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    Are you ready for the best book you have ever read in the entire world???? Well your in the wrong place. I'm kidding. If you want jokes that make you roll on the floor laughing then here is your place. Make sure to comment, vote, obviously read and stay fantastic and awesome!!!! DISCLAIMER - THESE ARENT MINE Make su...

  • Red String | A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction
    1.1M 36.7K 24

    In which fate brings two together by a red string. [A Miraculous Ladybug short story] #68 in Fanfiction (May 4th, 2016)

  • Red String • Marichat
    1.8M 63.1K 45

    "A Princess deserves to get spoiled everyday, but on her birthday, she should be spoiled even more. Especially since she's you Marinette." These characters are not mine. All rights for the characters go to the creator of Miraculous Ladybug. And rights for the art in the cover goes to the artist. Other than that the co...

  • Don't Mess With Lily and Pan| OUAT Fan Fiction COMPLETED
    128K 2.6K 18

    (I wrote this in 2014) Peter Pan has a girlfriend and she is just as evil as he is. Meet Tiger Lily, the young, beautiful and wild girl that captured his heart. But how did they met, why is she evil, and what does she have anything to do with Henry? Meet Neverland's Bonnie and Clyde. Lily and Pan

  • Hilarious & Cute Gravity Falls Pics/Memes!
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    These are some pics I found online that are just either hilarious or cute! I do not own none of these pics, credits to the creators.

  • TMNT MLP (Mutant Love Story)
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    This story is about how the Equestria girls meet the turtals for the first tim and go on this adventure. PS i am going to give sunset shimmer a boyfriend and his name is Pheonix

  • Caught in danger
    5.4K 149 5

    While in Canterlot Fluttershy has a bad feeling where as her friends tell her it's just because she's still frightened from Discord. Little did she know a purple and white maned earth pony frees a certain draconequues from stone and steals away Fluttershy from her friends.

  • Fluttercord In Equestria Girls 2: Rock and Chaos
    4.3K 182 26

    This story takes place 6 months after the events of Fluttercord In Equestria Girls. Six months have passed and in that time the town has forgiven Discord for the events in the first fanfic. Fluttershy and Discord are about to celebrate their 6 month anniversary when something goes wrong. Feeling hurt and betrayed, Dis...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Story Of Brick
    1.8K 57 14

    A RowdyRuff Boy Story A story about how brick save his brothers

  • Skinny • Book 1 In The Reality Series
    6.9M 445K 134

    Calum can't eat and Katy can't stop.

  • Ask Discord And Fluttershy And Screwball
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    You may ask us any question or dare. Because we have the answers, and we can also do any dare.

  • Discords love
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    Discord the lord of chaos has fallen in love with love a sweet Pegasus named flutter shy and discord must choose chaos or love witch will he choose?

  • Everlasting Chaos: An MLP fanfic
    1.7K 47 8

    The new student at Canterlot High, Discord, is more than he seems. At first he just seems weird, and then a trickster and a bully, but Discord is really a chaotic boy with powers that only a few people have. He's planning to do something really chaotic to Equestria once he has befriended the Mane Six. Will he succeed...

  • Breaking Barriers
    6.1K 918 18

    When Emma tries to make Henry come with her to Boston, he must fight to stay in Storybrooke with his mom, Regina. She means everything to him and he means everything to her. WE DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS, ALL RIGHTS GO TO THE WONDERFUL PEOPLE WHO MAKE ONCE UPON A TIME

  • Fluttercord- Sweet Love
    168 8 1

    Fluttershy and Discord have got married but Rainbow Dash isn't happy. This story contains strong language and a few sexual scenes. BE WARNED!!

  • She has returned... Her name is Giffany (Tmnt Fanficton)
    408 16 2

    Prolouge: "Soos? Soos? I'm sorry... SOOS!" Giffany yelled, he'd never hear her. She could never be heard without a vessel... "well, Well!" Bill Chiper yelled appearing. "Bill... You remember that favor you owe me right?" Giffany said and folded her arms. "Of course! Wait, this is about being real, isn't it?" Bill sigh...

  • Fluttercord In Equestria Girls
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    I did not actually write this story but I have permission from Conikiblasu himself to publish it on other forms of fanfic. I did write the English version. The author Conikiblasu does not own the series My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and the Equestria girls franchise The author just wanted to write a fanfic about...

  • Discord's Love
    2.6K 61 6

    It's a book about my ship, Fluttershy and Discord. Please comment any tips. Please.

  • As long as you love me (Discontinued)
    1.9K 132 17

    (DISCONTINUED) This is an mlp story. The human version. And its about fluttershy who has a horrible horrible life, but doesn't want to believe it. Until one person made her realize that she does have a horrible life. WARNING: If you don't like fluttercord, I suggest not to read this story. Also it has violence and l...

    Completed   Mature
  • How Did It Come To This?
    9.7K 673 32

    After The Dazzlings are booed off stage from The Battle Of The Bands they go on a little adventure to filled with many new experiences. Adagio separates from Sonata and Aria in hopes of getting her pendant fixed. Along her way an unexpected girl decided to help her. But, why is this girl so familiar? What is she up to...

  • They Call Him Slender
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    People think that stories are just stories. None of them can be real. But what if Slenderman comes? He's looking for a meal. (random poem made by me -howlingwolf09)

  • The Outside
    137 7 4

    Hannah has never been outside before. She wonders what it's like to be outside. Her mom doesn't let her outside,but she doesn't know why. What happened to Hannah's mom that made her not want to go outside?

  • Love At First Bite-A Flutterbatcord fanfic
    6.6K 162 14

    This is a Fluttercord/Flutterbatcord fanfic in which Discord discovers Fluttershy's monsterous side,and he falls in love with her.

  • Sonic funny Pictures/comics and Stuff 5
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    Book 5 already?! Oh gosh u guys do really like this book series XD Well here u are book five hope ya like it ! :3

  • Doctor whooves and derpy
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    Ditzys in love with the doctor but ditzy is then kidnaped and beaten it is now up to the doctor to save his love ditzy then a foal comes along kissing and another colt and filly triplets adoption wut?

  • My Little Pony Randomness
    4.8K 261 30

    Randomness...yeah! :-)

  • My MLP randomness
    8.9K 431 23

    Okay. I made a book called My Percy Jackson Randomness, and not everyone on this likes PJO or HOO, so, I'm making more versions!