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  • Soul Eater: The Next Generation
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    Ellie is a runaway scythe meister. Her scythe, Spike, is strong and powerful. Her friends are the children of the great legends who defeated the Kishin Asura. Everyone underestimates her, because everything is based upon legacy at the DWMA. Just wait until they see her fight...

  • Champion { Blackstar x OC x DTK } soul eater fanfic
    84 2 1

    A young girl called 'Shade' long dark red hair and navy blue eyes, quiet and fast, having no experience in fighting, weaponry, magic, romance, or action, ends up making her way to the DWMA after her whole family was demolished. Killed. Slaughtered. Destroyed. Wiped out. Whatever you wanna call it. The first person she...

  • Silly Chains of Mine (Soul Eater FanFiction)
    221K 5.5K 31

    Luna and Silver are the newest students in the DWMA, who aren't exactly your normal students. No one knows EXACTLY why but it sure as hell isn't for learning. Luna has a secret and is searching for one particular person but when she find out what she's been searching for almost her whole life her secret may not be muc...

  • Soul Eater Boys x Reader (Book One)
    324K 12.7K 98

    You have been going to the DWMA for about six months now and you have asthma. You begging to run into the three Soul Eater guys and there is a little war to win your heart! Who are you going to choose?! Well! Thank you for looking at my story! This is my first x reader thing so I hope you guys like it! I would love f...

  • Soul Eater Lemons
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    Here are some lemons! Hope you love them, just PM or comment me for requests!

  • Soul Eater x Reader One-Shots
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    Short love stories about you and your favorite Soul Eater character! I do NOT own Soul Eater or the photos used.

  • soul eater lemons
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  • Symmetry [Soul Eater Fanfic]
    288K 9.5K 43

    Death the Kid was sent to do a mission only reapers can handle. But some twist happened. The enemy was really symmetrical. He can't even dare to attack. He was about to die when some girl spared him,killing the enemy who was supposed to end the young shinigami. Kid was about to give his thanks when the girl left with...

  • Soul Eater One-Shots
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    One-Shots for Soul Eater couples.

  • Soul Eater Lemons
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    I'm back and better!

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