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  • I'm Still Here (Hiro x Reader)
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    "I'll never be what you want me to be." Hiro Hamada has been forced to grow up too soon. At the age of thirteen, he graduated high school. He went right into bot fighting afterwards, despite his brother's pleas. No one seems to understand what he wants to do with his life. He isn't a kid, so why should be be treated...

  • Hiro x Reader oneshots
    156K 3.8K 56

    Hiro Hamada x Reader oneshots - Request by messaging me x - copyrights to lavendeurs all rights reserved. disclaimer: I do not own the characters unless stated otherwise

  • My Life with My Hero (Hiro Hamada X Reader Fanfic)
    94.5K 2.3K 27

    This is a fanfiction about (y/n) {you} moving to San Fransokyo, a beautiful and modern city. When she moves to San Fransokyo she meets a robot prodigy named Hiro Hamada and his friends, Gogo Tomago, Honey Lemon, Wasabi, Fred, and his robot bestfriend Baymax. After a few days, they become fast friends. Then afterwards...

  • Hiro/Tadashi x Reader Oneshots
    743K 20.7K 74

    I've finally jumped on the band wagon and started one of these :) Saved for the Hamada brothers x reader only! Cover Art does not belong to me. Requests are currently closed. Story is complete... for now.

  • Hiro Hamada X Reader Oneshots~
    49.1K 936 16

    This is my second set of oneshots coming right up! Hope you guys love this one! So anyways enjoy!~ :D *Hiro Hamada belongs to Big Hero 6 *Fanfic belongs to Me (MegaBlazethecat) *BIG HERO 6 belongs to Marvel and Disney *I don't own the picture on the cover. I just found it in the net and edited it :) Note: (Y/N) means...

  • My Life With My Heroic Boyfriend (Hiro Hamada X Reader Fanfic) [ON HOLD]
    9.7K 308 9

    This is the sequel of "My Life With My Hero". This takes place after the events when Hiro and (Y/N) are together already. (Y/N)'s life was amazing yet crazy at the same time. She got to study in SFIT (her dream school), she befriended a super hero team called Big Hero 6, and she's in a relationship with a robot prodig...

  • Embarrassing Moments [Hiro Hamada x Reader]
    468K 12.2K 50

    I decide to make a collection of one shots about yours and Hiro's embarrassing moments with each other! :) This is my first story so please bear with me haha ^.^ If I make any mistakes please tell me because I type really fast and I don't check my spelling at all. By the way... I suck at making story covers haha just...

  • Hiro Hamada Boyfriend Scenerios (Hiro Hamada X Reader)
    274K 5.2K 47

    This is a set filled of boyfriend scenarios with Hiro Hamada from Big Heto 6. All of the scenerios contain you and Hiro spending time to together, pretty cute don't you think? Also, if you like, you can write a request on the comments below on what scenerio I will make to your hearts content. *Hiro Hamada and the res...

  • Big Hero 6 x Reader One Shots (2)
    1M 35.9K 207

    Part two of my series of Big Hero 6 one shots! Ever dreamed of adventures with Hiro? Inventing with Tadashi? Comic books with Fred? Selfies with Honey Lemon? You can find all of this and more in my one shots! If you haven't read part one, I suggest doing that! ^-^ Requests GREATLY appreciated, as always!