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  • Undeniable Attraction
    5.6M 144K 44

    I couldn't believe the way I was acting. Sure, I was attracted to him but this wasn't like me at all. What if someone comes into his office and finds me sitting on his lap? Before I could think enough to come to my senses, he pulled me closer and kissed me again. I couldn't resist those kisses. There was something a...

  • The Billion Dollar Proposal [#9]
    346K 12.8K 14

    He stepped toward her, lifted her chin in his hand and opened his mouth, but words wouldn't come out. "Connor..." "You could have been wearing something a lot similar to this while reciting your vows to Stephen." He wanted to sew his mouth shut when he saw the look of horror on her face. He had said something terribly...

    Completed   Mature
  • In His Arms (HIATUS)
    111K 3.5K 24

    Be his mistress. What could be so hard? Rosy born from nobility. Her life set until things took the wrong turn and now she finds herself a mistress of a man who has placed her in the estate his wife and child reside in. She had placed her life of nobility in the past but she can't run from it if she is his mistress...

  • Secretly Done, Secretly Loved Student/Teacher Relationship COMPLETED!
    270K 7.2K 26

    -Completed!- AraBella Reese Kennedy..... She is nothing but trouble. Always stuffing her nose into something new. And isn't afraid to tell people what she thinks. She doesn't believe in anything, No one has ever given her a reason to. She's 18 and already on her own. Her parents kicked her out at age 15 because she w...

  • My Best Friends Boy Friend
    382 13 11

    This book is about three best friend that are inseparable, Shelly, Jami, and Nick, Shelly and Jami have been best friends since preschool. And in kindergarten Nick joined there group. Now that there in 9th grade dating roles in. When Jami and Nick get together will Shelly be able to take it.

  • Teach Me How to Love
    42.3K 1K 53

    Leighton Mitchell is a beautiful, hard-working, and innocent girl from New Mexico attending college in Iowa. Her life has always consisted of helping people and putting others before herself. Her life is simple, working her three jobs, going to school, hanging out with friends until she meets Sam Dawson, one of her pr...

  • Reckless Bad Boy
    103K 2K 15

    Nice people don't necessarily fall in love with nice people. -- Sounds like your typical cliché, bad boy and girl fall in love and stuff, but there's a twist.

  • His Blonde Little Secret
    23.5M 1M 66

    "Who says people have to find out?" Brody smirks, taking another step forward. He's so close to me, I can once again see the gold flecks shining in his green eyes. "What do you mean?" I whisper, my gaze dropping to his lips. His tongue flicks out to lick his bottom lip before he speaks again. "You, Bella Winters - "...

  • How To Love A Bad Boy
    1.6M 48.7K 12

    "I told you Colton. I don't like bad boys." "All I need is seven days Janey, I can make you fall in love with me in a week." "And if you don't?" I asked. He looked me over, busting out his million dollar smirk. "I will." Copyright © 2014 IziKing. All rights reserved.

  • Chosen
    4.6M 166K 60

    Chosen when a child, Lady Joselyn is trained to be a ruthless killer. She is destined to be the English king's assassin and protector. Only he and the guild master are supposed to know. It's a life and death secret that must be kept. For an assassin survival is precarious. Life is something you simply cannot take for...

  • Arranged Pregnancy
    466K 13.2K 31

    Completed   Mature
  • Unfinished Business ( A Dark Mafia Romance) #Wattys2018
    79.8K 2.6K 25

    " You and I will always be unfinished business." Allegra Montessori had endured being the hidden wallflower her entire life. But then she met Lucca Santorini, heir to the Santorini empire and her sister's fiancée. Lucca Santorini, the "Satan of Chicago" and his brother, Roman, were not men that you crossed if you va...

  • The Billionaires Ex Wife
    58.1K 2.3K 2

    Rosalie Maxwell lived a life only thought of in fairytales; having met Christian, her beloved husband five years earlier, they had eloped and endured a journey of love and passion whilst she learned to cherish his possessive and controlling personality. When Rose believes life cannot become more blissful, she is prove...

  • The Bachelor's Ex-wife (DISCONTINUED)
    242K 6.2K 9

    Diana Walker used to be Diana Wilde. Wife of the all time Max Wilde. He divorced her because his friends thought that she was embarrassing him.Poor Diana did not know that Max was going to divorce, she was expecting a baby but she never got the chance to tell her beloved ex-husband.

  • Acquainting With My Ex Husband
    43.1K 823 3

    "Oh Carly we don't even need to be friends. You stay at your side , I stay on mine. Everything will be cool between us." said Drake. I silently agreed but I still had my doubts. Carly Grey and Drake Bishop had an arranged marriage but after six months of their marriage both had a divorce with mutual consent. Four year...

