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  • The Order
    26.4K 443 19

    ⚜️ When Jack Morton's memory was wiped by his one true love, all things surrounding him remained a mystery. However, after certain romantic interactions, characters including Hamish Duke, Lilith Bathory, and even Randall Carpio, learn that all things are not what they may seem to be. ⚜️ Meanwhile, V...

  • Broken
    807 20 1

    Halsteadx2. Based of CPD season 5 promo where Jay is so upset and Will is trying to comfort him. Storyline is different but it's based off that small scene we saw.

  • Halstead Brothers
    9.4K 82 7

    One shots of the Halstead brothers. Not particularly in order, some may even be AU. Disclaimer: I do not own anything from the episodes or lines from episodes.

  • Story of two brothers
    8.2K 85 5

    What could bring the Halstead brothers together. Death? Happiness?

  • The beginning of us.
    3.5K 140 9

    He Loves Her. She Loves Him. And That is Both The Beginning & End of Everything. Follow Suman & Shravan (suvan) on their journey as they find their way to each other through the capricious roads of love and fate. An Army girl with high Morale & Values . An Insouciant boy with no care of the world. And a bond that wo...

  • Our Love
    6.7K 195 15

    PART 2 of the suvan story, which will take us through the journey of Suman and Shravan falling in love that will change their destiny forever... This part is all about the firsts,, the first step towards trusting one another, the first leap towards love, the first romantic relationship, the first hug, the first kiss...

    6.1K 225 13

    Here it is,the 'PART 1' and the turning point in a love story which changed 2 lovers completely.This is a story of love,separation, transformation and the journey of 2 officers of Indian Army.... ~ Major Shravan Malhotra & Captain Suman Tiwari ~ Shravan and Suman,are two bodies and one soul,,their love is so pure and...

  • Secrets Hurt But Truths Kill
    11K 256 13

    Fallon struggles to tell Blake and the rest of her family about a surprising update involving her dating life. How will they take the news and which dynasty type schemes will arise?

  • The bosses daughter
    8.3K 124 12

    Don't cheat a cheater

  • Forbidden - A Merthur fic
    185K 10K 14

    Uther Pendragon has hated sorcery since the very day it resulted in the death of his wife. He's ruled Camelot with an iron fist, murdering countless of innocent sorcerers in the public eye. He's raised his son, Arthur, to hate magic with equal passion. But what will Arthur's reaction be, when returning early from a hu...

  • Can't take it - Stalec
    211K 5.3K 27

    When the pack has kicked stiles out he left for New York to get away from the nightmares, panic attacks and the supernatural. But instead he finds more supernatural and a broody shadowhunter

  • Won't You Love Me Too? (BxB) (Mpreg)
    162K 5.7K 26

    Stiles had been in love with his childhood friend, Scott, since they were only 5. But the problem was, Scott has a girlfriend. As the years went by, his feeling grew larger and depression sinks in. He never dared to show it though, never! He was afraid that Scott would leave him. He was so frustrated, he wanted to die...

  • I Guess We're Lucky
    24.9K 476 14

    Donovan kidnaps Stiles to get to the Sheriff. Will Scott, the sheriff, and the pack be able to save him?

  • Hiding he's hurt
    6.2K 180 9

    Actually, it was kind of funny how something so non supernatural hurted him the most even tough he was surrounded by creatures that had the ability to kill a human in a blink.

  • You have always had me // Sciles
    55.1K 2K 19

    Scott Mccall and Stiles Stilinski are madly in love. But how can that be when Scott is a powerful werewolf and Stiles is a fragile human? Can love beat the odds and triumph over adversity? - - - (season 5)

  • Save me before it's too late [ Sterek ]
    74.1K 2.3K 28

    Stiles is married to the love of his life. Or that's what he thought. Not only one week after their wedding Stiles husband starts to beat him up for no reason. Stiles always thought that his husband would change. So he didn't ask for a divorce. But Stiles finally decides to run away when his husband almost killed hi...

  • I'm Fine
    79.6K 2.2K 15

    Stiles has a boyfriend, but that boyfriend is abusive and everyone knows it except Stiles. Will Derek and the pack be able to help Stiles before it's too late? A/N: No specific season. I just have characters that I wanted in the story. Also sorry I'm bad at writing descriptions. Disclaimer: Characters are not mine.

