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  • 365 days ~ Levi X Reader fanfic [ Heavy editing]
    785K 34.3K 42

    He loved you,proposed to you and did whatever a loving husband could do for the past four years of your marriage. His name is Levi Ackerman and you loved him with all of your heart. But when fate decided to be cruel,Levi had an affair and wanted a divorce.Even when you were melancholic and rejected,you still obliged w...

    Completed   Mature
  • Levi x Reader - Oblivion
    804K 23.6K 21

    'If you're on the verge of breaking, if you have a gun to your head, if your in the grasp of a titan just promise me you'll fight, you'll live and you'll never forget me.' I repeat his words in my head, I'll always remember you Levi, I'll always love you.

  • Survive for Me [ErenxReader]
    406 17 2

    Eren Jaeger x Reader Oneshot AU

  • Say Something (Eren x Reader Songfic)
    726 34 1

    Just another sad songfic. Hope you enjoy ^_^ Song isn't mine Cover art isn't mine AoT isn't mine Plot IS mine so please don't steal ^_^

  • Every Last One - ErenxReader
    53.8K 1.5K 31

    I do not own Shingeki No Kyojin(attack on titan) in any way shape or form, all rights go to the beloved Hajime Isayama. ------ DESCRIPTION ----- Have you ever wondered what'd it would be like to live in such a cruel, but beautiful world? What'd it would be like to exist alongside your favorite characters? Well, what i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Levi x Reader || One Shots And Short Stories
    551K 13.6K 33

    HIATUS Heichou and you in various situations of love, both canonverse and AU. Originally, these were strictly one shots but, somewhere along the way they became a collection of short stories as well. Therefore, they will vary in size and several are ongoing "parts" to a larger story. Most of the one shots will be fluf...

  • Attack on Titan x Reader One Shots
    26K 456 19

    **DISCONTINUED** (Important chapter, I'm planning to make a whole new one shot book, and yes it is related to anime ^ _ ^ ) Hello there! I'm sure you want to read some Attack on Titan One Shots, which may be why you're right here now. Details and how you would request your one shot will be on the first page. Happy Rea...

  • Falling For My Best friend Or My Corporal (Eren x Reader x Levi)
    481K 18.1K 44

    Have you ever experienced falling in-love?Well falling in love with your best friend AND Corporal is a completely different story,(Y/n)(L/n) was a regular girl until the fall of Shinganshina District.She holds a secret about her that no one should know.Will this secret be the end of her and will she fall in love durin...

  • Memory
    396K 14.7K 19

    An Attack on Titan fanfic. I don't really know how to describe the story, but you'll find out. The beginning might suck but it gets waay better haha! Prepare from some major feels attacks and some minor nosebleeds!

  • Yandere Levi x Reader ~ "You Belong to me now!"
    258K 5.6K 12

    You're a normal soldier with plenty of time on your hands. You're admired by all and admired too much by just one person. Suddenly after the boys become a bit more flirty, your friends start to disappear from left and right. Nobody seems suspicious until you see Captain Levi. As for being a clean freak you wonder wha...

  • Shingeki no Kyojin x Readers
    2.2M 41.3K 154

    Fan of Shingeki no Kyojin? Love the characters? Want to feel like you're a part of their world? THEN THIS STORY IS PERFECT FOR YOU!! Feel the warmth from the characters as you read through different chapters and be Lovers/Friends/Family with each one of them! I, as your ever so awesome Danchou, will portray different...

  • Eren x Reader: Forever (Modern AU!)
    119K 3.9K 57

  • You? Again? [[Eren x Reader]]
    1M 37.9K 35

    [f/n] [l/n] and Eren Jaeger was once the sweetest couple. But after an incident that [f/n] saw, they broke up. [f/n] went to study abroad. After years pass, [f/n] came back. But what if fate steps in and encounters the two former lovers again? Now that Eren is in a new relationship. [[modern au!]] {{reader insert}}

  • You Are Mine (Levi x Reader)
    454K 15.5K 21

    You Are Mine (Levi x reader) Levi Ackerman, 'Humanity's Strongest' with a personality as cold as ice. What would happen when his intimidating personality changes around you? And would do anything for you to be his? (horrible chapters will be fixed in the near future) _____________________________ (This story has some...

  • Sunshine [Eren x Reader] (AU)
    1.4K 38 1

    (One Shot) Eren's day was routine enough until his friends decided that they needed to help him get over the death of a beloved friend, but they each need to confront their inner demons first. Mikasa was green with envy, Eren's delusional, Jean can't seem to let go of girl who was never meant to be with him, while Arm...

  • wings of freedom | aot x reader
    186K 6.1K 24

    They called it the wings of freedom, something you've been wanting after knowing there was life outside the walls. With a path filled with difficulty yet determination, will you end up joining the Survey Corps or elsewhere? Disclaimer: I would like to claim that I certainly do not own Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyoji...

  • Levi X Reader 〈 Alone 〉
    636K 20.8K 24

    "Please, live"

  • You're Different (Levi X Reader)
    3.9M 111K 71

    This is a Levi x Reader. Yes there will be Lemon <3 Story Intro in the story. Enjoy!!! Disclaimer: I do not any of the AOT characters!!!!!! I only own mine! Thanks! *Warning: There is cursing!!!!*

    Completed   Mature
  • Who Will It Be? Eren x Reader x Armin
    472K 15.1K 44

    Eren Jaeger and his best friend Armin Arlert have a huge crush on you! And you like both of them but you can't choose just one because you like them both! The two cutest guys you could possibly imagine liking you! Imagine that! But do the two best friends know how the other feels about you? Who Will It Be? Eren Jaege...

  • Levi x Reader One-Shots
    3M 54.4K 43

    Simple Levi x Reader one-shots! Note: Most of these are directed towards Levi x (Female) Reader, but I can write yaoi if requested! (F/N)= First Name, (L/N)= Last Name, (Full/N)= Full Name, (e/c)= eye color, (h/c)= hair color.

  • Attack on Titan ↠ Oneshots
    1M 27K 53

    Ever wanted to just be with your favorite character? Well, this book is just for you! started: 05.21.15 ended: 12.10.16 disclaimer: I do not own Shingeki No Kyojin or any of the characters. *REACHED 1M READS: 01.30.21 NOTE: UNEDITED!

  • captain | levi x reader
    3.7M 130K 65

    ❝Even if we're apart, I will always be with you.❞ // Featured in the official Wattpad @Fanfic Attack on Titan Fanfiction reading list // [[ONGOING]] lowercase intended for title (a levi x reader romance)

  • Levi x reader x Eren
    565K 15.7K 25

    On your first day on the scouting regiment you saved the life of one of the special operation squad soldiers. You are called to see commander Rivaille. What does he want? As you leave commander Rivaille's office you bump into Eren. Who you will you choose?

  • My Superior (Levi x Reader) Shingeki no Kyojin
    1.2M 37.2K 45

    Levi x Reader, Enjoy! --- (Y/N), fell in love with her Superior, Captain Levi Ackerman, "Humanity's most powerful soldier." She knew that it was Impossible for him to love her back, She didn't know what to do- To let him go, or to let him know. But there are some things that prevents (Y/N) to tell Levi her feelings. ...

  • Fight For You [Levi x Reader x Eren Fanfic]
    32.6K 1K 10

    You spent your life yearning to live outside the walls and to do that, you join the Scouting Legion. There you meet a boy named Eren, who you fall for. Shortly after, you meet a man named Levi. You never intended to find love out here, but with your luck you find two men who are willing to risk their lives for you. Wi...