  • Married to a sheikh
    1.2M 70.6K 56

    The last thing Amna wanted in her life was to get married. Being British, the last thing she expected was to get married to a sheikh! Two very different worlds collide, the differences are great and the problems on their path only seem to increase by the day, will their arranged marriage survive? Or rather will they...

  • YOU took my Virginity (On Hold)
    50.4K 1.2K 21

    Marilynn Andrews was a new student at Albert High School. She was mostly known by people around because of her player of a brother. Marilynn meets a player named Brad and also her brother's worst enemy, what will happen when Brad and Marilynn get a little too close. Read to find out more!!!! xoxox~Sandy

  • The Beauty And The Beast (COMPLETED)
    433K 27.7K 54

    {BOOK TWO} She was my beauty and I was her beast. I stood front of her as she stared at me with those big brown chocolate eyes filled with innocence that all I wanted to do was break her. She turned right, so did I. Then she turned left, also I did that too. I kept on blocking her way. I find it very exciting to see...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Vow Of Mafia Love ✔
    1.4M 80.3K 66

    Romance Ranking : #4 on 5/05/18 "I want her! " I told looking at my life who was busy playing with the kids. "But.. But you can't drag her into your life Arjun... She is innocent and can't handle our life style. " I glared at Surya and my eyes went back to my life like a moth attracted to fire. "She will...

  • Dangerous Passions [audio book]
    348K 1.3K 13

    | Passion | Dark | Erotic Romance | Forbidden | Gothic | Mature | When she comes for you, your life will never be the same. She is, after all, the Magdalene. Blessed--and cursed--with an immortal life, Ree Brennan lives only to keep her duty through the Ages. When her long-time guardian assigned to protect her fro...

  • Had To Be You (Romance/Drama) [COMPLETED]
    235K 8.5K 22

    Naomi Hall is a successful young woman who is engaged to be married to the perfect man. He loves her, he's a handsome Spanish specimen, and he's got the brains and success of a business tycoon. Yet her life is verging on the edge of discontentment, even as she tries her best to hold on. And then on one dangerous night...

  • A Dark Inclination (ON HOLD)
    26.4K 2.8K 13

    PART TWO of the Wattys 2015 Award Winning People's choice story - A Dark Imperfection The Fae are dying, sickness stalks the land and some find relief from fear by escaping in dark pleasures. The discovery of a hidden cache of Blue Rapture, a drug used to suppress inhibitions, unwittingly draws newly wedded Luel in...

  • A Dark Imperfection
    465K 27.6K 17

    When her scandalous affair with the most dangerous and twisted man in Alfheim is discovered, Luel’s innocence is taken in more ways than one. Abandoned by her family and vilified by those of her class who she believed were her friends she is utterly ruined. Now she wants nothing further than to put a swift end to her...

  • Irresistible Hunk (Mature) Completed
    986K 36.3K 73

    Stacy Anderson promised herself to do anything to save their property for her family. But, can she really do anything? Let's find out. Warning: There are swearing and some sexual content.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Alpha's Mistress
    6K 94 4

    ****SEXUAL CONTEXT RATED-R SEXUAL CONTEXT**** "Five years. I, Wilmarie, have waited five years to be Luna. There is no way in hell that I'm going to let some crazy slut ruin what I've wanted for five long years! " Wilmarie, convinced that her mate is dead, starts a relationship with one of the leaders of the stron...

  • Forced To Marry The Alpha
    206K 7.7K 54

    At sixteen, Lovely Thunderstorm is told of the promise her father made ten years ago to Alpha Victor of Black Diamonds Pack to marry his son who is rather the younger version of him. Lovely feels hatred the moment her eyes landed on him. But that isn't the only thing she feels for him. Alpha Victor Jr is stubborn, ser...

  • Crazy Affair
    15.8K 457 30

    Being the only daughter of a Mafia God isn't the end of the world. Neither is marrying another Mafia leader's spoil son, against my will if I might add, to avoid war. But being captured and sexually pleased to the point of making one fall in love, that was the end of the world. The end of my world. The end of the wor...

    Completed   Mature
  • Contests
    502K 8.3K 20

    This is where you can find details of contests currently running on Wattpad both directly by us, and by our wonderful Community profiles. Some will have prizes, some will be specific to countries or genres or themes, some will simply showcase your work on a wonderful reading list. But all our contests will get you thi...

  • Just A Friend?
    42.6M 1.2M 99

    Will I Always Be: Just A Friend? {Book 1} *** {Teen Fiction #1} Ashton Thompson is everything you'd want in a boyfriend. He's funny, caring, childish at times, loving, romantic...oh and he's drool worthy gorgeous. It's just a shame that he's my best friend...NOT my boyfriend. Being in love with your best f...