    99.5K 3.2K 14

    Scott sees that Stiles has a new boyfriend and that he's extremely happy... But what happens when Scott tells Derek about the marks he's seeing across his body, and that Stiles' smile seems more fake by the day? "Derek I need to talk to you about something..." Scott sighs. "What about pup?" Derek smiles. "I do...

  • Putting the pieces back together UNFINISHED/DISCONTINUED
    118K 4.1K 27

    (THIS STORY IS UNFINISHED AND LIKELY WILL NEVER BE UPDATED AGAIN) After Stiles disappears at a lacrosse game two years ago Derek thinks he will never see his favorite doe eyed brunette again. He is proven wrong when his friend drags him to a slave auction. What will happen when Derek finds Stiles malnourished, abused...

  • Half-Bloods and Hogwarts...
    235K 6K 31

    Percy's angry. I mean come on, there are other demigods in the world! So why is it him who has to go to Hogwarts? And who on earth thought it would be a good idea for him to teach??? But when something goes horribly wrong who can Percy turn for for help? Friendships will be tested, sacrifices will be made and lives wi...

  • Agent Jackson: FBI
    133K 3.1K 21

    Who is Percy Jackson? Is he simply a demigod son of Poseidon? Who is the fearsome FBI Agent with the same name? When a new prophecy arises the mortal and godly worlds collide again. Except this time, the worst monsters are human. Can Percy and the team defeat an enemy never seen before, while saving the world and wi...

  • Jack Frost (Percy Jackson)
    64.1K 1K 9

    Percy ran away for camp after the giant war because Annabeth was kissing Jay son of Zeus and become Poseidon heir. After 10 years Percy came back as the name Jack Frost helping demigods to Camp Half-Blood Camp Jupiter and the hunters Poseidon is helping him get the demigods. I do not own this Rick Riordan owns Percy...

  • Half-Bloods at Hogwarts
    311K 6.6K 32

    Percy Jackson is going to Hogwarts!!!! Wait, rewind, rewind! Thousands of years before Percy was born, Hecate, the goddess of magic, went to the UK and gave 4 people the power of magic! And the 2 wizards and 2 witches have decided to make a school for magic! Now back to the present. Percy Jackson is going to Hogwarts...

  • His hidden talents
    129K 3.3K 14

    Percy has lost everything, and everyone he loves. He is completely broken. The Avengers find him and he starts to open up a little. The Avengers discover Percy has hidden talents, and how hard of a life he's had.

  • Something to Fight For (Percy Jackson and the Avengers Crossover)
    276K 8.4K 35

    Was it worth it? After the Doors of Death are closed, Percy is forced to consider the choices he has made. For the past six years, the only thing he has known is battling monsters, but now that everything is over, he discovers that peace can be even more traumatic than war. The scars that have been carved onto him b...

  • The Loves of Her Life ~ A Karamel Story
    10.6K 266 10

    (Complete) What happens when Kara's adoptive mother dies in a car crash, and then Kara finds out that she'spregnant? Can she continue her job as supergirl, and can anyone be happy for a baby right after the loss of Eliza Danverse? (Warning: old, cringeworthy unedited fanfiction)

  • Karamel Reunited
    46.9K 1K 14

    "I sit on the couch looking at the photo booth pictures of Mon-El and I. I smile as a tear rolls down my cheek. We were so in love. So happy. But now that's all gone. It's been 6 months since Mon-El left Earth. I think a lot about how I will never see him again. I will never hear him laugh again. I will never cuddle w...

  • The three of us (karamel baby AU)
    44.5K 1K 27

    Kara and Mon-El have a baby. Enough said.

  • Whump || Peter Parker
    38.8K 1.2K 10

    Basically, I hurt Peter Parker, but add a lot of Irondad fluff because I'm soft for it. Highest ranking: #4 in Writing Prompts Reads: 38K Chapters: 8 ~WORK IN PROGRESS~ /Irregular updates/

  • The Fight That Can't Be Won (The Thundermans Fanfic)
    17.2K 421 6

    On a cape mission, Phoebe is badly hurt. Max wants revenge, but does he want that more than his sister's recovery?