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  • LJ10
    5.3M 112K 34

    Sequel to CC7

  • CC7
    6.9M 117K 28

    Lauren and Camila are two of the most promising soccer talents in the country. The two skilled girls are playing for the U-17 US team to win the world championship in Costa Rica. Their connection on the field is obvious but what happens off field when unexpected feelings come in to play?

  • Who Knew || Camren Fanfiction
    21.6K 352 11

    **WARNING** This story contains sexual content, mild violence, and harsh language. If you aren't comfortable with these things, then please don't read, Thank you :)

  • Hearts Without Chains
    7.8M 146K 53

    Josephine Marie Laken is a girl who just wants to be the perfect daughter to her parents. She craves to bring home perfect grades, even though it stresses her out to no ends. When she agrees to tutor a student in History as a favor to Mr. Harbors, that will also help raise her grade, she didn't know just what she was...

  • Sex, Drugs, and Jack Gilinsky
    3.9M 70.6K 37


  • Believe in Me
    177K 5.6K 93

    After a terrible accident Anna(a Lovatic) finds out she has cancer and is then placed into an abusive foster home that brings up memories of her past. Her new friend talks her into auditioning for The X Factor. Demi instantly has a connection with her. Demi can't get Anna to talk about her past. Will Demi be able to b...

  • First // c.c.
    46.6K 1.4K 34

    What would you say if Camila Cabello had her first kiss? First reaction to that could either be, "Aww omg omg!" or "What no she can't, that's a lie, why wasn't it with me?! Who kissed her?!" Well, it happened. Her first kiss happened. What's next? Her first date? Her first boyfriend? Her first time being in love? Her...

  • covers ➸ a camren one shot
    467K 17.2K 18

    "And every cell in her body is screaming ‘touch her, touch her,’ but Lauren was a work of art and Camila could not ruin her. She’d already done enough of that."

  • green ➸ camren
    5.1M 168K 55

    THIRD BOOK IN THE YELLOW SERIES By now, Camila and Lauren both know to expect the unexpected. But you can never be prepared, especially when their lives take a turn in a completely different direction. The couple finds themselves faced with challenges they never thought they'd encounter. Growing up is hard to do. High...

  • Sparks Fly
    887K 23.3K 27

    Camila Cabello is a high school senior, she had never really crushed on anyone until the new English teacher showed up. This is going to be a weird year. Camren.

  • Do I Wanna Know
    11.1M 165K 50

    This story is not mine. I do not own anything. All credits goes to the brilliant author of this story, Jazmin (@moviegeek120). You can also read this story on All the fanarts in every chapter are made by Laura_Snow

  • Young Love ||camren||
    9.9K 187 17

    What happens when young love turns into more? Will camren get something new?

  • Deranged
    14M 374K 56

    A mysterious tunnel stands in Carter's town. Ever since a little girl, she was told to always stay away from the tunnel. Danger lurks inside of it, and that scared Carter. No one was ever able to see the very end of the tunnel; even daylight couldn't shine through it. Now, 19 years old with such curiosity, Carters fri...

  • The Long Lost Sister
    367K 9.1K 66

    Jessie is a normal 14 year old girl who plays soccer and goes to school. She lives with her family and has a normal amount of friends. But when she finds out that she has a long lost sister, what will happen? Who will it be? Read and find out! Btw this is a Fifth Harmony fan fiction!

  • A Bad Boy Stole My Bra- SAMPLE
    104M 2.6M 44

    A BAD BOY STOLE MY BRA is published and no longer available on Wattpad. It is available in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Italian and Indonesian as paperback and e-book internationally. It is also available as an adaptation on the app Episode - 'It Started With a Bra.' This copy has the first 3...

  • Stay (Camren)
    186K 2.7K 68

    This fan fiction is about Camila and Lauren from fifth harmony. They are in highschool and Camila moves to Florida and starts a new life and goes to a new high school. She met Lauren and they start dating but some problems start, what are the problems?. Read on to see what happens

  • The bad girl's embrace (GxG)
    2M 53.6K 29

    Just read it and see! Please give me any feedback (: enjoy. <3