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  • Come Home [Thomas & Teresa - The Maze Runner Series]
    865 28 1

    Hi Tom. How are you? Alot has been happening at home. Newt kept asking about you. Minho pretended he didn't care although I know he does. Frypan's omelettes tastes different without you here. Alot has been happening, like I said earlier. But none is as exciting as the old days.. I'm sorry Tom. Come home, I miss you...

  • High school crush (maximum ride fanfic)
    34.5K 1K 30

    TEAM FAX!!! My first story hope you like it!!

  • Next to Me
    143K 5.5K 31

    Sasuke Uchiha is a normal college student. He is popular with the girls, has decent grades, a good amount of friends, a loving family, and loves soccer. One day, he gets paired up with a girl, who is a total loner, for a class project. He always thought the girl was rather quiet but soon realizes she wasn't who he tho...

  • Bruises- Modern Zelink- discontinued :(
    55.1K 1.5K 65

    Daredevil. Reckless. Crazy. Stupid. Those are some words others used to describe him. He was one of the kids that are obnoxious to some, hilarious to others. Everyone recognized him and knew his name, but few knew who he really was. When he would come to school covered in bruises, kids would just assume that he was ju...

  • Zelink: And she wished
    14.3K 739 22

    The Princess of the vast kingdom of Hyrule, Zelda Nohansen was only sixteen by the time she was diagnosed with a illness called Huntington's Chorea. Which causes her memory to be very fragile from time to time, and sooner or later, it'll drive her to her deathbed. She has been told time and time again that she is noth...

  • Game Changer: Book I (A Zelink Fanfiction)
    85.7K 2.5K 52

    Eighteen-year-old Zelda enrolls at a new school, Brawl Academy, to finish out her senior year of high school. She encounters a quiet and reserved student named Link who she takes a liking to instantly. With Link and her new friends, Samus, Palutena, Lucina, etc. Zelda is able to find her true self and the secret behin...

  • Parallel (A Virtual Gamer's Story) [Vol.1 - Vol.3 Complete] [Vol.4 Ongoing]
    1M 46K 208

    After being kidnapped and thrown into a VRMMORPG, 17-year-old Suzuki Mato must find the line between his real and in-game personalities before it kills him. ***** Following the death of his popular online persona, seventeen-year-old Suzuki Mato deci...

  • Sword Art Online:Trapped
    1.1K 25 6

    The newest VRMMORPG was released! The famous game everyone has been talking about called:Sword Art Online. A young man named Kazuto Kirigaya who goes by the name Kirito in game, gets trapped along with a girl named Shino Asada(Sinon) and many others. The creator Akihiko Kayaba traps everyone in SAO. Players have to cl...

  • Beauty and the Beast (a modern fairytale re-telling)
    15.6K 406 25

    Carmen had always found her life as a daughter of an antique shop owner to be ordinary and adventure-less. Almost all of the members in her town think she's odd and the richest man in town wants to marry her, but she wants something else. One evening on a business trip she and her father get lost in an old almost aba...

  • All In My Head: A Legend of Zelda Story
    1.9K 92 9

    Pushed over the edge of her mental limits, Zelda's father admits her to the Hyrule Mental Health Hospital after a life scarring accident. There, she meets kids like her, each with their own problems. But there's a catch. One of the boys is not like the others. ~Updates every Tuesday~ Legend of Zelda rights belong to N...

  • The Princess and the Wolf
    56K 1.9K 28

    If a princess kisses a frog; the frog will turn into a prince. But what happens if a hero falls in love with a princess? (I do not own the cover picture(s), all credit to the artist!!) :D

  • Lovers In Arms
    4K 35 10

    KIRITO X SINON FANFIC LETS GOOOOO!!!!!! (Sorry) so this takes place after the Events of Excalibur where then Asuna leaves to join the Sleeping Knights and Yuuki survies AIDS recovering from it but leaving Kirito all alone now where Sinon can be the one to hold him in his dark times and i might have a future reference...

  • Winter Break; Zelink, Modern (The Legend Of Zelda)
    18.2K 619 5

    Zelda knows Link from school but they've never seen each other outside of Hyrule High. When Link asks to meet over break to work on homework together, how will their relationship change? I've been getting more and more annoyed, so I'll say it here in the descriptions. Please don't swear in my comment section. If you...

  • ZeLink: Au Revoir
    7K 360 18

    Zelda Fraysse, is a 21 years old businesswoman who is very highly respected in her small hometown, but in the bigger cities, nobody recognizes her name, she's just one in many. She encounters a classy man one day, who goes by the name of Link. After they get to know each other a bit more, turns out they have been both...

