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  • Still With Me
    21.1M 963K 44

    This is the third and final book in the "With Me" Series. You must read the first two books ("She's With Me" and "Stay With Me") in order to understand this one as it is a continuation. Who will Charlotte end up with? Will Noah and Chase ever be friends again? How will the relationship between Mason and Amelia progres...

  • Storm and Silence
    99M 4.3M 102

    "It is your choice," he said, stepping so close to me that our lips were almost touching. "Either do what I say - or get another job." My heart stood still as I gazed up into his deep, dark, dangerous eyes... In a world where women's only role in life is to sit at home and look pretty, Lilly is determined to f...

  • Sad Quotes
    993K 34.7K 202

    This just has to do with quotes, not very long ones. Some quote subjects: -Depression Quotes -SH Quotes -Sad Quotes -Etc. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE QUOTES I WRITE COVER MADE BY WATTPAD COVER APP

  • Stay With Me (Book 2, the With Me series)
    48M 2.1M 45

    WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION In this sequel to She's With Me, tensions are high as secrets are unraveled after Aiden's arrest. Amelia and Aiden are strong, but even the strongest can sink under the weight of heartbreak and loss. Will they make it out of this mess together, or will the drama get the best of them? ...

  • A Thousand Words | ✓
    31.3M 1.1M 46

    Reece Bremer goes through life with a scowl and cold personality. Jessica Andrews goes through life with a glowing smile and positive outlook. Reece looks at life with dull, judgmental eyes that make him hate the world and the people living in it. Jessica, well... She looks at life through a camera. Literally. They...

  • She's With Me (Book 1, the With Me series)
    142M 5.2M 69

    WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION Amelia Collins is in witness protection, starting at a new school in a small town. But when she becomes involved with the most infamous guy at school, she's reminded that she can never truly escape her tragic past. ***** Wh...

  • Fraternizing with the Enemy
    8.8M 410K 44

    (alternatively called: slow burn, second-hand embarrassment, and shenanigans) A girl made up of short fuses, clumsy feet and copious amounts of sarcasm has to team up with her irritatingly obnoxious neighbour in the name of love (also known as raging teenage hormones). Because in the grand scheme of things, what's a l...

  • Best Friends [1]
    194K 4.4K 36

    Alex and Carlos have been best friends since, well, forever. They always have each other's backs and do everything together. Carlos always stands up for her, and she does the same for him. Through all of this, there is bound to be feelings felt. Follow them through the journey we call life. Will they become more tha...

  • I Punched the Bad Boy
    38K 1.3K 9

    Amber Summers; meet Taylor Woods. Amber just transferred to Willow Park High. When Amber and Taylor bump into each other, guess how Amber responds? She throws a punch at his face. Warning: some chapters are extremely short

  • One of the guys
    207K 5.1K 41

    ~~~Completed~~~ Brooklyn banks is a not a regular kind of girl. She has all guy friends and loves skating and on the baseball team. she might seem tough in the out side, but she's breaking in the Inside Her dad died from being in the army. Her mom died from cancer. She had to move in with her aunt Her aunt hates her ...

  • The BadBoy And The TomBoy
    166K 5.5K 17

    " I always knew that growing up with 11 boys would definitely have an impact on my life, but what I didn't know is that the impact would be, me, turning into one Of them, I now act, talk, and feel like a boy, my name is Charlize Rose Foster, and I'm a tomboy"

  • The Guy Next Door (COMPLETED)
    36.9M 1.1M 74

    "Every good girl wants a bad boy who is good only for her." "Every bad boy wants a good girl who is bad only for him." "Whenever you are looking for love don't look too far he might be right next door." Clara Wilson is your typical clichéd teen fiction protagonist with exactly two friends, no social life...

  • The Bad Boy and Tomboy
    38.1K 1K 6

    Skylar Peterson just moved to a new school. While she is there her brother Kyle makes a couple new friends. When Kyle invites one over to hang out, Skylar meets Brody Micheals. Brody is your typical 'Bad Boy', with his leather jacket, dark clothes and bad attitude. Now when the 'Bad Boy' meets the 'Tomgirl'. Both thei...

  • The Bad Boy
    409K 13.7K 32

    Define a messed up life? I dare you. Your definition is nowhere close my life, trust me. Imagine this, you're about to confess your undying love to your ten month boyfriend, only to hear him sparking nasty comments about you behind your back. Or rather, to your face! Then you go home crying, only to bump into the hott...

  • Chasing The Badboy
    5.9K 208 2

    [SEQUEL TO I DON'T LIKE BADBOYS...SERIOUSLY. I recommend that you read that first, but this can be read alone, it'll just be missing some things.] Recoiling from heart break, Sophie goes on a series of escapades with her bad boy saviour, only to fall for him. The problem? He's as cold as ice and still hung up on a gi...

