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    [+JOSHLER] ❝baby i done, done enough talkin', need to know that you're mine.❞ ♡ tyler and josh have lived together since high school and all they ever do is fuck, but tyler wants more and josh isn't willing. ©2017 lottotyler lowercase intended

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    Josh was absolutely, incredibly, overwhelmingly infatuated with the boy, and it pissed him off 🌹 Nerd!Tyler & Punk!Josh High-school AU 🌹 ©dandeliondun

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    [+JOSHLER] ❝Before you, I hated life. I hated my parents, my school, my teachers... then you came around with your wide doe eyes, and freckled cheeks.❞ ♡ Where Joshua hates everything and everybody, except for the innocent boy who lives next door with the freckled cheek and flowers in his hair. ♡ #214 in fanfiction, D...

  • filthy lust
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    "i saw you watchin' that day, an' i didn't mind at all, big boy. m'quite flattered." ©︎plumptyler

  • 𝔞𝔭𝔯𝔦𝔠𝔬𝔱
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    [COMPLETED - 170305] "tyler, you are simply empyrean, and i constantly thank god that i am the angel to attach the wings to your back." "do not thank god, for you are not the angel, you are god himself. my love for you is eternal, joshua, the day i show you heaven will be the most memorable moment of our lives." ©omel...

  • single stories
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    this is a bin of sin and fluff. you know, just some oneshots. ©︎plumptyler

    Completed   Mature
  • gardenia
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    he is heaven in my eyes, sent from the white purity of it and i kept my space until i couldn't. i was drawn to his bright smile, even though he couldn't see mine. ©︎plumptyler

  • low frequency 『book one』
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    they grew up together, and were absolutely infatuated with one another. honey and lavender. ♡ #20 in fanfiction (12/20/16) ♡ #23 in fanfiction (12/03/16) ♡ #28 in fanfiction (11/18/16) ♡ #39 in fanfiction (10/28/16) ♡ hit 200k reads (1/2/17) ♡ hit 100k reads (11/6/16) ©︎plumptyler