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  • Zalex One Shots
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    There aren't many Zalex fanfictions out there and we need Zalex so The stories aren't mine, credits are given at the beggining of every one shot. Enjoy!

  • 13 Reasons Why / Zalex Story
    27.1K 498 18

    This is a Story about the lovely Zach Dempsey and Alex Standall or to be clear about their Shipping Zalex. It plays after the trial in season 2 but before season 3 of 13 Reasons why or to be exact, before Bryce died and I don't really know where it will go. At first I just wanted it to be a One Shot but that didn't q...

  • Zalex Oneshots
    12.4K 345 4

    oneshots of Zach Dempsey and Alex Standall because I love them so much

  • scrawny & broken | zalex 13rw
    41K 1.2K 15

    two deemed "straight boys" not only fall into the pool together, but rather fall in love. - this stems off of the events of season 2, therefore there will be spoilers. you have been warned <333

  • Unexpected - ZachxAlex story
    13K 256 8

    "Zach I'm not gay" "Then why did you kiss back?" "Fuck off Zach" "So what? Did the kiss mean nothing to you?" Everybody probably hates my ass for making this fanfic but I couldn't help it they are so cute together and WOSIEHBSNAKWBW sorry plz don't hate meee

  • loser || binwoo ✨
    40.6K 1.9K 38

    "you're almost as tall as my dick." "are you calling me short?" **crack fic, potential cringe.

  • 30 days||binwoo||
    21.6K 824 35

    "In the last days, whoever falls loose" "Deal" •.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.• Status:Completed Started:January ?,2020 Ended: April 3,2020

  • VOICE || SeongSang [COMPLETED]✔️
    69.8K 3.9K 21

    ❝ Oh, that's Kang Yeosang. Smartest kid in the class. ❞ ❝ Doesn't he speak? ❞ ❝ He used to... ❞ [Park Seonghwa × Kang Yeosang] ¡Trigger Warnings! Started: 11/22/19 Finished: 12/5/19 #1 in SeongSang 11/27/19, 12/2/19, 12/3/19, 12/4/19, 12/5/19, 12/6/19, 12/7/19, 12/8/19, 12/9/19, 12/10/19, 12/11/19, 12/12/19, 12/13/19...

  • Flame Of Love // SeongSang
    10.6K 531 15

    Seonghwa and Yeosang fall in love but they don't know what will happen in the future

  • matchmaker; seongsang
    55.7K 4.1K 26

    seonghwa runs an instagram account he uses to anonymously help his schoolmates in getting together with the people they like. he will hesitate, however, when someone asks to be paired with the person he himself has a crush on. ateez; seonghwa + yeosang side ships included lowercase intended polish translation by @kore...

  • Shy Boy, Bad Boy | SeongSang [COMPLETED]✔️
    30.6K 1.4K 17

    Kang Yeosang has had a large crush on bad boy Park Seonghwa, but he doesn't even know the shy boy exists! Or does he? What Yeosang doesn't know, is the secret Seonghwa hides. [Park Seonghwa × Kang Yeosang] Started: 12/5/19 Finished: 9/9/20

  • His Boy | changlix a.u
    113K 6.7K 34

    "I miss him so much." "You're like a love sick puppy." "I know right? He's disgusting." "And you are just jealous because you don't have someone to love." ~ In which Seo Changbin moves abroad to live with his father, far away from the boy he loves. Lee Felix. How will the two be able to handle the distance? ~ status:...

    804K 55.1K 112

    [COMPLETED/IN EDITING] When Lee Felix accidentally texts the wrong number, his relationship with the anonymous user evolves into reality over the course of a few weeks. From phone to phone, and face to face, Felix soon began to understand that he wasn't alone in the world.

  • Fake Love ||,
    107K 5.4K 30

    "i told you he doesn't love you!" "stop saying like you know anything!" "i know that he doesn't love you!" "you're just my fake boyfriend! why are you minding my own business?!" "because i care for you even if i'm just fake to you!" where taehyung is one-sided inlove with jungkook but it hurts for him to see jungkook...

