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  • Drawn to the Flame
    1.4K 55 16

    Deeply traumatized by an abusive past, Clarence must find the courage to rescue his friend from a place he swore he would never return. Clarence O'Leary, A Leprechaun, is determined to live his life as a free man. Unfortunately, the Council of the Light has other plans. After receiving an unwelcome letter, Clarence em...

  • Overshot
    1.1K 113 22

    An attack on Earth catapults Army Specialist Bobbie Ty far from Earth with a stolen armor prototype locked to her wrist. Lost in space, she must maneuver a futuristic society of aliens who deem her claim of humanity insane. To get her out of the way, they draft her into the Galactic Army to fight an enemy known only a...

  • The Other Elements (mlp:fim fanfic)
    6.8K 364 30

    When Equestria's safety is threatened by the dark forces of Queen Chrysalis, King Sombra, and Tirek, Princess Celestia enlists Twilight Sparkle and her friends to aid in the protection of Equestria. But with the Elements of Harmony back in the Tree of Harmony, a new source must be used to keep the enemy at bay: The El...

  • The Power Of Sunlight (A Sunset X Sci-Twi Fanfic)
    52.8K 1.5K 41

    The story is being revamped in The Power Of Sunlight [REVAMP] Read the first page of that story to find out what it's all about! When Sunset Shimmer hasn't been getting any messages from Twilight, she starts to hang out with the human worlds Twilight, but as Sunset hangs out with human Twilight... Has she caught fee...

  • The Knight - Lesbian Story
    430K 15.3K 15

    Princess Eleanor is fascinated by the mysterious Knight who has remained undefeated throughout her father's tournament at Bourges. However, as the final battle commences, the truth about The Knight is about to be revealed. _____________________ Get exclusive free content at:

  • Tales of A Broken Heart (Mlp)
    34 1 2

    Warning: 16+ If I get reported for you readers not listening... Just please if you are underaged do NOT read. Contains Violence, Sexual Content, and many other things. I repeat Do NOT read if you are underaged. Thank you.

  • The Scales
    70 10 3

    Something lives underneath the desert. And it's hunting. It was a peaceful day filled with thoughts of leaving home for college and poking around a scrap yard outside of town until Serenity Johnson comes face to face with a nightmare. Caught miles away from home when a giant beast attacks from under the desert sands...

  • Publicise Your Book Here!!
    396 72 11

    Here you can complete a form to publicise your books in this book so that other Wattpad readers and read your books! As part of you being a follower of mine, I will happily share your book on my profile so that my other followers can see your story!! Come and join now!! Xx Credit to @danielle504 for the amazing book c...

    8.1K 612 37

    Meet the writers of OMP and see what they're working on.

  • Information
    1.1K 69 4

    Information for the official Adventure profile community.

  • Game of the Gods: Rebirth Book 1
    15.7K 368 8

    Kita has been stripped mind, body, and soul, and imprisoned in a city where she has no idea who she is. A fateful meeting with an old rival awakens a part of her mind that's been locked away for over a decade. Now, she must escape the clutches of her jailer, General Lyakhova. To do this she'll enlist a new group of fr...

  • The Lilac Awards Winners Book (2017!!!)
    1.7K 153 17

    All the Winners for The Lilac Awards will be announced by August 15th and all participants will receive their personal scores by pm the 16th at the latest!

  • The Ooorahs! [CLOSED]
    5.5K 544 13

    All sci-fi is welcome. Peek inside to nominate your favorite stories and writers...

  • Isle
    115 26 5

    Third Place Science Fiction Winner in the 2017 Eminence Awards Gasping for breath, Isle glanced over her shoulder. Her leather boots barely touched the sand as she raced away from the town. She could hear motors starting behind her. The rounders would be after her soon. Isle hiked the backpack on her shoulders and con...

    4.5K 495 26

    The worthy winners of Eminence Awards 2017 #89 in Random (06/25/2017)