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  • Snake Amoung Lions
    2.2K 48 8

    The sister that no one really paid any mind to. Sucked back in time after brutally being tortured. The Marauders find her. What happened when three of the marauders feel this overwhelming need to protect this girl. Make sure that nothing more happens to this beautiful girl. How will they protect the girl from the begi...

  • The World's Toll
    47 3 1

    The sound was heard by all as it rang out across the planet. Some since have speculated whether it was a siren, a mighty horn, or even a creature of some kind. Nobody knew what the sound was or from where it came. All they knew was when the haunting tone gave way to silence, everyone around them was dead. Matthew Pet...

  • 𝑅𝑒𝑛𝑒𝑔𝑎𝑑𝑒 𝑜𝑓 𝑇𝑟𝑢𝑡ℎ
    207 84 11

    Adalyn is a Hunter; born and raised. Her raging alcoholic father, Denny, raised her to hate anything supernatural, especially Werewolves. All her life she has been taught to do as she says and to never question orders. In a blink of an eye the tables turn and soon nothing is the same. Once Adalyn discovers the truth s...

  • 𝐵𝑒𝑎𝑢𝑡𝑖𝑓𝑢𝑙 𝐷𝑎𝑟𝑘𝑛𝑒𝑠𝑠
    80 14 5

    Jaquellen is not the average woman, that's for sure. She's stronger, faster, sexier and more cunning. Hundreds of years ago, Jaws was forcefully turned into a vampire. The man who changed her was soon on the run from her, as she became angry and dangerous. She vowed she would kill every man that did her or another wom...

  • Mad House of Dreams (yandere boys x reader)
    91.5K 4.4K 32

    After a bad fight with your parents you run away from home to a local park where you meet a handsome young boy named Etou who talks about bringing you home with him before leaving abruptly. You think nothing of it until you wake up that next morning in a house you don't recognize with people you don't know. "Welcome t...

  • Ms.Loudspeaker meets the Campus Sungit(COMPLETED)
    710K 20.6K 47

    (COMPLETED) [SECOND GENERATION] "Hoy sungsung!!!"-Trish "What!? Stop calling me sungsung, tss"- Jk "Asus! Ganda kaya-ikaw nga tawag mo sa akin louker." - Trish "Because that's you." - Jk "Don't english-english me dahil I'm nosebleed" -Trish "Fuck! You're fucking loud bahala ka nga, tss"-Jk Ps:Kahit hindi ninyo na b...

  • My love life with a Serial Killer (Yandere Story)
    90.4K 3.1K 23

    You are the maid and only friend of Steven, an insane serial killer who also happens to be madly in love with you. You are no psychopath but you do lack emotions in the same way that Steven lacks pain which is probably why you get along so well and is probably why your life is such a freak show.

  • To Slay a Vampire
    2.1K 420 33

    Once upon a time, at a beautiful wedding, Rosie met a vampire. A royal vampire. And she promptly falls completely and utterly head over heels in love. Which is a shame; as Rosie's estranged father soon reveals that he hunts vampires for a living. And her royal vampire is very high on his to-kill list. Not M...

  • Hollow Village (Yandere Boys x Reader Story)
    111K 5.2K 32

    This story contains a human yandere, a vampire yandere, and a ghost yandere. As a child, your grandmother told you stories of the vampires that lived hidden in the night but you never truly believed her and you never thought you would meet one yourself. Now you are trapped at the mercy of this arrogant monster but may...

  • The Screams of Silence
    1.9K 426 49

    [Sequel to "The Red Ribbon: The Prequel"] Elite junior, Ravenna Griselda, had always been accustomed to being on top and in control, dominating the social ladder just as she was intended to. But once Summerfield High's annual field trip involving 3 weeks on a Pacific island finally arrives at the Headmaster's urging...

  • Carrion Girl (Wakeful Dead, #1)
    114K 6K 47

    Having survived a brutal attack on his family home which left his parents dead and his younger sister withdrawn into a shell of her own, Silas Ashveigh has spent the past seven years compiling a personal hit list. He runs a curio shop under a pseudonym by day but, by night, carries out his vicious executions without f...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Tomboy Living With Boys
    1M 29.2K 29

    [COMPLETED] •I'm Sam McClain and I am a stereotypical, tomboy. My dad works a lot, work trips which go on for months at times. My mom died recently and my dad ships me off to live with his work pal... who has a few sons. This is my story of how my life turned into hell, with a twist or maybe a first kiss? Who knows, i...

  • The Wild Court
    412 78 12

    "What will you do when I drown this world in darkness, when I drown it with my sins. What will you do? The devil craves my seduction and demons shiver at the mere mention of my name. The gods beg for a mere minute of my attention. I am the temptations that you hear at night whispering of lustrous desires that you so...

  • White Stained Red | a short story | ✓
    97 10 10

    Faith had always been a part of Cordelia Todd's life. She'd have conversations with God like they were best friends. She could tell Him anything. Until she falls off the edge and suddenly feels trapped with her thoughts. She doesn't know what to feel anymore, let alone believe. Like there's no way out, and she's all b...

