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  • Graphically // V2
    7.5K 807 9

    My graphic portfolio. [gorgeous cover by batato -- aka batman_justice]

  • Celin Graphics
    223K 30.3K 197

    #1 in Graphics (5/21/2018) #1 in Multimedia (7/12/2018) I only do paid commercial commissions now. Wattpad requests: CLOSED A place where I showcase the graphics that I'm super proud of and stuff like that c: If you're reading this on a different website that is not Wattpad, you are at risk of a malware attack. If you...

  • The Hall of Graphics 2.0
    59.1K 3.5K 20

    It's art time! This is my second graphics portfolio that showcases my artworks. Commissions and stuff info inside, as well as fun facts and other stuff!

  • Mad's graphics (CLOSED)
    121K 13.5K 63

    Hola, soy Mad! Aquí es donde pongo todas mis portadas. La seccion de pedidos está cerrada Hello, I'm Mad! here I'll be collecting all my graphics. Requests are closed at the moment!

  • Witching Hour Graphics
    1.6K 169 6

    Greetings! Welcome to The Veiled Night's graphics competition, a place where there are no correct answers, just an abundance of interpretations.

  • Graphically // V1
    147K 17.4K 161

    [Art Wars Jedi and Guild Approved // One of the winners of best Cover Books in the Graphic Wattys, 2016] A collection of art and graphics. [gorgeous cover by batato -- aka batman_justice] S T A T U S: Closed forever #37 in Random || 22.10.2016

  • Cladessa (starting AUGUST 2021)
    666 77 5

    An ancient prophecy activates and more is at stake than an individual's freedom to choose her path but Taniel is determined to use impending motherhood and magic to get her own way - and her own dragon. --- JULY 2021 - where have those four years gone! not writing, that's for sure... Currently, I'm synchronising 'Tan...

  • Of Thorns and Teeth | Book 1 of The Fall
    75.1K 1.3K 12

    [ COMPLETED AND ON THE WATTYS 2017 SHORTLIST - Excerpt Only] In an era where the drums of war echo over the Northern plains, when the arrival of the next Copper Moon brings about whispers of a shadowy threat, Nell Yngram is only concerned with struggling to make ends meet. Earning a living as a Lampgirl, and having...

  • Contests [HIATUS]
    53.5K 3.6K 51

    Want to win prizes and have fun at the same time? Want to be welcomed into a community of graphic designers? Look no further! Here, the Guild will host contests that you will find nowhere else. Anyone can participate -- our goal is just to have fun!

  • Among the Fallen
    19.6K 1.6K 43

    **Featured in Wattpad's YA, MythandLegend, YASciFantasy, and Adventure Reading Lists** Lucian Roux is a youth burdened with a stained past and a Fallen future. Abused by his father, bullied by his peers, and cursed by the gods, his only chance of survival is to lie low and not to succumb to his inherent nature: one o...

  • Shadows Bleed
    3.6K 323 55

    Rescuing a demigod should come with some perks, but for Aeriae Llewyn, those perks have a price. The last (not to mention worst) three years of Aeriae's life have been spent as a slave to the Westwinter Imperium. It's her own fault she was captured. Finding the appropriate time to sleep when you're a fugitive is somew...

  • Lotus Blood
    87 24 15

    Nam's life stinks. She loathes having to live in baking hot Thailand where she hates the food and can't speak the lingo. Now her boyfriend back in England has dumped her and she has no idea that the Mara, the Buddhist devil, wants her for his blood collection - the descendants of the offspring he's sired with mortals...

  • Taniel (The Taverner's Daughter I)
    40.2K 3.7K 113

    THE TAVERNER'S DAUGHTER - BOOK ONE FANTASY, MAGIC, DRAGONS, ROMANCE, WINGED WIZARDS. After mistaking a leather-clad wizard for a dragonrider, the taverner's daughter agrees to binding vows: Jarryd hopes for a magic-saving paternity spell but Taniel just wants his dragon. Of course, it is not that simple. It neve...

  • Beyond the Veil (Book 1 of the series, Beyond Valwood)
    7.6K 1.5K 17

    A fabled wall, marking the territory of the werewolves and adorned with the severed skull of a once great alpha, stands between Natalya and her prey. When she finds the body of Anesa, her beloved mentor, she is determined to hunt down the vampire responsible. Crossing the border into Claw Haven to follow him is sacri...

  • The Claws of Fear (Part One)
    266 21 10

    Being fifteen and pregnant isn't easy. But for Lady Morena of Cawdor, being pregnant isn't the hardest challenge she faces. Invading armies tend to take precedence over morning sickness... And to make matters worse, her husband, Duke Eaver Al Ghotren, is far away, fighting a war on the border. So, when raiders from Fe...