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  • Kissing My Friend (Zouis) √
    95.9K 4.4K 40

    Zayn has been friends with Louis since the second grade but one day when Louis kisses Zayn it all goes downhill. Zayn's mum (Trisha) finds out and tells Zayn that is bad and never to kiss a boy again. Louis kept on kissing Zayn and when Trisha found out she moved her family to Bradford. Three years later Zayn moves ba...

  • zouis †
    5.7K 533 27

    A collection of pieces of songs, interviews or phrases that remember me zouis... hope you'll enjoy it. ~lu. n o v e m b e r 2 0 1 5 {Cover by @_redlipstik_}

  • yes, daddy[z.t]
    146 18 1

    "Zayn I-" "Don't call me that. You will call me daddy from now on, understand?" "Yes, daddy." *in which zayn has a huge daddy kink and starts dating a very innocent boy, louis*

  • How to be a Heartbreaker (Zouis)
    26.7K 641 5

    Louis' life was heaven. He had THE everything. Personality, popularity, looks, skills. But Louis also has his downs. He, for an example, is a sucker for bad boys. Every shape, every size, he'll take it. Say the word and Louis is yours by the second. But of course he has rules. 1. Be bad. 2. Be hot. 3. Be mine. Lets pu...

  • Lowkey // Zouis
    200K 7.8K 45

    Louis Tomlinson is a seventeen year old horny boy who just wants Zayn Malik to bend him over his desk in Chemistry. // Or the Book were Louis goes on tumblr and post everyday of what he wants Zayn to do to him and Zayn does them.

  • Venice ❥ zouis
    214 9 1

    _________________ [one shot] Louis' visiting his cousin for the summer. He's never seen a skateboard before, he's also never seen California boys quite this pretty. [side narry] _________________ this story belongs to @/ dirtymattress on ao3. ♡

  • Sweets ➸ Zouis (Discontinued)
    21.5K 1.2K 7

    [ONGOING | AU] Louis is just a boy who likes to wear skirts and paint his nails. Zayn is just a boy who likes to sleep around and wants Louis to be one of the people he sleeps with. Warning: Contains strong language. © 2015 by guardianzayngels

  • You're Mine Now [Zouis]
    133K 5.2K 30

    Zayn Malik a 19 year old boy who goes to the University of The Arts in London. Has the perfect life, doesn't miss a day of class, and is know for his kindness. But what happens when he gets kidnapped after a party with his best mate? (SMUT, RAPE, AND PUNISHMENTS)

    Completed   Mature
  • Perfect (sequel to Style)(zouis mpreg)(book two)
    157K 10.3K 44

    "You don't seem to get it, do you? I started losing my mind when I realized I was falling for you. And now, I'm losing my sanity trying to get over you. You can keep telling yourself that it wasn't real, that it meant nothing to you but I'm not going to believe it. It was worth it to me though, loving you...I'll never...

  • Style (zouis mpreg)(book one)
    309K 18.6K 47

    "The world is filled with flashing lights and pretty smiles. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe they were all fake? That's the thing about you and me, we're nothing more than what those flashing lights say we are. We know the truth, but no one else does. So how about you do me a favor, and stop pretending."

  • The mixtapes [Zouis Talik AU]
    2K 105 13

    He's gone, and he left me a box, with mixtapes... Warning : Major character death

  • Catch Me If You Can :Zouis:
    21.9K 984 46

    Can I catch you?

  • mute » zouis
    43.1K 2.4K 13

    ❝funny you're the broken one but I'm the only one who needed saving.❞ or the one where Zayn is a mute and Louis teaches him to use his voice.

  • Apartment 613 | zouis
    223K 10.9K 31

    Finally moving on his own, Zayn think's he's going to have the best time ever and just be able to relax. Until, he discovers he moved into the apartment Louis Tomlinson died. Now living with a sassy and demanding ghost, Louis, Zayn must find the killer of Louis for him to pass on. It's not so easy when secrets are dis...