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  • Priorities | Malum
    117K 6.6K 47

    "You're always my first priority, baby." Calum Hood is in the military and hasn't been able to see his high school lover, Michael Clifford, for four and a half years. What happens when he's finally able to come home? - Side of Lashton #635 in fanfiction >> • Started March 27th , 2016 • • Completed July 12th, 2016 •

  • Exchange | Malum
    59K 4K 41

    Calum has been trying to get into Michael's pants for years, but hasn't had any luck. Not until one day when Michael is outside attempting to raise money and offers a little exchange to the stranger. "Listen, if you help me make enough money to pay for my mums hospital bills, we can have sex." • Started July 16th, 201...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wake Up | Malum [DISCONTINUED FOR NOW]
    4.3K 299 14

    Where Calum and Michael wake up one morning and switch lives - © All rights reserved to this book and to the cover of this book. Photo taken by me, words written by me.

  • Marry Me | Malum /// DISCONTINUED.
    32.4K 2.3K 26

    Michael proposes to one random person a day in one random place as a prank without any luck, but one day ends up stumbling across somebody who says yes. - fem!cal - This book has been discontinued. I have discontinued it due to writers block, and also due to it being MONTHS without being updated. From July to January...

  • pretty lil kitten : malum
    34.4K 1.1K 7

    michael is a huge fan of the website, having the page bookmarked since the age of sixteen. but one night he stumbles across a video of a small brunette, and can't help but fall completely in love. © sailorlrh, riley [2016]

  • teddy bear : malum
    20.2K 1.3K 11

    michael was calum's teddy bear, comforting and quiet. but, after some discoveries, calum is trying to figure out when their love became so violent. © sailorlrh | 2016

  • laundromat; malum af
    112K 6.4K 200

    "hi, um, i think i accidentally took ur panties..." {COMPLETED} fem!calum shy!micael loads of fluff js trigger warning;; suicide lowercase intended !!

  • Cotton Boy • malum
    33.3K 2.6K 10

    In which Calum works at a cotton candy stand at the fair and Michael just seems to love the pink fluff. Fem!Michael - ©methmuke2015

  • occasions // malum (boyxboy)
    3.1K 113 18

    this'll basically just be a bunch of small conversations and moments between michael & calum throughout time! enjoy!

  • Pet store || malum
    20.4K 1.2K 46

    Michael works at the pet store and every week, a cute boy with black hair always comes and gets the same thing All Michael wants to do is have a full conversation with him But he doubts he would want to converse with a freak like him

  • Problems ; Malum
    38.3K 3K 12

    ❝my heart is broken and my dick is hard❞ ❝I was watching porn and you rudely interrupted what do u want❞ or the one where Michael likes to kik random people ranting about his life problems.

  • No Homo ♂ Malum au✔
    200K 12.3K 39

    ❝ I'm 100% sure I'm anything but straight, ❞ A boy who believes he's completely straight and a boy who has a crush on him. COMPLETED NOVEMBER 7TH 2014 ©All Rights Reserved unusophobia 2014 #968 in fanfiction - 29/07/15 #669 in fanfiction - 25/10/15 [cover contest winner @merplikeapig]

  • Protection Program //malum//
    51.5K 3.9K 19

    Calum isn't really in danger but his dad want him safe and well, who's better for the job than Michael? GirlyCalum and PunkMichael

  • love is on the radio (malum)
    2.3K 150 10

  • Neighbourhood » Malum
    11K 733 11

    "Mum, I'm twenty years old. I think I can handle living on my own."

  • skirts:: malum
    96.6K 5.9K 19

    "i really like your hair" "i really like your skirt, beautiful"

  • Star Signs ✮ Malum
    98.2K 6.5K 40

    "You know Michael Clifford right?" "The name rings a bell. . ." - - - "That's Michael Clifford." She whispered, she didn't even need to point, you could tell it was him just by the way he handled himself in front of the camera. ~ Or the one where Calum is just getting into the world of acting and Michael takes him un...

  • Electra Heart | Malum
    9.5K 522 5

    He’s the most innocent, feminine boy you could ever meet. I’ll call him Electra Heart, for obvious reasons. He’s nothing society’s epitome of a perfect male is; he’s prim, proper and possess a beautifully naive virginal charm; he's quiet, timid and the opposite to his so-called gender role. He liked all the things boy...

  • Movie Screens {cth+mgc}
    24.8K 1K 177

    why did you leave me? -mgc I never really left -cth

  • Green Day ≫ Malum [slow updates]
    6.3K 527 25

    in which the school punk develops a crush on the most innocent boy in school over his love for bands. punk!mikey innocent!calum boyxboy copyrights boompowbooknerd

  • Not Okay [Malum AU]
    5.6K 329 13

    Calum is a spy. But he's really bad at it. Michael's a wanted criminal. And he's really good at it. Calum has managed to capture Michael despite everything and blackmails him into helping Calum become a better spy and keep his job on the force. Michael agrees because he thinks Calum is cute.

  • American Beauty / American Psycho ; Malum
    777 52 3

    "Can I have my weed now?" "Will you kiss me for it?" ((inspired by american beauty / american psycho by fall out boy)) stoner!calum drugdealer!michael © All Rights Reserved 2015 to (@satan____)

  • imessage ♡ malum
    199K 15.7K 32

    ❝ would you please stop spamming my imessage with emojis ❞ ❝ uh, no ❞ - a book of random malum conversations © 2014, Oliwia (skittlesmalum), All rights reserved

  • schoolgirls + malum
    88.5K 4K 18

    mikey and callie love playing with each other's hearts (and skirts) GIRL!SOS

  • Rich Bitch // malum & lashton
    173K 9.8K 29

    "You're just a rich bitch, and I hate you." But in fact, he really, really didn't. (I WROTE THIS WHEN I WAS 13, PLEASE KEEP THAT IN MIND)

    Completed   Mature
  • Royalty || Malum ♛
    72K 5K 55

    "You like me?" "Enough to want you to be mine, yes." © saintsuga All rights reserved

  • 11:10 ; Malum
    63.5K 5.2K 19

    the one where Calum likes to text bitches at 11:10 so when they make their 11:11 wish he'll already be on their mind. book two of the 11:11 series.

  • (ON HOLD :( )Peep Hole //malum//
    9.1K 929 15

    -GOING THROUGH MAJOR EDITING- Michael finds something in his apartment that will bring him closer to the cute brunette next door. Girlycalum Nerdymichael

  • Attached ; Malum ✓
    268K 16.3K 32

    ❝I know you're gay, but I'll take you straight to homecoming.❞ or the one in which Michael and Calum have always had a brotherly love, until well, it became less brotherly.