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    Aaron Turner had come to terms with his bisexuality at the age of fifteen. His first real relationship was with the man he'd always wanted and it was something he'd never wanted to end. But like most teenage relationships it didn't last long and they eventually went their separate still holding a soft spot for one ano...

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  • I'm A Fool For You (BxB) (Interracial)
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    "Does love even still exist because I damn sure don't feel that shit no more" "Don't think like that Javon of course love still exist, We all go through bumpy stages in our life we just have to stay true to ourselves and fight through it" Alex smiled. Javon life was turned upside down right around the t...

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  • Child's Play |completed|
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    |Read to find out|

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  • Real Nigga One Shots (BoyxBoy)
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    Urban One Shots, cause there aren't any.