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  • 23:11
    56.1M 1.5M 115

    A writer. A weird stranger. A lot of little conversations. An online understanding. Every night. 23:11.

  • Fifteen Days
    711K 16.3K 3

    Sabi nila, kapag daw ginawa mong wallpaper ang picture ng taong mahal mo sa cellphone mo at walang nakakita nito within 15 days, magkakatuluyan daw kayo. Teka teka, naniniwala ka ba don?

  • (Oneshot) "Edi i-search mo!"
    77.9K 3.7K 1

    Oneshot for K-Poppers!!!

  • Fallin' in love. ( myungsoo + hoya = myungya fanfic )
    4K 72 18

    Kim myungsoo is a photographer for KMS ent. While Kim howon are the first son of KMS manager. They started to know each other after an accident and starting to fell in love after knew each other well. Will their love become bigger or they will be separated? Do there will be a human come inside to their journey and ma...

  • Every Beast Needs A Beauty (GLS#1)(Published under Pop Fiction, and MPress)
    141M 3M 64

    Bata pa lang ay namulat na si Sunny na tatlong bagay lang ang kailangan niya sa buhay: bahay, pera, at pamilya. Namuhay siyang mahirap sa loob ng labing siyam na taon at ngayong bente na siya ay hindi iyon nagbago. Ang tanging nag bago lang siguro sa kanya ngayon ay ang pagkawala ng kanyang katuwang sa buhay: ang kany...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Greatest Downfall (Published under Summit Media)
    14.9M 349K 62

    Sequel of Famous Meets Bad Girl: "I can admit, I'm a different person now than I was three years ago.." she said. She was intently looking at the man she left three years ago, those dark pools of eyes were staring at her, "You want the truth? I still have feelings for you. No matter how hard I try, a part of me just w...

  • Heartless (Published under Sizzle and MPress)
    108M 2.5M 66

    Elevators. Airplanes. Palaman ng Sandwich. Yung feeling na papunta ka pa lang at excited ka pa lang sa pupuntahan mo. Yung feeling na palapit pa lang yung birthday mo. Yung feeling na palapit pa ang isa pang espesyal na araw. Yung feeling na ilang oras na lang ay pasko na. Yung feeling na tatlong araw na lang simula n...

    Completed   Mature
  • Famous Meets Bad Girl (Published Under Summit Media)
    29.5M 594K 64

    Published under Pop Fiction. Available at bookstores/convenience stores nationwide for 195php. Taglish. Completed. Two kindred hearts from two different worlds collide and find love. Princess Trish Lua is a certified bad girl. She always win an argument and nobody can beat her whenever she starts explaining herself. A...