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  • Secretly Pregnant (Sequel to "Where's My Daddy?") | L.R.H
    7.8K 187 21

    Lily Abigail Hemmings is now grown up, and she is pregnant, just as her mum was. The father-Lily's boyfriend and best friend-is in America at his dream college. Lily feels that she cannot tell him about the pregnancy, and she believes she cannot bear the stress of telling her parents. The keeps her pregnancy a secret...

  • Amnesia // l.r.h
    2.5K 47 19

    Luke Hemmings goes on tour for the fourth time while dating Peyton Gray, who he's been dating for over three years. They Skype daily, but one day Peyton doesn't answer. Luke gets worried about Peyton. When he gets home for a break a few days later, he finds out that Peyton is in the hospital, and she doesn't know who...

  • Partners // l.r.h
    3.8K 130 20

    Everyone in Willow's class finds a partner for a project, not knowing what the project is. After everyone is paired up, Willow notices only one person without a partner: Luke Hemmings, the boy in the school who she'd never liked and who seemed to completely hate her.

  • Asylum - A Luke Hemmings Fanfiction
    3.4K 58 21

    19 year old Luke Hemmings is put in Briarcliff Manor (an insane asylum) mistakenly. He has not done wrong, yet he is accused of many murders, including that of his own father and brothers. Although mad when he goes in, he tends to like it there, only because of one thing, a girl he meets: Annamarie Tucker. *The conce...

    Completed   Mature
  • Where's My Daddy? - A Luke Hemmings Fanfiction
    101K 1.9K 23

    Jenna Howells has been best friends with Luke Hemmings since they were 5. On Jenna's 15th birthday, June 19th, Luke asks Jenna to be his girlfriend, and she accepts. Then, the next year on February 21st, Luke has to leave for tour with One Direction and his band. Jenna and Luke have to break up.. One thing that Jenna...

    Completed   Mature
  • Chorus Festival - A Luke Hemmings Fanfiction
    1.7K 35 28

    "If he's mean to you, he likes you.." That is something Addison never thought would be true. While in an all-week chorus fest for different schools, Addison Summers meets Luke Hemmings. At first, he is nice, but later, he is not very nice to her. But that's his way of saying "I like you", or so his friend says. At fir...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bruised Beauty - A Luke Hemmings Fanfiction
    57.8K 1.1K 31

    Eleanor Valentine is a popular YouTuber from Australia and she internet friends with lots of other YouTubers. She is also best friends with the band 5 Seconds of Summer. She is a beautiful and caring individual. Her life isn't completely perfect, though. She is abused at home by her father, the only person she lives w...

  • You're What!? - A Luke Hemmings Fanfiction
    15.5K 563 21

    Hannah Grace Smith is 16 years old and at a party that her friend, Charlotte Gander, took her to. She meets the host of the party, Luke Hemmings, from the band 5 Seconds of Summer. She knows she isn't allowed to drink, but she never has, so she does anyways. She doesn't stop drinking. She gets drunk, and ends up alone...

    Completed   Mature
  • Amour - A Luke Hemmings Fanfiction
    1.4K 38 22

    Genevieve Abel, a French girl, moves to Australia with her dad. There, she meets Luke Hemmings. She only speaks French, and Luke speaks English with a little French. They try to learn each other's languages to try to make things work. As problems arise, their relationship gets more and more complicated. After breaking...