  • Blooming Flower ✔️
    659 80 22

    Being best friends, Manish and Ashwini have been through everything together. They've brought out the best in each other, been there for the worst, motivated each other through the toughest of times, and faced the roughest of situations. As they move into their careers, Ashwini is convinced that nothing can tear them...

  • Finding Hope in You
    34 10 12

    Jordan Albrite and Quinn Mitchell have been friends since birth. Getting each other in and out of trouble while always being there when the other needed them. One day when Jordan comes home from a late football practice he finds Quinn sitting in the corner of his room. Alone and crying. After that moment they become...

  • Forbidden Darkness
    375 94 7

    Killing them was all she'd ever known. But when she met him, an indescribable connection seemed to entwine them. Her blade was destined to plunge into his heart, and she did all that she could to stall it. Yet the link between them might be what set them apart in the first place. ...

  • CRYO || ONC 2020
    148 38 5

    All parents wish for their kids to surpass and outlive them. Some would do anything to ensure their children survive. Edmen died when he was only fifteen, but his father refused to lose another loved one, no matter the cost. Ingrained into the field of developmental biology Edmen's father ends up playing with the ethi...

  • Dead If You Do
    609K 37.1K 54

    [EDITOR'S CHOICE] When Haley Bell is offered a scholarship to study at the exclusive Woodcreek College, famous for moulding the world's brightest thinkers, politicians and entrepreneurs, she jumps at the opportunity. Except when she arrives, the murders start. In a campus hidden from civilisation in the mountains of...

  • Hug An Emo. They'll Love You For It (WA)
    396K 5.1K 17

    I lay there.. thinking. What if I didn't agree to go with Chris to that party? What if I never got drunk? I wouldn't have ever felt his warm lips on mine. His hands in my hair. His lips speaking words of comfort in my ears. I lied when I said I never wanted to have a boyfriend. I lied when I said I never wanted to l...

  • Swallow, Starving Faithful | ONC 2020
    463 44 9

    Sarah Enríquez lives stuffed within a skinny frame, stuffed within soggy puddles, and stuffed within the muddy walls of Lo Vásquez Retiro, an Argentine Catholic youth camp. She grovels before Christ and endures the worst of those around her, escaping into the bushland to pray and sleep. She hurts. Sarah isn't alone. S...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Storm Chaser I ONC 2020
    204 32 4

    When her dad lost his job, Sarah Greenfield's world was turned upside down. Suddenly, she had to move to a new town where she struggled to fit in as the new kid in school. Faced with relentless bullying, she felt utterly helpless and ended up clinging to the one boy she thought would protect and love her. Until one f...

  • Angel Falls
    9.6K 832 26

    ''Welcome to Angel Falls mental institution, here, you are nothing.'' Paich Nikadi has been diagnosed as insane. He knows nothing more than the large playroom in the orphanage where he has stayed all his life, constantly playing with toys. However he is secretly in love with Jaden Solomon, the first boy who ever visit...

  • Zodiac Assassins
    147K 3.3K 33

    The 12 Zodiac work for an organization dedicated to assassinate and kill whoever they are ordered to. Each specialize in their own technique each have their own way to kill. Think of this organization like a college, they live here. Orphaned at a young age they all found their way here and have dedicated themselves to...

  • I wish I was a star
    116K 9.2K 89

    It's poetry.

  • The King Of All Vampire Kings (Book 1)
    5.1M 200K 107

    Book 1 of (The Awakening Series) {#1 Supernatural} {#1 Paranormal} {#1 Lycans} {#1 Vampire Romance} {#5 Royalty} The world went to shit long before I was born. Humans like me use to believe other species were nothing more than fictional characters, myths, or figures of one's imagination. But that was before vampires l...

    10 3 1

    The year is 364 of the Ninth Era. The world waits with bated breath at the dawn of a new age of prosperity, but in the city of Volston, the rain never stops falling and the corruption continues to spread. Officer Alani Mirsev is hard on the trail of a weapons trafficking ring until someone gets to them before she does...

  • Restoration(Book 1)
    10.6K 1.1K 115

    Power is something that is a double-edged sword. It can do much good, but at the same time cause much destruction. Maria, who was once whole, and lived with pride and honor is now in two. One half of innocence, and the other half of malice. Both reflections of Maria herself. Now bound to the weaker half, under the na...

    Completed   Mature
  • Cursed Smile: Laughing Jack x Reader | C O M P L E T E D
    635K 30.6K 35

    One single night can change your life forever. For the young woman who decided to walk into an alleyway in search of a child's cry for help, it left her stranded in a unexpected predicament. She had a chance meeting with a certain sadistic, monochrome clown and now she had NO WAY of getting rid him. However, on one...

  • Fuel For The Soul: Motivation and Quotes
    326 126 21

    We all feel down sometimes, we're all in need of guidance every now and then. We all have our vulnerable moments where we need something nice to say, or something to think about. Here's a collection of quotes, motivational speeches, and other stuff compiled together. I'll try to make you feel better. Have a nice day...