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  • ~The Winter Widow~ ( Romance Version)
    7.1K 348 10

    (( The other book, The Winter Widow, I been writing was more so adventurous. But this book, will be filled with more romance between Natasha and Bucky. Yet there still might be a little action in it to give the book more "kick". )) After the events of Hydra last year on SHIELD, Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier was...

  • Winter
    1.8K 20 11

    Bucky and Natasha have been happily married for twenty years, with a eighteen year old daughter. Winter, their daughter, and James, Steve and Sharon's son, get invited to work for an agency. After years of peace, the children of Earth Mightiest Heroes are dragged into the crime fighting world. If you had to choose bet...

  • Assassins (Prequel to Winter)
    407 22 4

    Before Winter, there had to be a uniting story. So here it is. (I know, I haven't finished Winter yet. I just thought there needed to be a prequel.)

  • Bucky's True Love? [Finished] Winterwidow fanfic)
    4.2K 77 3

    James Barnes thinks he's alone in the world. That is until he sees Natalia Romanov for the.. second time. Sequel is called Remembering the Winter

  • Life of Winterwidow (Bucky and Natasha fanfic)
    14K 238 13

    This is a fantasy fiction about the life after the breakdown of S.H.I.E.L.D. in Washington D.C. and romance between two lovers; Bucky Barnes and Natasha Romanoff.

  • Road to War Part IV: The Space In Between
    5.8K 258 13

    In an undisclosed location in Russia, there is a school that trains young women to be deadly assassins. When one of their first missions fails, the asset known as the Winter Soldier is brought in to train them. The girls all benefit from his influence, but none more than Natalia Romanova. (WinterWidow, alternating nar...

  • Marvel Shortstories (ships)
    2.1K 62 5

    There will be boyxboy, don't like, don't read. ~ Stucky ~ ~ Thorki ~ ~ WinterWidow ~ ~ Stony ~ ~ Science Bros ~ ~ Romanogers ~ ~ Clintasha ~ ~ Pepperony ~ ~ FrostIron ~ ~ ThunderShield ~ ~ BlackFrost ~ There are more ships but I don't know all. I will also do stories with Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, just don't ship the...

  • Winter Widow
    796 22 1

    I was known as the Winter Soldier. She was known as Black Widow. Together we were The Winter Widow.

  • Remembering the Winter [On Hold] (sequel to BTL?)
    2.8K 139 6

    read the first one. or not, Bucky's True Love? is more of an intro to this story. but seriously, read it. ... I woke up on the floor of my bathroom. There was blood on my chest and floor. I stood up carefully and saw in the mirror that my nose had been bleeding. I went to the toilet and threw up. I looked at my left...

  • A Casual Affair
    2.5K 92 1

    Natasha should have known it was too much to expect her life to be normal (too many people know who she is now), but she's going to take a break from it all for a while. Live a nice quiet life being haunted by her past. Until she comes home to find a ghost with a metal arm sitting at her table, and has to face who he...

  • Taken
    36.2K 757 14

    A WinterWidow fanfic

  • Skating Around the Truth Who I Am
    4.3K 146 2

    Natasha Romanoff goes to live in Avengers Tower when everyone else does, even if that includes a certain metal-armed assassin who has shot her twice. She's less than thrilled when he starts going on missions with them, but he's an excellent partner. It's almost as though he knows what she's going to do, and she begins...

  • Something I Can Never Have
    28.3K 900 8

    The Winter Soldier is getting used to working with the Avengers, and coming to terms with who he is and was. The Black Widow has made herself into who she needs to be, but an encounter with a ghost from her past brings back some memories that both of them had forgotten. (alternating POVs, comics canon integrated)

  • The Persistence of Loss
    1.1K 60 1

    He has nothing. He lets Steve take him home, meets Natasha and Sam. Everyone tries to help, but no one understands, and he cannot find the words. His memories return when he dreams and he finally finds a reason to speak. (One-shot, implied Winter/Widow).

  • Eternal Winter
    58K 2.9K 25

    BOOK ONE OF THE ETERNAL WINTER TRILOGY *EDITING IN PROGRESS* Realizing that Natasha Romanoff a.k.a Black Widow doesn't fit into the illusion of superheroes, she decides to go on her own path. A path that leads her to becoming a vigilante. The life she once knew and left behind is now coming back to haunt her. Dragging...

  • Broken Memories
    27.9K 726 22

    James Buchanan Barnes is just a name. The man a broken memory. Natalia Alianova Romanova. A name associated with a life best forgotten. Slowly two broken people will piece together their past, to shape who they want to be. Broken Memories is a Pre-Civil War fanfiction.

  • Functional
    16.9K 802 15

    The Red Room produces the greatest assassins in history. The Winter Soldier is brought in to train the Black Widows, and Natalia Romanova quickly comes to his attention. After both are punished for humanizing the perfect weapon, they meet again outside of Odessa as enemies. Years later, Natasha helps Steve Rogers reha...

  • The Winter to Her Widow
    1.1K 40 1

    A short... thingy, I guess, on Black Widow and the Winter Soldier. WinterWidow. Hints at Black Widow comics and CATWS.

  • Walk the Moon
    106 7 1


  • WinterWidow =⊙= One Shots
    26.6K 642 8

    A collection of winterwidow oneshots. Fluff...smut..and much more .