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  • Septiplier Smut
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    well its not all Septiplier I will do others too

  • Septiplier One Shots
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    The title says it all my lovelies

  • Markiplier x Jacksepticeye ~Like Putty~
    501K 8.4K 32

    Jacksepticeye X Markiplier fanfic. (Septiplier) MATURE CONTENT: Swearing and sexual content. (RIGHT AT THE BEGINNING, don't say we didn't warn you ;) read at your own risk ) Mark realizes his true feelings..but has Jack? Two best friends..unlikely lovers <3~ Written by: Purplecurse (indicated by underlining___), an...

    Completed   Mature
  • Natepat & Septiplier oneshots
    147K 5.7K 199

    Just my two otps Who obviously love each other Hope you like these [ This has basically turned into a multi-ship oneshot book and I barely write natepat now and septiplier is very rare however I do write a lot of Danti ]

  • Jacksepticeye One-Shots
    50.3K 1K 36

    Seriously though, I ship Jack with anyone who can dominate him. So I was eating lunch and I had this idea. ⚠!Warning! ⚠ Smut AU

  • PewDieCry
    37.3K 1.1K 21

    One night Felix finds himself into some trouble with a drunk man until a masked man saves him. Felix talks with Cry and just before he leaves he tells Felix he won't forget him. Fast forward a few years and Felix's birthday is coming up. All he really wants is to see Cry again and the night before his birthday his wis...

  • Tweek + Craig (boyxboy)
    63.6K 1.4K 42

  • Living with Opposites (Danti & Septiplier)
    12.6K 381 24

    Sean and Mark get a surprise visit from Dark and Anti. How will Sean and Mark cope with a perverted smoke demon and a sexy green creature?

    Completed   Mature
  • south park one shots
    338K 4.6K 52

    I lov south park so I made this

  • Table 15
    337K 16.2K 30

    ✔ - Completed Sean (his friends call him Jack) is behind on his rent. YouTube hasn't been paying as well as he had hoped, and he's been forced to take on a part-time job. He found work at the Other Side Café and Bar, as a waiter. It's usually uneventful, until one day when one particular regular walks into the diner a...

  • Kyman text messages
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    cartman texting kyle ~~~~~~

  • south park drawings
    4.4K 103 17

    my south park drawings (some KYMAN) :D

  • sp truth or dare ~~~
    1.8K 80 11

    gotta have it. OK so we all are in a huge white room, no idea how we got here. we get bored and decided to play truth or dare. request anyone? :) me kyle Stan Kenny Craig tweek Cartman and you!

  • Mark and Sean's Step by Step Handbook to The Forest
    2.2K 149 2

    The last thing you want to think about when you're on a packed to the doors and beyond plane, is the solid form of transportation suddenly flailing out of the air, only to crash onto the surface—or water—into a fiery, burning catastrophe that leads to everyone around you and your own death, right? Of course. So, while...

  • -Alone...- (Septiplier)[ON HOLD]
    39.3K 1.1K 9

    SEPTIPLIER Prompt: After he watched Mark's 'Opening Fan Mail' video, pleading for Jack to come get his 'pillow case' from him and saying very sadly "I'm so lonely here...", Sean McLoughlin felt his heart throb in agony to see what had become of his best friend. He needed to make Mark's pain go away. The Irishma...

  • Jack (Septiplier)
    3.4K 146 4

    "Sean!" "..." "Sean, please come back... I love you..." I walked towards his still figure and reached out my hand. "Sean?" Green eyes met mine. I froze in shock. "Aww, does poor Markimoo want his Sean back?" he laughed. "What- but... I don't understand-" "Shh," he put a finger to my lips, "Sean is gone, Mark," he cro...

  • I Wish To Stay By You {FontCest}[[Unfinished]]
    17.6K 372 4

    Just read, I'm sure you'll enjoy So mostly it's from a roleplay I've been having. I just wanted to randomly post it and see how people like it? It's still a on going roleplay and if you guys like it then let me know and I'll update! {{ALSO, some punctuation might be a little screwy because this is a copy and paste.}}

  • Septiplier
    40.9K 1.1K 24

    Jack is the new kid in middle school, and he meets Mark. Mark is very weird, because he is gay. Jack meets friends like Cry, Felix,Mariza, Bob, Wade, and more. Jack doesn't understand why Mark likes him. He isn't perfect. Mark is a Dumb Markimoo And Jack is a Idoitc Jackaboy And thats what makes them perfect...

  • Undertale Comics
    6.8K 416 10

    A bunch of Undertale comics that I did NOT make.

  • Ask/Dare Papyrus - Undertale
    17.7K 1.1K 33


  • Ask or Dare Undyne - Undertale
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    Hey punks! Ask or dare me anything!

  • 30 Day OTP challenge (of course it's SeptiPlier, what else would it be?)
    107K 4.2K 34

    I saw a 30 Day OTP challenge and wanted to do it. And I'm SeptiPlier trash so. bye

  • Loving Hell • Danti - Darkiplier x Antisepticeye (BoyxBoy)
    111K 1.4K 11

    "Loving Hell" • Darkiplier x Antisepticeye @GayFanboyTrash ---- ||| COMPLETE ||| A short-ish story about Dark and Anti accidentally falling in love with each other after an accident that happens at Jack's house when Mark is visiting him.

    Completed   Mature
  • Septiplier smut-shots
    271K 4.9K 20

    Basically the tittle. Warnings: smutty content between two males.

  • Didn't See Until Now (septiplier)/DISCONTIUED
    104K 3.3K 25

    Jack though long and hard about everything. The sudden nervousness he gets around Mark, the way Mark makes him smile, marks laugh, and his eyes. His eyes, Jack loved them. The beautiful deep brown colored eyes that were hidden behind Mark's glasses enchanted Jack. He loved to be with Mark and he loved Mark, though he...

  • Pole-mance (Septiplier/MarkiplierxJacksepticeye)
    75.3K 2.7K 11

    When a 25-year-old MALE pole-dancer, Mark Edward Fischbach (stage name: Markiplier), starts another day in his sinful job, he's feeling meek. Problem with being a male dancer was, that he, himself, was gay. However, he encounters one of his first ever man to be there during one of shows, and instantly feels infatuated...

    Completed   Mature
  • Septiplier One Shots
    90.9K 3.2K 63

    Just Septiplier one shots. Enjoy! **FINISHED** (and very cringy, i'm very sorry)

    Completed   Mature
  • Different kind of love (Darkiplier x AntiSepticEye) [Discontinued]
    41.9K 1.6K 12

    Well my last description got deleted so here we go again! So this is my first attempt at a Darkiplier x AntiSepticEye story (or Danti) Basically Dark's a bully and Anti is the victim of both bullying and bad relationships. But a school project might just change that... ((Discontinued for now))

  • Undertale Drawings
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    These are some of the Undertale drawings I've made. I hope you enjoy!

  • --Septiplier One Shots--
    134K 5.4K 35

    A bunch of one shots about the well known YouTuber ship 'Septiplier' (Markiplier x JackSepticEye) Hope you enjoy!

    Completed   Mature