  • Game Over <VMIN>
    155K 6.9K 24

    That day when the bully, Jimin, fights for the bullied one, and disappeared. Taehyung just want to talk.

  • Stolen (VMin) //REWRITING//
    423K 3.9K 4

    "Where am I?" A panicked boy was sitting in bed, tied up and blindfolded. He felt the bed sink. "Who are you?" "What do you want?" The figure leant in closer to his ear and whispered. "You." TRIGGER WARNING: This story contains graphic material and contain themes of rape/sexual abuse/non-consensual sex, violence/abuse...

  • Vmin FF The New Kid. [ completed]
    105K 3.2K 31

    Jimin is going to school like every other day when he sees a new kid. The is getting a lot of attention from girls but will they fall with each other or will they go other ways

  • dear mingyu┃meanie
    191K 14.5K 30

    ╻wonwoo lost his diary╹ ❀ meanie ❀ chogiwanese

  • Gangster //changlix
    67.7K 3.3K 25

    "I don't wanna be your sweetheart. I wanna be the fucking love of your life." - in which the softest boy stumbles into a world which he was never supposed to know in the first place.

  • 𝓎ℴ𝓊'𝓇ℯ 𝓂𝒾𝓃ℯ ~ 𝒸𝒽𝒶𝓃ℊ𝓁𝒾𝓍 𝒻𝒻
    121K 5.5K 30

    This is a Changlix ff Felix has a crush on his best friend Changbin, but what he doesn't realize is that Changbin has a secret himself Started 180601 Ended 180825 best rankings #8 in changlix #1 in felix ~translations~ italian ~ cats_doped welsh ~ jessbij

    406K 845 1


  • Him and I | Changlix
    198K 11.9K 36

    "Why are you holding my hand?" - Felix develops a little crush on this guy named Changbin...

  • beanie // CHANGLIX
    405K 24.5K 42

    [COMPLETED] Changbin feels attracted to the newly hired barista who always wears a beanie at a cafe he's a regular at. "Welcome to B'Chill Cafe. May I take your order?" "What's there to take, when you've already taken my heart?" ⇒ hybrid au ⇒ started on march 22, 2018 ⇒ completed on july 12, 2018 ⇒ 35 chapters ⇒ rea...

  • summertime ; changlix
    16.8K 1.1K 7

    in which lee felix flies from australia and korea to stay with his best friend, bang chan for the summer. there he meets an interesting boy named seo changbin.

  • changlix texts
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    collections of short changlix texts

  • boyfriends → changlix [✓]
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    ❝ good god felix, you're too cute for me. ❞ → changbin is a regular teenage boy with slightly worrying anger issues. felix is an exhange student who doesn't understand what personal space is. they realise love can be such a strange thing. ʜɪɢʜꜱᴄʜᴏᴏʟ ᴀᴜ COMPLETED┃✔ 21/10/18 © bubbletaey 2018 100K !! 25/11/18

    183K 9.9K 66

    they share and live in the same house even when they hate each other. -nomin.

  • Who Am I: jookyun ✔
    34.8K 2.6K 31

    #2 *Sequel to "Who Is This"* Changkyun has moved to Boston away from his soulmate Jooheon. They talk over Skype and keep their love strong, but Changkyun can't help but have doubt in their 'true' love. Jooheon just wants the best for Changkyun. *COMPLETED*

  • Who Are You?
    5.5K 271 7

    #3 Continuation of Who Is This? and Who Am I? It's finally going to be alright, Jooheon and Changkyun are getting married and going to settle down together, but what happens when this new guy comes into the mix and Jooheon has no idea who he is, but Changkyun does. Warning: there's bout to be smut you already know

  • abusive; jookyun
    8.2K 374 8

    [ENGLISH] ⎾ "If you ever leave me, ᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠI will kill myself." ᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠ ᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠ trigger warning: depression, self harm, suicidal behavior and thoughts, borderline personality disorder, mentioned rape