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  • Trouble Maker | Nalu✔
    50.4K 1.3K 15

    A nalu fanfiction. By: LaynaPanda Made in: 2014-2015 Characters owned by Hiro Mashima/ Fairytail.

  • The Rude King and Kind Princess {Nalu}
    80.1K 2.3K 19

    Natsu is a grumpy king, said to be evil and hateful. Everyone outside his country knows him as the Fire King, due to his kingdom being hot as fire with no water resource. There is another country with powerful princesses. When they sing, they create small bits of rain. Lucy was the strongest sister out of all of them...

  • The Guardian and The Priestess
    223K 8.6K 24

    On the exact day of her 18th birthday, Lucy Heartfilia got pulled from the world she known and lived. Lucy was sent to an unfamiliar dimension, where her mother declared as her hometown. Fiore. A random kingdom that allows angels, demons, witches and so much more to coexist. Where girls were blessed with powers and bo...

  • Camp Crush |✔️|
    46.8K 2K 7

    Natsu and Lucy are both working as counselors for a summer camp in their teen years. Lucy is struggling not to crush too hard on the camp heart-throb, Natsu Dragneel, but meanwhile, Natsu is working overtime to get Lucy to notice him. *********************************** I don't own Fairy Tail or this story. Just the c...

  • The Overprotective ⍣ [Nalu/Gruvia]
    152K 3.9K 16

    Lucy Begins to have feelings for Gray. But then realizes she may be betraying Juvia in the process to get what she wants. Natsu has been overprotective of Lucy and is constantly interrogating her of who this mystery guy is. While they both try to resolve their feelings they drag Juvia and Gray into their mess. Will N...

  • School for Mages
    6K 374 13

    Fairy Tail Academy. The place where they teach young mages more skills on their magic abilities. Lucy Heartfilia is one of the strongest mages at Fairy Tail Academy. She has a goal to be part of the FMR, or, the Fiore Mage Race. A race where the top male and female of the top schools in Fiore compete to see who i...

  • Claimed (NaLu)
    95.6K 3K 14

    Lucy heartfilia was a young 19 year old girl who was one day was kidnapped by a handsome Salmon colored hair man, He's an ignorant, rude, cold hearted jerk who treats Lucy like a toy. She took all the chances she got to escape from his hell, but he always caught her. What happens when Natsu goes soft for her and she s...

  • The Bad boy is my Neighbour (Nalu fanfic) |ON GOING|
    141K 5.5K 19

    Has a Bad boy ever been so blunt and stubborn, maybe scary. Well Natsu Dragneel is the bad boy of the school because of how Blunt, Stubborn and scary he is that's how girls love him. He has never smiled or even laughed. But when he is moved next to normal school girl Lucy Heartfilia, she somehow changes his life. Ge...

  • Fairy Tail High
    154K 8.3K 59

    Lucy Heartfilia is a new pupil at the local school Fairy Tail High. She starts off on a bad foot with the bad boy, Natsu. He is in the popular crowd at the school and uses his power to try and make Lucy's life hell. An event in Lucy's life, will make her alone and depressed. Nastu crosses the line and eventually brin...

  • My Enemy {Nalu}
    331K 8.8K 39

    They were business rivals , ex bestfriends and "married." Lucy Heartfilia, 21 years young - owner of Love and Lucky Incorporated Natsu Dragneel, 22 years young- owner of Fire Dragon Industries Raised as friends grew up as enemy's. Lucy needed to one up her company being she wasn't born in the country she couldn't...

  • The Devil's Angel-NaLu-
    204K 5.8K 38

    Heaven and Hell, An angel and a devil, Black and white, Light and dark... Like a fitting key that matches its lock, and like the sinful Romeo and Juliet. They were made for each other. Their love is destined but forbidden. It was a cruel game fate will play after they lost each other in the last one. 'Our memories of...

  • A True FairyTail {Nalu}
    6.4K 166 10

    There once lived two kingdoms, One that was ruled by fairies and the other ruled by dragons. Soon Both kingdoms were both given a prince and a princess. Soon after the birth of the royals, war had begun. The two kingdom were both separated until one fateful day the princess of the fairies and the prince of the dragons...

  • Forced to marry my best friend's boyfriend [a nalu fanfiction]
    193K 7.4K 44

    What happens when you have a a very close best friend who you do everything with from shopping to sleepovers, who you tell all your secrets, what happens when your forced to marry her boyfriend. Lucy and lissana have been best friends since freshman year they did everything together but what happens when she and lisa...

