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  • Very Original Wattpad Story | ✓
    82.9K 4.8K 7

    [Completed + Co-Written With ClemLucian] "You have to choose one of us," he grunted at me, his tall figure looming high, making me feel inferior in his presence as he took a few steps towards me. "But you're making a mistake if you don't choose me," he whispered seductively into my ear, causing a shiver to shoot down...

  • A Ballad for Maryam
    54 5 3

    Maryam Balan is drab. She's unpretty, kind of boring, and is tired of fighting to be seen, lost among her prettier, more talented sisters. But when her big sister Ellie whisks her off to DC for the summer to be an accompanist to Georgiana, a budding star in the opera world, Maryam is lost in a whole new world full of...

  • Something Unexpected
    273K 11.1K 38

    Alana Mitchell came to accept that her life was destined to be a hard and miserable one. In her mind it was only fair. After all, it was her fault her dad was dead and her mother turned to drugs and alcohol. So she was determined to protect her little sisters and spend her life making up for her mistakes. But things g...

  • The Free Willies: a webcomic
    210K 11.9K 113

    When old memes start taking over a tragic all-girls high school, it's up to six lame-os to embark on an interdimensional adventure and use their wits, poor athleticism, and various memeing skills to save their school. 2016 WATTYS WINNER! Edit: Most of these memes might be...aged. Please note that this comic was first...

  • Lighter than Before (discontinued)
    169 38 5

    Sometimes you just need a little sunshine. **updated every week**

  • The Class Reject: A Damsel in Disguise (Featured Story)
    1.5M 61.9K 68

    It didn't take long for junior Miren Eze to realize that high school is just an academic cover up for hell. Especially when she is terrorized daily by Penelope van Helsing, a friend turned evil nemesis. After a cruel prank at an assembly for a coveted award leaves Miren scholarship-less and practically expelled, she's...

  • A Thousand One Nights Later
    123 11 11

    Rawiya Baba, an Arabic child with Panic Disorder, and her family are new immigrants in New York's Harlem, who are seeking piece of mind during a war outbreak in the Middle East. She is trying to have a good time and not to be called a terrorist by the entire school. Suddenly, Rawiya came across a extremely rare editio...

  • Yellow (editing)
    22.9K 1.7K 31

    ❝She was a sunflower, and even though she never faced the sun, she was still beautiful.❞ When Finnegan Annson reunites with his anything-but-boring, garden-scented childhood friend Orenda May Castellano on a cold winter day, it's no secret that his uneventful life slowly alters into a marathon of new beginnings. And...