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    Veronica Rivera, a girl of 19 with a past hidden from all but the darkest regions of her waking mind, gets invited to a college partnered with one in Ireland. Her dream for a long time has been to get away. Away from her family, away from her thoughts, away from the oh-so familiar sights that brought a pang of grief i...

  • Stole My Heart
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    When One Direction appear on Astrid's doorstep asking for help her life changes dramatically. When her parents and her sister are in a car crash, she turnes to the boys for support. Will the boys leave her in Australia or will they take her with them back to England?

  • Chasing The Moments - LS [2012] [1/3]
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    "Harry Styles has been reported to be at the hospital for almost two days now after being a victim of a wild car accident last Friday night after last being seen sitting at a bar drinking alone." Part of me was kind of shocked due to not remembering that factor, then again I never really thought about how I ended up i...