  • I Wish; Zelink, Modern (The Legend Of Zelda)
    40.1K 1.4K 10

    Every summer Zelda is forced to go to her family's vacation home in the mountains, leaving her only friend behind. Link has been there for her for years, and she hates leaving him every break. What happens when she gets permission to invite her friend along? I've been getting more and more annoyed, so I'll say it here...

  • A Pirate's Life For Me; Zelink, Pirate AU (The Legend Of Zelda)
    43.2K 2.1K 26

    What could be better than to have your name recognized everywhere throughout the high seas? Nothing. At least until your life is troubled by a stowaway squirming his way onto your ship. Legend of Zelda (c) Nintendo This is my favorite fic I've written. It didn't take as long as the others, but it has a lot of action...

  • Ready player two (a ready player one fan fic )
    2.9K 17 2

    One year after finding the Easter egg Wade Watts (aka Parzival) is about to propose to Samantha (Art3mis) when he's plunged into a battle against the sixers over a loophole found in Halliday's will.

  • Parzival +Wade Watts oneshots #wattys2018
    42K 680 19

    Oneshots of Tye Sheridan, Wade Watts and Parzival. I Take requests. And I love to write!

  • Beauty and the Beast
    243K 8.6K 17

    Ella's always been a simple child. She didn't want anything other than a book in her hands and her brother by her side. When her brother finally figures out his invention and ventures out to find someone to buy it, he doesn't return. A creepy mansion, some talking furniture and, oh yeah, a giant animal big enough to k...

  • I Will Be Heard - A Maximum Ride Fanfiction
    109 3 4

    I looked at Fang, my eyes watery. "Fang. . . You're actually thinking about-" "Yes, Max." Fang said flatly, the look in his eyes confident. I didn't say anything. I couldn't say anything. Instead, I stared into his eyes, hoping to change his mind. But I didn't. Fang turned around, walking out of the house, shut...

  • Flying Away - A Fang X Max Fanfiction
    4.2K 72 6

    Top Ranking - #10 in "fax" After the rest of The Flock mysteriously dying, Max and Fang are all by themselves. However, Max is still worried about saving the world. Fang however, was worried about Max. He thinks that she is putting too much pressure on herself. He doesn't want her to save the world. He just does...

  • Raising the Stakes; Zelink Coffee Shop AU (The Legend Of Zelda)
    165K 7.2K 62

    Zelda, the governor's daughter, is an aspiring author who can only write in coffee shops. Forced by her father to move away from Central, and her beloved coffee shop, she must find a replacement. She finds this in "Hyrule Coffee," owned by a kind young man her own age. When he proposes a deal to her, how will it cha...

  • Railgun Online, Book 5. Alicization Running
    17.8K 671 20

    Mikoto, Sinon and Kirito have been living in the Underworld for 2 years now. Both Kirito and Mikoto, along with Eugeo, have become Elite Sword Masters each with their own Valet. Kirito has obtained his sword from the Gigas Cedar, the Night Sky Sword, while Mikoto has obtained the River Spirit Sword and dual wields it...

  • Thank You For Everything
    324 2 1

    Sup! This fan fiction contains Kirito x Sinon! This FanFiction is filled with smutty goodness!

    Completed   Mature
  • No More Nightmares (KiritoXAsuna)
    129K 3K 31

    The death of Asuna's parents was horrible, and since that day she has had nightmares constantly. Her best friend Rika helps her the best she can, and even got her a job! Her new boyfriend Kazuto cares for her, but doesn't really know her past and she doesn't know his, leaving her best friend suspicious; Thinking he is...

  • Trust & Regret (Asuna and Kazuto Story)
    12.9K 188 12

    I want to do things my way. I want to prevent things from happening to me. Who is he? Who is she? He must be like the others. She must be the daughter. I hope he isn't like the others. I hope that I don't get caught. Should I trust him? Will I regret this? I'm the cause of this, aren't I? I let this go to far. But... ...

  • Dangerous Love [Completed]
    12.8K 178 21

    (Kinon Fanfic) After the death gun case close,Asuna disappear. Making Kirito feels sad and lonely then try to commit suicide,but Sinon came to Kirito and cheer him up.After a few month,Kirito and Sinon was in a relationship.Asuna returned and tries to steal Kirito back.If you guys want more details,read the story. The...

    Completed   Mature
  • Nerve
    5.3K 107 4

    Vee never took any risks that is until her friend showed her the game Nerve. "It is a game like truth or dare, without the truth. Watchers pay to watch & Players play to win" Will Vee be a watcher or a player? Will Vee finally get out of her comfort zone and take risks and will she fall in love with someone and have t...

  • Nerve
    41.6K 631 14

    Remake* Quinn (Que) Jones was behind the scenes. She wasn't like her best friend Sera Lopez, That all the guys gawked over. In fact she was almost certain her life meant unnoticed. That was until she signed up for Nerve. A game like truth or dare, minus the truth. You can be famous. You can be fearless. All you have...