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  • good thing; billie eilish
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    I'm not always selfish, just bad at romance... it's not in my bones. - Billie O'Connell is tired and lonely. Stuck in a rut her parents forced her into and stripped of her creativity, Billie's days at Stanford University blur together until one person makes time stop: Riley Jackson. The star forward of Stanford's wo...

  • bitch // billie eilish
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    c o m p l e t e d "Mia, i'd like you to leave." "Bitch." ----- h i g h e s t r a n k i n g s #1 on billieeilish #1 on gxg #1 on lesbian

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  • The Artist / Billie Eilish
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    I just, kinda... Wish you were gay. 2019 Watty's Award Winner achieved: #1 in billieeilish #1 in girlxgirl #3 in fanfiction #1 in imagines

  • Flights // Billie Eilish
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    "What's there to even do during an eight hour long flight delay?" "Wanna fall in love?" girlxgirl achieved #1 under billie eilish achieved #1 under lesbian & girlxgirl achieved #1 under imagines achieved #2 under instagram achieved #218 under fanfiction

  • if i love you was a promise | b.e
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    girlxgirl *swearing and some smut or whatever *lower case letters are intended achieved #1 in #billie achieved #1 in #bilsexual achieved #1 in #idontwannabeyouanymore

  • Horns // Billie Eilish
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    Alexis Ackerman lives a troubled life, surrounded by gang violence and instability. Billie Eilish lives an interesting life of her own, having just started on her path towards worldwide stardom. When the two collide sparks fly immediately, though neither girl is ready to admit it's anything more than lust. ~ AU. Thou...

    Completed   Mature
  • Void // Billie Eilish
    369K 11.6K 32

    -Sequel to Horns- *Description contains Book 1 spoilers* It's been 2 years since Billie has seen or even heard from Alexis, who practically vanished from Billie's life before she could even process what was happening. Since then her life has become an absolute whirlwind, with her music career really taking off and tur...

    Completed   Mature
  • Not a Fan
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    I know exactly what I'm doing to her, and I love it.

  • her ocean eyes // billie eilish
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    "god, i'm so glad i picked up his call." achieved: #1 in #billieeilish #1 in #billie #1 in #eilish #1 in #billieeilishfanfic #1 in #fic #1 in #wlw #3 in #fanfic #1 in #bisexual #2 in #fiction #8 in #fanfiction