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  • Falling for a Lie ~ Niam
    318K 12K 19

    AU. Niall chat with boys over the internet, pretending to be a girl. With a fake name, Niall keep in touch with Liam, a bloke from his school, but Liam thinks he's talking to a girl from another country. Liam is slowly, but surely, falling for the girl. Niam! (with a little Larry at the side)

  • No.1 Daddies (Ziam Daddy AU)
    1.1M 37.4K 23

    (2nd Place in 1D Bromance Award Summer 2013) Join Liam and Zayn as they embark on a journey of becoming a parent; Power Rangers, dress-up, teddy bears, cries, and lots of heart swelling and warming situation. Little did they know how much the three little addition in thier family will be more than a roller coaster rid...

    Completed   Mature
  • Trouble✔ (Niam mpreg)
    223K 6.6K 33

  • Mine Forever (Ziam Vampire)
    305K 9.2K 28

    Liam Payne is a happy lad. He has a home, a loving family, and a best mate. He just started Uni and is excited to start a new life life along with his best mate, Niall Horan. Everything changes when he meets another lad named Zayn Malik. He is brought into a new worl...

  • Nobody Compares [Mpreg]
    57K 1.5K 23

    *not famous * Liam is a nerd, like a big nerd. He is always the target for bully's so his parents move him to a different school hoping the bullying will stop. One the first day at his new school he is assigned a 'partner'. The partner has to show Liam around the school. His partners name is Zayn Malik. What happens w...

  • Malik For Student Body President {Ziam Student/Teacher}
    1.3M 49.1K 34

    "Zayn, have you ever thought of running for Student Body President?" "No, sir," "I think you should try," "Anything for you, Mr. Payne," Zayn Malik is your average teenager. He runs the school newspaper, likes video games, and has a secret crush on his English teacher, Mr. Payne. For him, everything he wants is just o...

  • Magical (Niam AU)
    279K 6.7K 30

    I don't know how to start this. My name? Liam James Payne. Where I am? Geez, stalker thoughts much? But, England. At a certian school called M.Y.T.H. (Mythical Youngsters, Talented Hearth) for, well, mythical creatures. Let me get you caught up. The school is for people who aren't supposed to be. I, myself, am I wizar...

  • No.1 Family One Shots (Zianourry Family AU)
    216K 4.9K 7

    A collection of one-shots from the story No.1 Daddies inspired by YOU!

  • Emerald Green (Ziam Fanfic AU) Book Three
    26.9K 741 16

    Everything changed when that doorbell rung. Doors were opened, new opportunities were waiting for Zayn and Liam. Will their love stay strong through these ups and downs, or will their faithfulness be tested again?

  • Stand By Me ~Zouis Family
    377K 12.3K 29

    The Tomlinson-Malik's were a happy bunch, they were a family of five with almost no problems in the world. But when Louis' grandmother passes away, leaving her house to him, the family move to Louis' home town of Doncaster. But moving causes problems, problems the small family never dreamed of having to face.

  • The Waiter Boy - A Ziam AU Mini-Fic
    195K 8.4K 11

    Liam has worked at the diner for a year, and practically grown up there, but he's never met Zayn before. In the small town that Liam lives in, he thought he knew everyone, and finds himself enjoying the newcomers company. As for Zayn, he finds himself never wanting to leave the small town, even though he knows he had...

  • Our Final Fight (Zouis, Niam, Zarry-ish)(Mpreg)
    38.3K 1K 23

    Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson are married. They have a son named Niall Malik- Tomlinson. Their life was near prefect, until Zayn and Louis got into a huge fight, and Zayn went to a bar and got drunk. He met Harry Styles, and they have drunk sex. The day after when Zayn got back home, he told Louis that he got drunk a...

  • my step-brother's best friend // ziam
    1.3M 38.4K 30

    Young Liam Payne was left as an orphan at a young age and was forced into an orphanage, little did he know was that the Styles family was going to choose to adopt him and well, his step-brother, Harry Styles, has a very handsome best friend with the name of Zayn Malik. Liam Payne has always had a crush on him since he...

  • No.1 Kids (Sequel to No.1 Daddies)
    411K 13.4K 12

    They say when you're married, you're entitled to three rings; engagement ring, wedding ring and the ultimate, suffering. But, what they didn't tell you is that the suffering is the best part. Why? Because at the end of the day, after all the suffering, comes the pure sheer happiness. Because there is nothing more beau...

  • Stepbrothers (Ziam Fan Fiction)
    73.1K 1.8K 26

    Zayn's dad got into this relationship with Liam's mom, making them stepbrothers. Zayn moved in and found Liam attractive. Silly, they both fell for each other. Will they work out?

    Completed   Mature
  • Lean On Me ~Zouis Family
    116K 5.6K 26

    Picture perfect families are only perfect in pictures [SEQUEL TO STAND BY ME]

  • Crystal Clear (Ziam Fanfic AU) Book Two
    63.3K 1.4K 24

    Zayn and Liam are doing great, so is Harry and Louis, things are going to change though, when someone new moves it to shake the waters in the neighborhood, will the be able to handle things? will relationships crumble and will hearts be broken?

  • The History Teacher Student/Teacher (Larry Stylinson & Niam Horayne)
    1.8M 50.2K 89

    Harry Styles is your typical highschool popular Jock... Has loads of friends who include Zayn,Niall and Liam. It's the first day back when Liam informs the boys of their new History Teacher... Harry becomes extremely unenthusiastic but goes along but who walks in the door a sexy, brown haired, Young teacher does he ta...

    Completed   Mature
  • Diamond In The Rough (Ziam Fanfic AU) Book One
    173K 4.2K 20

    Liam is the new kid in town, he is cocky and intelligent but he has a little secret. Zayn is the most popular guy at his school, with his two best friends Harry and Niall by his side they run the school. Zayn is the popular jock with tattoo's, nice hair and lots of money while Liam has never been popular, or had a pos...