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  • Crying Silver
    10.8K 538 16

    I was never the typical sixteen year old teenager. I never partied, I didn't date, the only thing I did too much of was read. I didn't do anything that would cause me to fly over the radar. I never did anything to cause my father concern, even to him I blended into the scenery, he was to busy working to pay me much at...

  • LGBT+ True Coming Out Stories
    141K 6.9K 80

    I am no longer taking submissions, so please don't ask. First published June 2, 2015.

  • Human (Johnlock)
    415K 21.3K 16

    “I’m starting to think letting you into my home wasn’t such a good idea.” “Oh it was probably the worst thing you’ve ever done.” There was a moment’s pause before he spoke again. “Do you regret it?” “Not one bit.”

  • Fix Me (Patrick Stump) #Wattys2017
    18.2K 447 24

    Emma Trohman is a broken twenty-six year old. Her brother Joe Trohman is the lead guitarist of an American Pop Rock band called Fall Out Boy. When Joe invites her to come on tour with them will she be able to keep her problems a secret. Or will she open up and tell them a few terrible things she never thought she woul...

  • kidnapped ; mgc
    35.5K 1.2K 33

    "What's your problem?!" "You are." "Stay away from me!" "No, baby. You gotta pay for what your daddy did to me." He smirked. "No." | completed | ( this book is one of the first books i've written so it is cringe worthy and i am so sorry for the grammatical errors and cheesiness in this book, enjoy your eyes while re...

  • The Golden Rule || Patrick Stump fanfic
    50.4K 1.6K 29

    Electra gives up. She almost did that is. Her first day back at school brings her the beautiful, nerdy, smart, talented angel called Patrick Stumph. Her life is changed greatly. But will she keep to what her heart says, or what her family say?

  • I Dont Do Too Well On My Own
    14.4K 777 72

    I moved to Chicago as soon as I could. I was... 18. I was young and desperate to leave my parents house. Its not like Ive had a bad childhood. It would probably surprise you that I dont have a crazy good job or a hot husband and a kid right now. It may surprise you that I dont have lots of money, that I dont live in...

  • Breathe Me Back To Life •Patrick Stump+Fall Out Boy•
    942K 36.3K 73

    After being attacked at a house party, Cole Wentz has been diagnosed with insomnia, severe anxiety, and is showing symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. No one knows what really happened to her, but her brother, Pete Wentz, is determined to find out. That's where Operation Breathe Her Back To Life comes in. Take...

  • Poems
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    So these will be poems.

  • A World of Shadows
    4.5K 425 26

    Book Two of the Eximius Series: A World of Shadows Sequel to 'The Animal Inside' * * * * * After the incident at the World Super's Unit, Kefira has to go back to her normal life; her friends, her family, even her old school. But, as soon as things are back to (almost) normal, Adrian and Kody are back to pull her back...

  • The Alpha Calls Me Kitten
    20.3M 701K 41

    Highest Ranking: #1 in Werewolf Watty's 2015 Winner: Talk of the Town 11/23/15 "Literally the best werewolf book I've ever read." -@itsroma "*rereads 10,000,000,000 times and cries every time*" -@stilessparklez "#5thtimereader *I have to vote on all the chapters this time, that's how engrossed in the book I've become*...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Animal Inside
    22.6K 1.4K 36

    Book One of the Eximius Series: The Animal Inside * * * * * Suddenly a strong arm grabbed me. I screamed. A hand covered my mouth. "Now, now, now. What's with all the fighting?" said a voice from behind me. The shadows stopped in their tracks. Everyone else froze, looking at me and the person that held me. I realized...

  • Doctor Who Quotes
    2.4M 107K 105

    Quotes from Doctor Who (in case the title was unclear). All rights to the BBC.

  • Her Eyes
    239 15 4

    North America has changed. Your position is based on what color of eye you have. If you have blue eyes you work in the government. If you have green eyes you work in agriculture. If you have yellow eyes your a builder. If you have red eyes your a teacher. If you have pink eyes your a noble. But what happens if you hav...

  • Sacred (On Hold Till Further Notice)
    174 14 10

    In the future the world has no army's the world has the Sacred Priests. Earth, wind, fire, water, electricity, dark and light. They fight for the world against the ones who don't agree with the work. Serenity Brooks and Melody Noel are best friends, and partners in crime. When they find out the are going to be the nex...

  • Seeking Through The End: New Begginings
    583 38 18

    Lighning a white husky dicovers that all the twolegs have disapeared. Being a leashed dog she didnt know what to do until Thunder a black husky finds her. Now they must create a pack and face many challenges. Death, other packs and mabye along the way shell find love.

  • Warrior Cat Name Generator
    125K 956 15

    Highest ranking #1 in Generator Do you have problems finding great warrior cat names for your Warriors fanfiction? Or do you just want to make up a few names for fun? Well, if it was names you came for, then you've come to the right place! Please no comments about my choice of names. I tried my best to vary the option...

  • Black Jaguar (Book 2 in the White Tiger Trilogy)
    47.1K 2.7K 21

    Benina's back, and she's out for revenge. A war is bubbling beneath the surface, and Ben still needs to come to terms with what she's learnt about her past. Her murderously insane adopted brother is still on the loose, wreaking havoc anywhere and everywhere he can. Ben has enough on her plate, with a newly found mate...

  • My mind
    1.2K 83 108

    So if you didn't get from the title this book is about what happenes in my mind, will you enter or not? :)

  • Warriors Icebreath's Decision Auditions!!! *Delayed until further notice*
    1.7K 30 1

    Icebreath's Decision is going to become a youtube animation! This is the book on information on how to audition, rules, etc. Due date for voice audition has been extended with no final date just yet. Can't wait to see your audition! :D ~Ice~

  • Letters from Peyton
    4.4M 222K 74

    Peyton has no family. Her parents died in a car crash, her grandparents died a while ago and she's an only child. She's been to at least fifteen funerals in her lifetime, for family but now she only has one more funeral to go to. Her own.

  • Pick up Lines That make me die
    1.1K 59 8

    asgvdgjfhrkeuusdfhdrteujihjkhrguidj *dies*

  • Silent Heroes: Wildcat
    5.7M 250K 52

    "What the hell?" I took a step closer to the mirror, staring at my reflection in disbelief. The person looking back was still me, but at the same time it wasn't. I had the same thick, dark, curly hair. The same hazel eyes. The same olive skin with a light dusting of freckles (ugh) scattered across the bridge of my...

  • I was bored
    30K 405 201

    Title says it all

  • Things You Didn't Know About Disney: Book III
    1.1M 45K 151

    Hey everybody! I'm baaaaaaccckkk!! We finally have Book III of Things You Didn't Know About Disney!! This is pretty self-explanatory. This book is pretty much just a continuation of the last book, listing more facts about Disney. And probably as many of you have guessed, I'm nearly at Fact #400 in these books, and I...

  • Ouran's New Girl! ~OHSHC~
    435K 14.8K 31

    Naomi Ginetawa is the new girl at Ouran High School. She is not rich like all the other students, she got in on a scholarship that may or may not have been stolen. She is the definition of trouble. The more the Host Club learn about her, the more they either want to hug her or throw her out a window. But one thing is...

  • Animal Magic
    58.2K 2.6K 52

    Hazel, a normal 14 year old girl, until one day at her auntie's place, summons a snow leopard and discovers that she has the power of the element water. The leopard named Rex (great king in Latin) gives her magical powers and she must team up with her sort of cousin Lewis who has powers of the element air and has summ...