  • Tales of a Maid | NaLu✔️
    121K 5.3K 21

    The world is a cruel place, filled with strangers who wish you harm for reasons you will never know. There are people who are much better off than you, who are selfish and cold-hearted. You have to watch your step and keep your eyes open, one mistake and you're as good as dead. Lucy Heartfilia is a poor girl who can't...

  • Celestial Breaker {A NaLu Story}
    247K 11K 32

    {2nd book of Celestial series. Please read the first book, Celestial Striker, before reading this one to avoid massive confusion. Thank you!} It's been five months since Lucy and Natsu decided it was best they remained friends. Fairy Tail FC is slowly raising to the top, thanks to Lucy's contribution to the games that...

  • Celestial Striker {A NaLu Story}
    442K 17.1K 34

    {1st book of Celestial series. Please read this one first before the other two to avoid massive confusion. Thank you!} Lucy is a hardcore soccer fan as well as a strong striker for the local club in her hometown since she was very little because her mother was a lover as well. It wasn't long until Lucy became known na...

  • Forced To Marry My Enemy[Completed]
    123K 3.2K 14

    Lucy Heartfilia and Natsu Dragneel are popular on the school namely Fairy Tail High Academy or FTHA for short. The two of them are the ones the boys and girls want for because the two of them are hearthrobs. Lucy is the President while Natsu is the Vice President and the two of them are rivals. What have caused their...

  • The Playboy and The New Girl
    191K 5.3K 17

    Meet Natsu the play boy of Fairy Tail High. Natsu Dragneel is the most popular boy in school. He plays with every girls heart. What if one particular girl changes that? Lucy Heartfillia a new student at FTH. She became popular in no time and the play boy of the school trys flirting with her. She hates nothing more tha...

  • Forced to marry a vampire( a nalu fanfiction) [COMPLETED] (currently editing)
    375K 10.3K 29

    There was once two different people who go to the same school, Lucy, a quiet girl who is into reading books and natsu a bad boy with a dark secret, what happens when they are forced to get married, read and find out. Disclaimer: I do not own fairytail hiro Mashima does

  • The Dragon's Contract | NaLu✔️
    295K 12.3K 65

    Lucy Heartfilia lives with her parents in a fine mansion, but her father was murdered by a hit man. Lucy's mother decides that the only way to keep Lucy safe is to hire the best protectors to ever exist, a dragon. However, this took up more of Lucy's life than what was expected, and poor Lucy finds herself with a dr...

  • Married at Eighteen [NaLu] Book 2! ✓
    482K 15K 33

    -highest place: #406 in fanfic [092617] Read as Natsu and Lucy's feelings become deeper the more time they spend together, but there's one problem though -- Lucy's parents have decided to have them annulled. P.S. This beautiful cover was made by : @secretlyuchiha♡

  • Aye Do ≫ NaLu
    301K 13.6K 51

    Natsu was supposed to marry Lisanna, he really doesn't want to marry her At Jerza's Cake shop, When Natsu was informed that their wedding are gonna start, Natsu grabbed the closest girl he could grab, and that girl is named Lucy Heartfilia Will Lucy say AYE DO do Natsu? Wonder what will happen? Read it onegai ^v^ Char...

    Completed   Mature
  • Life in a Tribe | NaLu
    350K 14.1K 28

    The Fairy Tail Tribe is split in two; "The Male Tribe" and "The Female Tribe". In The Female Tribe live best friends Lucy, Levy, and Juvia. They grew up living in fear of the 'hunters' of The Male Tribe. In The Male Tribe live best friends Natsu, Gajeel and Gray. The boys were destined to become 'hunters' since their...

  • Fairy Tail Pirates
    92.5K 2.3K 12

    Lucy Heartfilia is commander of Magnolia's Sea Police. Natsu Dragneel is captain of the notorious pirates, Fairy Tail. When the pirates start causing a disturbance in Magnolia, Lucy goes on board by herself and is kidnapped. She then becomes Natsu's personal slave!? Find out what happens next, but only if you read my...

  • Roommates (A NaLu Fanfic)
    22.8K 1.2K 10

    Lucy is a secret service agent that is put on an assignment to watch over Natsu Dragneel, the heir to the throne of Fiore. But what she finds out later on is that she must attend an all boys school to watch over him. And not even just that, but she has to room with him. But what if there's something suspicious about t...

  • The Contract (NaLu Fanfic)
    2.9M 111K 70

    Lucy Heartfilia, top 1 student of Fairy Tail High is force to be the pretend girlfriend of the campus heartthrob, Natsu Dragneel. His reason, to make his childhood friend and first love jealous. Lucy, being blackmailed, is forced to agree and sign a contract as proof of their agreement. Will they succeed? Or will they...