

    Will Templeton built his dream home in the tiny Newfoundland outport of Maynard's Rock, a tiny community of just 200 people. A loner by choice, little did he know that he would be sharing this new home with the Spirit of an 11 year old girl. A Spirit that would forever change his life.

  • Evangeline's Diary
    416 210 71

    Follow the first 5 years of Whisper's life through the words of her mother, as written in her daily journal.

  • the Darkness
    195 135 45

    Every Halloween since Whisper was born, Evangeline felt an evil presence. Was it coming for Whisper?

  • Journeys
    1.9K 537 46

    Life becomes a series of exceptional Journeys for Whisper and her family. Book 4 of the Whisper series.

  • Emmeline
    2K 644 59

    Sir Henry Tudor was given a mysterious book by a monk while fighting the 3rd Anglo Maratha War in India. To ensure victory, Sir Henry wrote in the book summoning an Evil beyond even his most feared nightmare. Now years later the tiny village of Crow Head has been destroyed and every person in the village murdered, by...

  • the BOOK
    1.2K 372 50

    Emmeline comes to Maynard's Rock, seeking the book her father hid nearly 200 years earlier. She had no idea what revelations the trip would bring. Her life would be forever changed by an 11 year old girl named Whisper.

  • The Path
    585 362 97

    Whisper and her siblings have the same dream, convincing them that something evil is happening back at Maynard's Rock. Now in her mid twenties, Whisper has to convince Queen Relina to allow her to reopen the Path that she and Robbie had closed years before.

  • Whispers
    581 322 90

    On a planet created by the 4 new Creators, the worst of the worst from every planet, every galaxy, have been sent. In a strange twist of fate, many of the lost souls of Earth, destroyed by Angelita, end up on the planet as well, including one very special soul ... Whisper

  • High School
    1.9K 582 84

    Serenity, Monica and Skye decide to go to High School. In 1973.

  • Ghost Hunters at Maynard's Rock
    123 22 11

    It is sure to be more than interesting when North America's favourite ghost hunters decide to film at Maynard's Rock.