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  • My Candy
    20.3K 707 34

    Infamous Candy black, takes interest in one silent boy named Oliver Harlow. Oliver suffers from difficulties from the past that haunt him till this day. Can Candy fix what a woman did to him? Can Oliver let her get close? ‼️‼️TW‼️‼️ *MENTIONS OF R*PE, ABUSE,KNIFE KINK, BONDAGE, MURDER,ABORTION!!*

    Completed   Mature
  • The bad girl and the dork
    947K 25.9K 42

    I'm Jill and these are five random facts about me 1. A day spent with Nutella is a day well spent. 2. My best friends are a cutie, cotton candy, a snake and a player. 3. I use my brain for evil purposes. 4. When I'm drunk I'm attracted to shiny things, like needles. 5. Everything changed when I met a dork. Alright, if...

  • Best Werewolf books
    77.7K 442 54

    This Book Includes a list of must read werewolf books that will have you howling. I just started this book a couple days ago, but I hope you guys enjoy! Please like and comment, Lots of howls <3

  • Realize: Legacies| Book 3
    2.9K 351 51

    Hey Guys!!! This is Book 3 of my Realize series. If you haven't read the first two books yet, I highly recommend that you do to avoid any confusion. But if you have already read them then go on and I really hope you enjoy the third installation of my story. A new adventure will start with even more twists, turns and...

  • The vampire girl next door (Completed)
    13.1K 399 23

    A vampire girl that lives in a small town who fears being discovered by savage humans. A boy that hates small towns moves in next door and discoveres something bigger than a city... love.

  • My Girlfriend Bites (Young Adult Paranormal Werewolf Romance)
    34.8K 1.1K 49

    Frankenstein-like creatures. A werewolf girlfriend. What did this guy get himself into? Sixteen-year-old Aiden wants a girlfriend, but struggles with depression. A girl falling in love with him? There's no way. Aiden tried to kill himself once. He might try it again. Hiding inside a human city is lonely for a girl. Bu...

  • The Human Mate
    1.1M 33K 46

    Alex life was just starting out when a tragic event occurred. Her father had died right next to her, and with no mother, the only thing she was left with was her family owned restaurant. All his life the one thing Alpha Ryan was looking forward to, is finding his mate. After years and years of looking, he decided to...

    Completed   Mature
  • UNDERNEATH (18+)
    297K 3.8K 16

    A nympho nerd who's been lusting after her neighbor who is also a nerd. Find out more as she tries to seduce an innocent looking nerdy boy. ⚠️*WARNING*⚠️ *Some chapters will be set into private which means you must be one of my followers to access those. --this is in accordance to Wattpad community policy for mature b...

  • What Lies Beneath the Water
    75.2K 2.9K 62

    Princess Aqua Marie Okeah has one last chance to find her mate before her father forces her to marry the son of Duke Kion Lagunov. She will be attending an Academy fit for all supernatural creatures. But being royalty comes with a price. With a threat hanging over her head since birth, Aqua must go to school as a hum...

    5.1M 105K 54

    SEXUAL CONTENT 18 AND OLDER ADVISED Luca Vega is a shy, compassionate nerd. He longs to meet his mate, his other half, someone who will accept him and love him for who he is.When he meets Ashley Blakely his quite life spins out if control. Ashley Blakely was a barbie and proud of it. Pink was her favorite color, fashi...

  • The Reject (COMPLETED)
    475K 19.9K 49

    "Home, he felt like home." Willow Greene was 'Rejected' by the most popular guy in school, Hunter Reed, who was also called as 'Alpha', ever since then, her life started going downhill. She had been confused as to why, but her questions remain unanswered. That was until Rowan Kingson came in to live in her house. Wil...

  • The Bad Girl That's Not Really Bad
    321K 7.1K 32

    "So you like cuddling with me?" she asks me "if I say yes can I cuddle you more?" I ask her "No" she says to me "Then no I don't like cuddling with you" I say to her picking up my hoodie and pants she wasn't wearing before throwing her over my shoulder. "Blue eyes put me down now" she says punching my back "Not happ...

  • Picture Perfect
    13.8K 461 38

    Alessia Vera isn't exactly a picture perfect child. With an addiction to partying and a bad boy boyfriend, her life is eventful to say the least. When her mother is worried about Alessia, her parents decide to get her a tutor to be a life coach and a friend. Jonathan Philips is THE picture perfect child. With near pe...

  • The Nerd Boy And The Crazy Girl
    47.1K 790 36

    Highest Ranking -Use to be- #181 in Chicklit (08/05/18) #265 in Chicklit (03/05/18) "Oh come on Lana, you know you don't stand a chance with him. And how is he gonna notice you. " My friend Mary says. I look at Mary with my intimidating smile while looking at her biting her lip, its something she does when she feel...

  • Her Nerd
    39.5K 1K 31

    He was the nerd She was the popular girl They fell in love at first bump. I was walking to my next class when somebody bumped into me making me turn around. "Hey watch where you're..." I start but stop when the person turns around making my jaw drop. (Some things may be based off of real-life events) Warning!!! This...

