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  • HeartAttack .[TMAD]
    36.4K 1.2K 25

    I never knew love , would hurt this fucking bad . Be Careful Who You Make Friends With & Watch Your Back. Cover Photo : Karin Jinsu

  • Yn Let Me Love You (A Sequel To The Maid - Mindless Behavior Story)
    1.4M 31.1K 30

    A love story between Chresanto August and Yn (India Westbrooks). There are many twists and turns in this story . This story will also make you feel many emotions . Chresanto doesn't know who to fall for after a big argument happens .. Who will he fall for in the end ? Read on ...

  • Our Family Cries *But Your My Brother Sequel*
    378K 9K 14

    After the love of Yn's life Chresanto, moves with his mom to another state she is left devastated. They both are in love with each other but they know they could never be together. It is now senior year and Yn has a whole new attitude. What happens when Chresanto comes to spend summer vacation with her? Within that ti...

  • Why Me !! ( A Yn Love Story )
    108K 2.9K 22

    READDDD !!!!

  • On A Run (Mindless Behavior/August Alsina)
    238K 4.7K 26

    Yn has found out she now has a new step brother (Roc Royal) . They get along till something happens . She leaves and go to New Orleans where she meets August . She starts to fall but August is a drug dealer and Yn doesn't know her dad is Tupac . When August finds out ...what will happen ? Please read , thank you .

  • A New Beginning {Sequel to our new life }
    6.1K 219 3

    Yn , Déja , and Jordan are back their gonna start over , starting with Yn , Déja . Will they find theirselves being with their dad , or will things always be the same ??

  • You Belong With Me (Mindless Behavior) (Roc Royal) starring you Yn
    1.7M 30.3K 37

    Love story *this book was written in 2014

  • Finding that Missing Piece <3( mindless behavior story)
    792K 15K 57

    Hello my name is Aalyah or leelee.Everbody thinks just because me,my sister(Tae),and my mom(Sasha) living large when we have are problems but heres my story.

  • Our New Life...... A mindless behavior story
    181K 6K 41

    3 sisters Yn, Deja, Jordan move to L.A. with there mom and new step dad. they meet mindless behavior and they start to date. will there relationship be ruined by the omg girls????

  • Does my brother love me ( Ray and Yn Story ) Featuring MB
    112K 3.5K 27

    Read to find out what happens to ray and yn

  • Bad Habit (Yn And Roc)
    884K 25.9K 138

    Yn is A good girl never fight and get straight A's , That All changes when she meet Chresanto August Aka Roc Royal . She starts to fight more her grades stay the same , but she will Fall for Roc , but she thinks she will get heart broken so she doesn't want to date him .