  • Mr.Bad Boy and me
    143K 4.7K 18

    "I told you the bad girl always falls for the bad boy"I say "Shut up"she says and pulled my lips towards hers ~~~~~~~~~~~ Roxanne is the bad girl and Luke is the bad boy. They used to be best friends until Roxanne had to move to move with her dad, but now during senior year she was able to come back but she carries a...

  • The Hoodie Girl
    80.2M 3M 62

    Wren Martin is socially awkward. She blocks off herself to the world, hiding behind her favorite hoodie. All she wants to do is keep a low profile, and graduate well enough to qualify for a college scholarship. But then a babysitting job leads her to cross paths with Asher Reed, Eastview Highʼs notorious athlete. Whe...

  • Change Of Plans (Watty Awards 2013)
    5.5M 84.3K 44

    "Daddy! No no no no no! I don't want some delinquent staying here with Lola and I! You're going to be gone the whole entire summer! You can't leave us here with some stranger." I yelled to my dad "Dez, he is my friends son and he needs some help. He doesn't mix in with the right people and he needs to hang around peop...

  • Bad Boy Can't Kiss
    1.4M 42.1K 31

  • Lost Love
    671K 15.5K 30

    They thought their love was infinite, but what if only one of them can remember their past? Imogen Howard has woken up from a head injury suffering from retrograde amnesia. She cannot remember anything about her current life as a nineteen year old student and has only a couple of childhood memories. Thrown back into a...

  • The Bad Boys and The Tomboy (COMPLETED)
    1.7M 56.4K 30

    Alice Avery lives in a society where every girl must wear mini skirts and unbelievably high heels. Where girls are bimbos and guys are Greek Gods. So how does a tomboy fit in this situation? And where are the bad boys? Alice Avery is a tomboy. She loves to skateboard and hates gossip. She hates skirts, dresses, make...

  • Strip
    3.1M 113K 48

    "So, you're a stripper?" "Yup." Molly is struggling to stay on her feet. After her mom leaves, she's left to take care of her little brother, and since they're on the verge of being homeless, she's forced to get a job outside of McDonald's. A strip club to be specific. Between shifts where she takes off her clothes f...

  • Roommates
    1M 27.5K 36

    **Previously known as ROOMMATES WITH MR. BAD BOY** Ren Harper is finally on her last year of college. She's a straight A student, she never drinks and she focuses on her studies rather than boys. All Ren wants is to graduate with this reputation but what happens when she starts rooming with Austin Lancer, bad boy of t...

  • I Don't Like Badboys...Seriously | ✓
    2.1M 66.9K 56

    It started with a banana peel, led to an unintentional sleepover - multiple unintentional sleepovers - and became so much more. Cathy has made it to senior year unscathed. With her only stressor being the impending doom of the final exams, she wants to keep her head down and finish off her safe streak with success. H...

  • She's Bad News
    22.6M 445K 31

    When Corinna Evans' mother is sent to prison, Corinna has nowhere else to go so she moves back in with her father and his family. Determined to make it through these last few months of school, she only wants to keep a low profile and get by but someone keeps getting in her way. Tyler Flynn has been best friends with...

  • Perfect Illusion
    71.8M 2.8M 62

    Daniel Kerrington is a multimillionaire's son. He's got the whole package: blonde hair, piercing blue eyes.. killer lips. He's absolutely swoon-worthy. Too bad his personality is so full of shit. Daniel Kerrington is arrogant. Cocky. Insufferable. A walking one night stand. Ever since our...

  • All Started With A Dare ✔️
    18.9M 156K 6

    "You'll do anything will you?" Keeley smirks, a mischievous glint lighting up her brown eyes. "I dare you, Jade Elsie Brooke, to break into Trystan Woods house and steal a pair of his boxers without him finding out." Jade Brooke was the dare devil who had never turned down a dare, no matter how bad it was. So when a...

  • Filmed [complete]
    91K 3K 29

    Autumn looked out her window, at the oak tree that was in the middle of her backyard. The limbs were big enough to climb on. She always imagined sneaking out of her house, using the tree as her accomplice but she never had an opportunity to do so. The best pictures are the ones taken at night. With or without a flash...

  • Blurring the boundaries
    136K 5.2K 26

    Grace always dreams of her perfect guy being mysterious, handsome and charming. What she didn’t expect was to meet her dream guy in her Mom’s psychiatrist office. Dylan is a troubled boy, with a past that haunts him to the day, a past he’s had to move to a new town to fully avoid. But Grace wants to get to know him mo...

  • The Player's Happy Ever After
    235K 4.8K 52

    Ethan Lane was your typical player. He was smooth, handsome, manly, successful and a total chick magnet. Women loved him and men wanted to be him. He had a steady stream of girlfriends in his past but always craved for more on the side. He could never be faithful or satisfied. He only knew how to live dangerously plea...