  • The Outcasts (BadassGirl/NerdyBoy)
    151K 3.7K 17

    "I-I-I can do the project for you and write your nam-me on it" he said a bit shy. "No, the teacher forced me to do it with you" I rolled my eyes. "Well then by me or by-y you-u?" He stuttered the last part. * Niall Parkers is a shy nerdy guy who everybody bullies. But what happens when the School's Badass girl is forc...

  • Loving the Nerd (Reversed Roles) COMPLETED
    399K 10K 39

    Ella Riches is the school's badass. She has made out with almost every jock in the school, from Football to Lacrosse. You either respect her or envy her, there is no in between. People say she has no heart, no one has knocked down her concrete walls. Enter Henry Matthews. Henry Matthews is the newest kid. He is sh...

  • Turned into a Gang Leader
    13.9K 545 38

    This book is the sequel to 'Falling for Mr Innocent' which takes an eight year leap. I truly suggest that you read the first part first for better understanding. Katherine Greene is now the owner of Greene Enterprises. A famous, intelligent and charming businesswoman. She knows how to manipulate people to get what sh...

  • The Lunas' Fat Mate
    246K 10.7K 49

    This story is a sequel to 'The Alpha's Fate Mate'. This is Jerrica and Jizel Knight's story. I hear the most deadliest growl come from the door entrance. Before I could even lift my head up to see who was there. I was grabbed by two thick strong hands and thrown off of Nick. My back landed on the corner of...

  • Elena's mate (Elena&Vladimir books)
    23.3K 1.5K 66

    Elena Tepes is the strongest female werewolf in all of Europe. Not only that she is the Alpha of her pack but also she is the Alpha Supreme of all Europe. Many males came to challenge her, but no one defeated her in a fight. One day she is called by a werewolf from the Silver Pack, in the Republic of Moldova. He said...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Welcomed Guest
    15.2K 565 15

    When a Goddess does more than like a man. Then of course there was her mother and sisters who laid a claim to him also! This story contains sex/and other magical things along with mind control.

    Completed   Mature
  • Her Victim, His Bully
    15.6K 220 7

    Ria appears to be perfect on the outside. Beautiful and very athletic, being captains of both the female volleyball team and basketball team, and very popular as a result, means that she can pretty much go out with any guy she wants. If only she didn't spend years bullying her love, James, the biggest geek in their sc...

    Completed   Mature
  • She Came From the Shadows (James and Tera: book 2)
    1.7K 160 31

    Reminder! If you haven't already, read the first book before this one! Since James had met Tera, his whole life was changed. In the world where humans and werewolves had mingled together for hundreds to thousands of years, it was a huge disbelief to him, let alone being in a relationship wi...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Werewolf Girlfriend
    160K 9K 52

    *Edited and revised final version! Cover by @AverySummers* Alex knows it's weird to have a strange voice in his head. He knows that things don't normally go bump in the night. He also believes he's living an ordinary life with not many ideas of the future, other than wanting to live a normal high school life. That is...

  • She Came From the Forest (James and Tera: book 1)
    9.5K 568 31

    When I finally got to the cliff, where there was a clearing, I saw her. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Her body, naked and in strong shape, stood at the edge of the cliff, the half full-moon lighting her body. Her hair, hanging half way down her back, was black and straight. I was petrified at the s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Her Assistant ✔️
    1M 50.6K 35

    "Can you check this file, there's an error in it." she pushes a file towards me. At this point I am sweating. Lord just give her a gun already. I concentrate on the file hoping to quickly spot the error. From the corner of my eyes I see her looking at me, standing up next to me. Like right next to me. Like her leg tou...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Nerdy Mate
    90.1K 3.2K 50

    Highest ranking: #216 in werewolf #44in female alpha #1 in nerdy Why have a mate when you're an independent, badass female alpha who is more than capable of running her own pack? Like seriously isn't that just a waste of time? Bianca white is the future alpha of her wolf pack amd though she loves being a werewolf...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hi Handsome!
    4.8K 314 29

    That's not necessary that only a male billionaire can chase after an innocent girl. Sometimes the miss billionaire and can go after the innocent, poor boy too.

  • Raised by Wolves | Completed
    28.5K 874 27

    The Adams family is driving home with their newborn baby boy, Eugene Adams. But they crash into a tree while driving in the woods. What happens if Eugene is the only survivor and is found by a pack of wolves? Find out what happens in Raised by Wolves. --- Genre; Fanfiction Copyright; All Rights Reserved Story Status;...

  • The Last Of Us
    196K 7.6K 27

    Michael Hayes grew up as the pack slave. He was born the runt while his twin brother, Hayden, was born to be the Alpha. His parents, the current Alpha and Luna cast him aside so they could focus on making Hayden the Alpha he was born to be. Michael became the pack slave at the age of four and his first beating happe...