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  • Stolen for Love
    905K 31.9K 44

    She served the friendly faces of the regular customers that day. She helped others that day. She was supposed to stay with her family on that day. But she never came home. Juliette is loved by everyone. A hard working girl juggling University and shifts at the popular cafe, she works to provide for her family and tak...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Veela's True Love (Dramione)
    137K 3.2K 16

    A story of Draco and Hermione... A secret only a Malfoy knows..... This secret can only be told by the heir to their mate... I do not own Harry Potter just the plot of this story.

  • Kindle the Fire
    115K 3.3K 19

    Draco happens to be one-third veela. He already new that the mudblood was his mate. Who wouldn't have guessed. They were made for each other. (A little rushed but not too much. Please read and enjoy ( : )

  • My Mafia King
    680K 12.7K 38

    "I want her all to myself and if I can't have her no one can " he said harshly into the phone "SHE IS MINEE"

  • Fifty Shades Of Draco Malfoy
    348K 5.9K 15

    "Finally tamed that mane of yours Granger" he smirks, resting his rather large hands on his desk as he leans against it while starring down at me. "Unfortunately for you somethings don't change I see, your still a cocky, self centered little shit Malfoy." However he has changed. A lot. Unfortunately he's more muscula...

  • The Gang Leader Wants Me(Still Editing)
    8M 214K 56

    If you ever met Jezzabelle Lemana you'd think she was a nice, sweet, loving person with the perfect life. But some things are not what they seem. This 17 year old is trying her best to get out of her senior year of high school without having to remember the fact that she's being abused by her stepmother and father at...

  • Found. [Vermione]
    28.2K 819 27

    What happens when ice meets fire? What happens when onyx eyes mix with pools of honey? What happens when a raven with broken wings meets a gracious dove? What does the future hold when two people of such opposite worlds meet, such as Viktor and Hermione?

  • Trust Me, He's a "Keeper."
    64K 1.8K 20

    I pushed past him and continued to walk away. "That's right, Wood!" Miguel taunted, "run away like the coward you are!" I pressed forward only to have Percy block my path. "What now?" I growled. Percy didn't answer. He wrapped his fingers around my throat and shoved me against the wall, "Do yourself a favor...

  • Cedric Diggory and Hermione Granger a love so true
    6.8K 85 17

    Cedric Diggory is in Hufflepuff and is in his 7 year and he as a thing for Herminoe Granger who is in her 5th Year and she is in Gryffindor he finds that her intelligence and everything is very beautiful and stuff like that she's been going through some things cuz he think he can be the one to help her through it well...

  • Mated to Malfoy*
    314K 9.7K 18

    Authors Note: This is the edited and twisted version. I have changed everything, but everything is still the same. Description: Draco Malfoy finds out he is a pureblooded Veela. The goes through the "changing" to find his mate. He shockingly finds Hermione Granger to be his only hope at life. Will Draco and Hermion...

  • Mafia's Rose
    155K 3.8K 15

    The night was like any other for Luna until five men walked into the diner she runs. Once the leader Dimitri Marco lays eyes on her, he knew he wanted her and what Dimitri wants he gets. Dimitri has big plans for his rose, and he will not take no for an answer. Luna can run all she wants, but no man or woman can hide...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mafia King (on hold)
    148K 3.3K 31

    Diablo Fiorre is a very wealthy man. When he wants something he gets it.

  • The gangleadear's girl
    698K 14K 50

    She is one good sassy girl He is coldhearted gangleader What happens when Ryder lays eyes on Tamera on the first day of school Please keep the negative comments to yourself I'm aware that I made some errors along the way so please don't judge me cause it's my first time writing a book

  • Saved By Malfoy Unedited
    110K 3.5K 38

    *New cover and title I was running. My bare, bloody feet were screaming at me to stop, to rest. The cold breeze freezing my barely clothed body. He was right behind me, getting closer by the second. My stomach ached from hunger and my legs threatened to give out any moment. I screamed as I was slammed to the ground by...

  • Here with you [Dramione]
    610K 18.1K 53

    " Ron! Stop it! I'm not ready for that yet!" Hermione shouted. " But I am" Ron whispered harshly...... What will happen next? Will someone come and save her? Or will Ron actually do something and make her life miserable? Read and find out in " Here with you" Sorry for the bad discribtion, hope you enjoy reading it an...

  • The Secret Love: A Cedric Diggory and Hermione Granger fan fiction
    88.7K 1.4K 29

    "I like you. It's doesn't feel like its nothing anymore." He said to the young brown hair caramel eyed girl in front of him. "Hermione...what you think of me?" "I don't like you," she responded back. "I love you." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cedric Diggory always liked Hermione Granger when he first sa...

