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  • We Are Not Alone
    558 47 14

    Dan always felt isolated from the world. He has always felt as if he was...different in some way. He hadn't been able to put this feeling into words, until his eleventh birthday. Thanks to @oldschoolphil for making the cover

  • Maybe it's enough - Phan (Completed)
    293K 14.6K 20

    Dan's the new kid in school, expelled from his last for threatening a teacher. Dan's family hoping this will be a new start, don't know their son's biggest secret. Will Dan have the confidence to tell his father about the way he feels? Or will he continue to be the rebellious teenager he is? Phil is completely the o...

  • Speak up already - Phan
    3.7M 162K 79

    Phil doesn't talks. Well, not anymore. The last time he said something, was when he didn't hate himself. And that was a long time ago. But now, everything is different. He must struggle with depression, whilst new boy Dan Howell desperately attempts to win him over. [Warning: this could be triggering at some points]

  • The Benefits Project ; phan au
    2M 61.3K 33

    Dan Howell is a timid boy, who always does as he is told. He was once friends with Phil Lester, the 'bad influence' who soon ditches Dan for the popular group in Year 7. After five years of not talking to each other, they're partnered in a project and Phil's wants to win Dan over just like he has with most of their y...

  • Just like me: phan
    3M 79.7K 109

    Phil: a loser, continuously beaten and picked on by the other guys at school. Dan: popular, arrogant, and confused. What happens when the two collide? Just like me is a story of trust, love and secrets (Ok I'm making this sound like a bad tv drama, just read the fic please, I broke my thumbs writing it. *WARNING* se...

  • Never Told A Lie (Phan fiction)
    1.2M 45.2K 31

    Dan is the popular guy who can have anyone he wants. His friend Chris isn’t so sure about that though and makes a bet with him: By the end of term Dan has to make Phil Lester fall in love with him. A/N: There's no selfharm, no depression, no eating disorders, no character deaths, no bullying, no getting beaten up...

    Completed   Mature
  • Discovering Love // phan
    1.1M 53.7K 21

    Dan is a firm believer that love doesn't exist. Not in adults, and definitely not in high school. He detests silly love stories and petty relationships, posing as 'love', and nothing could possibly change his mind in that. But when new student Phil takes an intrest in Dan, he can't deny that he's interested in the boy...

  • Messages (Phan fiction)
    1.2M 43.4K 16

    Phil starts getting cute, little messages from a secret admirer and gradually feels himself falling more and more in love with the boy. But can you really like someone you've never seen before? And what will happen when Phil finds out the real identity of his admirer?

  • Misfit (Phan AU)
    4M 100K 53

    Dan is different. He's learned to accept that. Well, as best he can anyway, considering he's never really had much of a choice. It's been this way for as long as he can remember, the constant runaround process of trying to feel normal. His life is built around it, trying to trick both himself and everyone he interacts...

  • Brotherly love (phan)
    2.7M 64.9K 36

    Phil is an orphan, bullied, and living alone with no friends in a home. He does his best not to let that fact that no one seems to care about him get to him, but it's getting harder. Then a nice couple start to take interest in him, and it turns out they have a son his age, Daniel, but the love they begin to share isn...

    Completed   Mature
  • Shit Storm (A Phan Fic)
    1.4M 66.8K 33

    swiggity sway these blokes are gayy.

  • Phan oneshot collection
    1.2M 33.5K 39

    All the oneshots I write which you should 100% read as they're what I'm best at

  • The Exchange Student ➵ phan
    223K 11.6K 18

    Dan Howell takes up a opportunity to travel halfway across the world to be an exchange student. Phil Lester is appalled when his parents decide to tackle the challenge of housing an exchange student to 'straighten him out' from his aggressive teenager ways.