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  • for you, I'd bleed myself dry.
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    will you? [warning: contains raw feelings and emotions]

  • Youth ➳ Poems
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  • locutions [poetry]
    871K 39.8K 111

    lo·cu·tion ləˈkyo͞oSH(ə)n/ (n.) " a particular form of expression;" 《 a collection of poems and prose. 》 highest rank - #7 in Poetry ♡ #3 in Prose ♡

  • When I Can't Do Anything Else
    331K 22.6K 169

    When I can't do anything else, I write poems. [Became #1 in Poetry a long time ago]

  • Words We Cannot Speak
    9.9K 1.2K 134

    Poems; Woe and hope, love and despair Poems mend us, they repair. Broken souls mixed with broken minds, Poems teach us what it is to be alive. They offer thoughts to inspire. They give us hope to aspire, They answer unanswerable questions They offer plausible suggestions. Poems are just words. Words of truth in a worl...

  • Winter Trails
    800K 12.6K 98

    Winter Trails is an album of my poems, journeying through late fall when the wire of the trees begins to dominate, till the end of January. After promoting it and it soaring to three quarter million reads, Wattpad unceremoniously dumped it. Here it still is though.

  • is it still a joke now?
    2.8M 94.5K 28

    The utter most inner thoughts and feelings of one who has but no other way to express them and therefore without a pen a paper she very much may spontaneously combust in an explosion of secrets bottled up for far far too long. : )

  • shades of blue
    2M 141K 68

    Charlie doesn't speak, so he paints.

  • little lights
    12.9K 721 28

    A collection of poetry about my fascinatingly average life, and pursuit of bravery.

  • Windswept
    597K 8K 114

    This is only a small selection of Windswept The full collection is due for publication by Outerbank Publishing Group very shortly. It can be pre ordered at A collection of spiritual poetry of the heart.

  • BURN (Wattys2015?)
    187K 20.5K 511

    " thoughts that breathe and words that burn."--Thomas Gray "Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash." --Leonard Cohen Poems on the tough stuff in life. Poems on the crazy good stuff in life. Poems to make you smile, and poems to make you cry. Long poems, sh...

  • A poem for death
    2.3M 171K 646

    Cutting poems and quotes. They just sound really pretty and they're here for anyone. I'm here for anyone that needs me too