  • I HATE MY LIFE...!
    30.2K 1.4K 14

    The supposedly amazing life of one Hermione Jean Granger, the brightest witch of her age and one third of the golden trio, is in shambles. She feels her friends are only using her for her intellect, wit and for being a smart alec, when actually they don't give a damn about her. Her 'best friends ' when not on talking...

  • Catching Her Heart Pt. 1
    105K 3.5K 101

    Oliver Wood sees a lot of his younger self in Hermione Granger when she appears at Hogwarts for her first year. He takes it upon himself to look after her like a big brother. But when he leaves Hogwarts, things become a tad more difficult, not only because of the distance, but because as their friendship continues, he...

  • Taken by my Beloved
    203K 5.6K 28

    My name is Autumn Blaze I lived in a small Cottage deep in the vast woods with my older brother Kaden. We only lived her for three months and I noticed strang things were happening. I was out walking in the woods for a little bit and stopped dead in my tracks when I felt like I was being watched. "I know your followin...

  • Nightwing's Daughter (Fanfic)
    16.4K 458 20

    We all want to please our parents, that's a given. what happens when you're Nightwing's daughter though? Can you live up to expectations, or will it all come crumbling down?

  • Night life (A Nightwing and original character Fanfiction)
    108K 4.3K 37

    Emma Tyson is new to Gotham and ready for the worst of the worst. Meeting her father. But when in Gotham why not make the best of it and help your hero? She's smart and a fast thinker that can hack a system like nobody's business. But her Hero thinks she's a zero and wants her to be safe on the sidelines. She ends...

    Completed   Mature
    12.1K 361 16

    In which a new foster sibling gets super powers and his two super nerd siblings have to try and help him with becoming a real superhero

  • His Beloved
    136K 5K 14

    -I was about to jump off off the cliff when I heard the most alluring voice, but just when I was about to turn. I slipped off.- For Sophia life was never easy. She was struggling with depression, and had no one to look after her. She never had anyone until the day William stops her from making the worst mistake of he...

  • Her Wolf Alpha
    2.6M 80.9K 63

    A girl and her beloved dog... Or should I say wolf- werewolf? Highest Ranking: #1 in Death; #36 in Werewolf: #4 in Wolf; #4 in War *COMPLETED* Katlyn's life changes when she adopts a large menacing wolf to be her pet. **** "How much for him?" I asked and was greeted by looks of disbelief from the staff. The dog grow...

  • trouvaille || billy batson (DISCONTINUED)
    14.6K 423 14

    A BILLY BATSON X OC BOOK (Inspired by the movie SHAZAM!) HIGHEST RANKING: #2 in shazamxreader #4 in shazam #4 in billybatson #5 in BILLYBATSON #6 in freddyfreeman - Billy Batson had been running from foster parents to foster parents, never seem to stay in one as he grows older. When Rosa and Victor had adopted him, t...

  • Shazam! and the new girl ⚡️( COMPLETED ✔️)
    35K 659 54

    When Billy Batson adjusts to his new home and his superhero life and his new family it's all going great until a new villain arrives in Philadelphia and to make matters even more complicated he has to deal with a new next door neighbor he is crushing on

    Completed   Mature
  • Scars: A Dramione Veela Story
    322K 7.8K 59

    The war is over. A new year is starting. Draco Malfoy has a secret. Hermione Granger has regrets. Will scars heal in time for a happy ending? Or will Draco die of a broken heart? Dramione veela story.(completed) ~now under editing~ All characters belong to JK Rolling. Highest Rankings #1 in Hermione ...

    Completed   Mature
  • It Just Had To Be You (Dramione Veela Story)
    355K 7.6K 20

    The war is over, the Dark Lord defeated, and school is back in session. What could go wrong within the halls of Hogwarts, besides a potion project that causes a body switch, and two newly mature Veelas roaming the school in search of their mates?

  • Getting to Happily Ever After
    89.8K 2.6K 13

    Sequel to Oliver Wood & The Reluctant Contestant. Starts off where story ended. Oliver and Hermione are married but are they going to get to their ever after with jealous cousins and teammates getting in the way, not to mention the crazy fans of Oliver?

  • A Dramione Love Story: To Be a Veela (COMPLETE)
    401K 10.8K 23

    Hogwarts had been rebuilt and Headmistress McGonagall had accepted any 7th years from before the war to return if they wanted for their last year. Draco returned for reasons only known to him and his family, he was part Veela, and all this time he had known who his Mate was, but was selfish. He only wanted someone lik...