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  • Hero {Book #1}
    1.7K 81 4

    Bella's mother was killed in a car accident so she went to live with her father Charlie in Forks, Washington. Her father abuses her, until she starts to warm up to the Cullens. The Cullens help her through the mess, read to find out more of Bella's life.

  • Sworn to secrecy ON HOLD
    39.9K 1.3K 17

    Being abused is nothing new for Isabella Marie Swan. She has been abused since she was 6 and is now 17. Her dad is into drugs and lives far away and her mom died giving birth to her. Bella is left to live with Phil, Her moms new boyfriend right after she found out she was pregnant. He always blamed bella for his girlf...

  • Lion and Lamb
    8.6K 219 4

    Edward cullen isn't your average everyday teen; he was given a second chance at life, a second chance to live, he is a vampire. living with a vampire family, you think life couldn't be more perfect..... well Edward thinks otherwise. his whole family has found their other half, a reason to live, and Edward is still mi...

  • Little Bella
    134K 5K 46

    Little Bella is abused be step dad but saved by the Cullen's! Her new life takes a turn! read to find out more!

  • Edward Cullen's Journal
    1.5M 8K 62

    Positioned seven years after Breaking Dawn, Edward Cullen's Journal is a story line completely in Edward's point of view. Without a constructive plot, the story gives a sneak on what could happen after Breaking Dawn, all through Edward's eyes.